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What to Expect in April


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For those in the U.S., the schedule at HBO.com is going to prove a regularly-visited place each Sunday, as it appears HBO will be revealing quite a few things that way…

For example… a 27 minute “Making Game of Thrones” program is scheduled for multiple airings, starting April 6th. We expect this to feature at least some new footage, while possibly mixing in some things from prior videos such as the Artisans (which, we believe, have never aired on HBO-proper).

And then on the 17th, Game of Thrones‘s first episode—apparently titled “Winter is Coming”, according to the listing—will be aired three times, from 9 PM EST through to 12 AM, giving potential viewers plenty of chance both to catch the show ... or, if you’re the die-hard fan we expect, to re-watch it a couple of times to make sure you have your fill.

Not too much longer, is it?

Hat tip to Winter is Coming for reminding us about the schedule.

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Well the 30 minutes Making Of should give the series a good boost of profile, the one they released for Mildred Pierce the other day totally made me want to watch it even though i wasn't that excited before (i love Kate Winslet but the original movie was ok, nothing great and stretched over five episode i didn't expect much). They showed a lot of how the sets were chosen and built, talked about the character and all in al sold the mini series perfectly that made me want to watch. So here's hoping this will do the same for GoT.

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