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Activity & Quota

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Given the increased activity of late, we have taken a closer look at those PCs who are set as Restricted, Limited or Elite. Those roles do come with more of an expectation of activity and roleplay leadership but when there is less activity that is not always reasonable to expect players to uphold.

Players may of course notice that some very inactive PCs remain in such roles. We have a soft spot for those who were on board even before the beta, but naturally we do not want this to impact the options for other players. Anyone left in a high profile role even though they are inactive are only allowed to stay in that role if it is the kind of character we would never let another PC have anyway. Furthermore, if they also have a tier that is under quota, they are not counted against the quota.

On a similar note, when Staff members play more than one character of quota-restricted tier, only one of the characters are counted as taking up a slot.

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