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Playing a pre-CGed Character

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We’ve had a lot of new players lately and a lot of activity, which is great to see. This has, however, highlighted one of the complexities with how Blood of Dragons is setup, with many characters having been in play before: keeping to pre-existing details about a character.

This does not just apply to past events but also to personality and relationships to other characters. If you take up a CGed character, you have to play that character the way it was setup. You cannot ignore or rewrite parts of it that you do not like; players can edit relationships and add new relationships but this should never be used to rewrite a character’s connections to other characters without IC reasons that develop out of actual roleplay rather than just a player’s desire to change something.

Also, remember that the game is on a 1:1 ratio. Characters can of course develop, both in terms of personality and relationships, but not overnight and not without the roleplay to motivate it.

If you are at all uncertain about whether a change is reasonable, please talk to Staff.

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