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[BOOK SPOILERS] EP105 Discussion


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Wow, no subtlety to the Renly/Loras story! And yeah, Loras is NOT doing it for me.

Didn't like the Cersei/Robert scene AT ALL.


FUCK the Lannisters.

Lysa is scary crazy, love it!

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I liked the added scenes that were not in the book.

Me too, with each scene though, I originally thought "oh this is strange," because it was not in the books (particularly with the Varys/Littlefinger and Robert/Cersei scenes) but then both scenes added a lot to the episode and the general show, I thought.

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JOORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! :( *cries* Not that the scene was at ALL what it was in the book, but still touching and had me holding my breath.

I'm loving Varys more, still love Petyr.

That Loras/Renly scene was absolutely over the top. I mean, half the people I know didn't even know they were gay (and together) from reading the books so I just heard a collective "WTF" from people that aren't die-hard fans but read the book. I am not a fan of the open portrayal (and Queer as Folk is my favorite show ever, lol).

The Cersei/Robert scene was pathetic; I am HATING how they are portraying Cersei, like awww, poor Cersei. Screw that.

Lysa should be fat but her dynamic with "Robin" is perfect.

LOVE Bronn.

They needed to do more with the tourney but whatever.

Overall, good episode, but nothing like the last one.

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Loved it! So intense, I couldn't move, sat frozen, glued for a solid hour.

Wonder about child actors and what they can and can't have them doing... I mean, Lysa and Sweetrobin and that big swollen breast.. GAAAKKKK. :ack:

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