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[No Spoilers] So I just discovered that E08 is going to be written solely by GRRM...


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Such as?

Well, for instance, the Tully bannermen Catelyn speaks to at the end of episode 4. Those are speaking roles, but not important enough to reveal in a casting list. The three Kingsguard knights in the dream would be on that same level.

I heard this show has 162 speaking roles - way more than what has been revealed.

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Link? I don't remember this.

There was a link above in post #23

My compatriot, Fire and Blood, then asked George about the infamous torture scene that we got a glimpse of in the recent behind-the-scenes video. Do you know if that is any sort of flashback or is it a dream sequence in which Ned is putting himself in his brother’s shoes?

“You would really have to ask David & Dan about that particular image but my impression is that it is a flashback scene. That that’s not Sean Bean. That that is someone who has been cast to play his brother. But I don’t know, ask David & Dan when you do your session with them. I think that is a flashback. I know they cast the Mad King, they cast Aerys, and of course he doesn’t actually appear in the books.”

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