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[Book Spoilers] Preview is up on HBO's site.

Bowl o' Brown

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Fairly sure it's at Robb. His family is being held hostage. Cat wants him to bend the knee so she gets her daughters back. Robb stubbornly refuses, because it's his duty to bring the wrath of the North down on the Lannisters.

At least, I'm guessing that's what it is. She could also be saying it about Sansa, maybe.

At this point in the story, Robb is still at Winterfell (and is shown there in the preview with Maester Luwin and Theon), and Cat is still at the Eyrie with Lysa. The way they cut the clips together make it seem like Cat and Robb are talking to one another, but it can't be the case. They don't meet up with one another again until Robb marches south and crosses the Neck, when Cat is on the way to Riverrun. Pretty sure Cat's "Does family mean nothing to you?" is directed at her sister.

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I'm pretty sure Robb marches south in the episode.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he leaves Winterfell this episode. I'd be somewhat surprised if he and Cat meet up before the end of the episode, though, he's got a long way to travel and so does she. And the background shot when Cat is talking has to be the Eyrie, Cat didn't go back to Winterfell and when she gets to talk with Robb again it's with the northern army already on the march.

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