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[TV SPOILERS] Post Certain Ep 9 Events - The Long-Term Viability of GoT

The Knight of Grasses

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I never also watched The Sopranos; not into mob shows. However, to answer your question, if Tony had died in as compelling a storytelling fashion as Ned did, yes, I think people would have returned. The onus would of course have been on The Sopranos' cast and crew to continue to offer quality entertainment without James Gandolfini, just as the onus is now on the people behind Game of Thrones. Fortunately, its actors and writers have one benefit over the older HBO show: Source material of proven high quality.

As someone who has watched every episode of the Sopranos, let me tell you imo if Gandolfini had kicked it in Season 1, the show would have lost droves of viewers, regardless of how it was executed. Tony WAS the show.

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This show is completely different from any other and therefore a bit hazardous for producers.

Show that lacks a strong protagonist and where new characters are added in following seasons its hard to predict how viewers will react. Im sure fans of the books series will continue to watch but im not sure if anyone else.

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Since most of us if not all of us have read the books, many of us readers are having the same issues. I am in the minority in that I loved "Feast for Crows" while folks I know hated the book because it had "no action." Now I hated "Dance with Dragons" as it was pointless and the prologue had no meaning to the story. The last portion of Dance with Dragons was the best, it was Martin returning to the form we loved in the first 3 books.

I do think as I have said in discussions with others about the series that Martin killed off too many main characters and likable characters and replaced them with characters we don't care about and who aren't as good.

I like Victarion Greyjoy but he's just not smart. I don't understand Asha Greyjoy as her character adds nothing to the story. Tyrion became very boring in DWD and I struggled to finish his chapters.

The TV audience won't be around after seasons 3 and 4. If the Red Wedding is the season finale of Season 3 (we know they are splitting SOS to save money and develop story) how many folks are going to be back? Heck folks have sword off "Boardwalk Empire" after Jimmy D. got killed!

TV audiences are fickle, Martin has a choice to make, stay true to the story and lose viewers as readers are getting disinterested or throw us some loops and keep House Stark strong for the TV audience.

We shall see . .

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