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[Episode 8 Spoilers] Reviews

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I am a complete ASOIAF addict; cocktail of the books-GRRM is a Grand Master, the show, the forums and even the reviews...some of which make me lmao;

'Game of Thrones' hits ratings high...Another bloody good performance for HBO’s Game of Thrones...9 p.m. airing averaged 2.7 million viewers, up 22 percent since the series premiere. If you count the additional 900,000 people who tuned in two hours later, GOT lured 3.6 million viewers for the night. Sweet. Season to date, GOT has an average gross audience (linear plays, DVR and HBO On Demand) of 8.3 million viewers.

more: ‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Unleash the Direwolves of war'

here are some fun bits and SO happy to see more Ghost, Jon and Tyrion;

'Word spreads of Ned's arrest as Jon Snow gets the news. But he can't try to save his dad since he just swore to spend his life defending a giant ice wall. How frustrating is that?...That night, Jon's direwolf Ghost is freaking out and they have a chat like a classic Lassie episode: What's wrong boy?! Is it a fire?! Is The Wall melting?! Is it zombies attacking the Lord Commander in his chambers?!

'Robb ...call his father's bannermen...Outside, ravens fly in all directions as Robb spams the North with an r-mail blast -- a giant cloud of urgent news that can poop on you.

'Dothraki are raiding a village and going about their usual burn/murder/rape/enslavement protocol. Dany is all disturbed. It's like she married a guy, and is only now seeing how he acts when he's out partying with his friends...But this is depriving the warriors of their rape benefits, which are apparently part of their Dothraki compensation package. The matter is brought before Judge Khal, who's just chilling out next to a pile of severed heads (that are used for … what exactly?)...Drogo is scratched and Dany wants the slave woman to heal it. "It hurts me to see you bleed" she says, knowing how to play him. Drogo rolls his eyes.

'Thrones author George R.R. Martin is the credited writer of this hour and there might be more witty and self-aware lines here than in any other episode...'


p.s. more GRRM scripts please!

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