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2011 Cricket World Cup


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Well, my English bowlers didn't do too badly, and Prior kept his end up. Our Dutch new boy impressed on his debut, though!

I'm not too worried about the target, as with three English batsmen, it gives them plenty of runs to get points from.

Though if Broad can contrive to get Man of the Match via some batting heroics, that'll do me nicely too... 250-7, solid scores from KP and Belly, followed by a match-winning 35 off 20 balls from Malfoy.

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Impressive performance from the Dutch, woeful bowling and fielding from England although at least they batted well. Supposedly the ICC is changing the rules to stop associate nations being in the next World Cup, which I think it disgraceful especially in the light of the strong Dutch challenge today and Ireland and Kenya's heroics in the last couple of world cups. I can possibly understand maybe limiting the number of associates from four to two to reduce the chances of uncompetitive games, but excluding them completely seems to be ruling out any chance they might have of becoming more than amateurs. Admittedly, with the 50-over games struggling and the associate participation in the Twenty20 world cup being increased it might not matter quite as much.

From being in the lead a couple of days ago, I am now over 1000 points behind BillyJ.

It's been a good couple of days :)

I don't have anybody playing tomorrow so you all have a chance to catch up.

I picked the right Dutchman to transfer in...

Same here. I hadn't seen him play much before, but his performance today justified a fair amount of his record-breaking batting average - although a one-day batting average of 71 and bowling average of 21 does still seem a little bit flattering.

I hope that, whoever wins, they have the decency to give ten Doeschate the MOTM award.

They did. Probably not too hard a decision to make.

EDIT: And, I'm sorry, but last-ditch six or not, I still don't rate Bopara

It could be worse, they could have picked Luke Wright instead.

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As much as I hate to agree with Boycott, he's right about Yardy being a better bet. Fewer batsmen to make a required score, but more bowlers should mean less of a target to get.

I always thought it exceedingly strange they weren't playing Yardy, particularly on the subcontinent.

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