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3rd Game of Thrones Teaser Upcoming

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Yeah, that chuckle makes no sense at all to me.

Unless, following Ned's death, the Others resurrect him to lead their army. Come on!

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The little "chuckle" thing at the end of the "Winter is Coming" quote comes from the pilot which has mostly been reshot. The same audio was heard in the first teaser from months ago which was made up only of shots from the original pilot. That scene - whatever it is - may or may not have been reshot, as well. Whatever the case, we really don't know the context based on the audio or how it comes together in the scene, so it's a bit pointless, IMO, to single that out too much. There was even some speculation that it wasn't even part of the same audio clip, originally - the line and the laugh - and that the two were spliced together for the trailer to lend it a specific tone.

I wouldn't get too worried about it. It's a single line of dialogue, purely the audio part, taken out of context and stripped from the video footage of the performance that goes with it. It's impossible to make a decision about it based solely on that.

I get why it's there and how they did it (I edited documentaries and commercials for 10 years), but it (to me) gives the wrong feel to the trailer in the end, more of a horror flick vibe. Anyway it's not really important, just struck me as a bit misleading (as a fan).

Although, if they're cutting different trailers to pull in different types of viewership (sci/fi fans, political intrigue fans, horror fans, etc.), which is most likely what they'll do- then I understand.

Gotta throw out a broad net and all... ;)

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I also picture King's Landing as medieval urban squalor. If the Red Keep isn't like that, fine, but by the time the Battle of the Blackwater rolls around, if things aren't looking desperate and dirty, I'll be unhappy.

I'd expect we will see a very different look once we get out of the Red Keep/brothel courtyard. There is so much going on in KL from aCoK onwards, with the riots and the war, that they can't but go that way. It will presumably retain the Malta feel but we'll have the slum version.

We should have known that KL would look different from the books when we learned they were filming KL scenes in Malta. At the time I merely thought it was a clever way to get exterior shots. Now, for me, its just another minor change. HBO took advantage of what they had available. They probably will have to build some KL sets but i've read too enough about how they spent way too much money building a version of Rome for that show. So GoT comes out ahead IMO. :)

It does mean that we will get less variety of cities in Westeros but i'm not sure HBO is going to spend any time on the other cities anyhow. Actually, there are very few cities in Westeros and we rarely visit them except for KL. Sunspear isn't even an actual city, although it does have a town around it. If HBO did decide to show us another city in Westeros...well, there are plenty of different cities in the Meditteranean region. They hardly all look the same. Furthermore, HBO can do whatever they want with the Essos cities, if they want some more variety.

Visually, the series concentrates on 3 main places in Westeros. The Wall, Winterfell and KL. They have ensured that the new viewer is not going to get KL confused with the North, which is important. You can already see that it is lit differently from the North, which I think people will have to get used to.

I'm only a bit disappointed about the scene where Jaime attacks Ned

There is some talk that they could change this in post-production. I'm not sure I believe it. I think they wouldn't have used a scene that required so much changes.

On a horse or not doesn't matter to me. And again, easier to film a fight without horses. To me, this scene is a classic example of how we have the scene we want (Jaime v Ned) but they are free to change the background details for whatever reasons they please. There is going to be much more of that. :)

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