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[NO SPOILERS] EP105 Discussion


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New guest stars in this episode (from closing credits):

Ciaran Bermingham: Mord

Antonia Christophers: Mhaegen

Kate Dickie: Lysa Arryn

Lino Facioli: Robin Arryn

Finn Jones: Loras Tyrell

Brendan McCormack: Vardis Egan

Alan Paris: probably a King's Landing Guard that speaks with Arya?

I saw that Wikipedia lists Robert Sterne as "King's Landing Guard" and Alan Paris as "King's Landing Guard 2", but Robert Sterne is actually the King's Steward, not a guard, and also appeared in Episode 3: "Lord Snow."

Total of 67 guest stars credited in closing credits through five episodes, plus 18 stars from opening credits.

Edit: just realized there's a Cast Listing discussion thread, will copy this there.

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Yes, I have been disturbed by that, and he hasn't been the only character to do so. At least wipe the thing down on some corpse's clothes! I could understand just chucking it back in if they had to flee immediately, but not if they have time to stand around (and chase down those horses that ran off).

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I didn't like the Hound and Mountain fight much but the choreography at the end where the Hound dodges the blade by kneeling in front of Robert was awesome.

Haha yeah I loved that bit, then the Mountain struts off in shame. :P

I want to see more White walkers and wildlings. :S

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