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Making Game of Thrones: A Sharp Dagger

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HBO’s Making Game of Thrones site has a new photo up from the set:

GameOfThrones_Dagger01_S.pngClick through to see our discussion of just what we’re seeing, but lets just say it’s an important dagger, and an equally important book on which it lies…

They also ask fans to share their views as to what other props they’d like to see. Here’s Westeros.org’s list:

  • Dragon egg (one or all three)
  • A dragon skull
  • Notable weapons (Longclaw, Needle, an arakh, a dragonbone bow)
  • Notable armor (the Hound’s helm, Gendry’s helm, Loras Tyrell’s armor)
  • The Iron Throne
  • The heart tree at Winterfell

Visit the Site!

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