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Why do I find so many of you Creepy?

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For instance, latter, when she has a lot more time with the Dothraki, she has almost to use force in order to stop the rappings and get some slaves. And even after that, she is treathened by a direct complaint to Drogo that she really had no power to do that.

But she still got her way. I don't think she expected to be liked for it. :) And naturally she lost the whole horde when Drogo died. Was any other option possible?

Again, if we want to nitpick, it would be quite an error for the series to give her more power.

Why not? Doesn't sound like a major change. And you even suggest giving her some more power. The main focus in the book was Dany getting over her fear of Viserys/closer relationship with Drogo. I imagine that will still feature prominently but they may throw in a few other things also.

My point is: if we want to nitpick, we can allways do it. And we can do it over wigs or over complex plot points....whatever! Still it´s interesting to read and discuss

I wouldn't disagree with that. :)

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