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Hello everyone! We are a startup that is trying to create niche content and well, we LOVE Game of Thrones and came up with a travel guide with Google maps integration and explanations of every location. We would really appreciate if you could check it out (we're just starting but have the best intentions) and also give us your feedback or suggestions on content you would like us to create! You can access our guides here .

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Would you like to know which Game of Thrones character is the most...Game of Thrones-y?

I've gone through each TV episode and noted down every time one of the 395 characters does something the show is well known for - swearing, sexing, or killing.

The results and rankings (which will be updated after season 8) will be shown on my new site: Top 100 Game of Thrones Characters

Subscribe to the site to receive updates on when the content will be revealed!

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Posted (edited)

I recently made a Youtube channel, and my first video is a theory explaining the fireballs the children of the forest use: 


But my best theory is probably this: The Truth Behind the Drowned God

It's a mega-theory that brings together the Drowned God, the Deep Ones, the Mazemakers and the children of the forest. 

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