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NPC Usage

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The file on proper NPC usage has been updated, please make sure to read it:

the helpfile on NPCs.

We feel that lately we have seen some NPC usage that does not conform to these rules, with NPCs being used more extensively than has been approved and with no updates being submitted.

Players need to keep in mind that because of how the character system works on Blood of Dragons it is crucial that characters submitted into the CDB are kept updated. If the player of a knight regularly uses his squire as an NPC and establishes personality traits and relations for the squire, yet never submits any updates, a new player may apply for that squire without any knowledge of these things and may CG the character in a totally different way, only to be told when he starts playing that he is doing it wrong.

We want to give players more freedom to use NPCs than we had originally envisioned, but this can only be done if players take care of their end of the bargain by not going beyond approved usage and by providing all relevant updates.

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