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How Would You Rate Episode 110



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I figured the hooded dude was Jaqen. *shrug*

9/10 - Loved the job Madden did acting Robb's grief. Cried my eyes out.

I like the guy playing Yoren.

Jaqen was obviously the hooded fellow. The other two were Rorge & Biter.

I gave it 10/10.

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A little slower for the finale than I had expected. I couldn't really remember what this section of the book chapters was like.

Still I thought it flowed much better than most of the previous episodes and all came together very well.

Only exeception was the Pycelle/Ros scene which I didn't think was great, but I didn't actively dislike it either. Was a meh couple of minutes.

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Best episode of the series. Though, the series as a whole I would rate a 5 or 6. I'd rate this a 7, and could have been an 8.

It was better filmed, better acted with some exceptions. It seemed more within the scope of what the directors were able to accommodate, given their six person CGI team. It didn't have as much momentum and impact as it could have been, if they had been able to give the climatic battles of the season and book a decent treatment in the episode before. As it happens, we haven't really seen Robb lead men in battle, or fight and die alongside them, like a king.

There was less focus on Dany, and the cheap-ass looking 'horde' of some forty odd wretches and a couple dudes from the tanning salon. Her storyline will get better when her khalasar is actually reduced to about forty some odd wretches in actuality, and they're all ragged and dying.

The Roz/Pycelle scene killed me. ENOUGH already with this particular style of exposition. It's so unbelievably silly and stupid. The Varys/Littlefinger scene was unfortunate. Peter Dinklage's enunciation continues to be grating.

But I'm only really going to dock them for the Roz scene. So, 7/10.

Just compared against the series itself, and not other shows who have done more and better with a lesser budget and worse source material, then it's a 10/10.

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Jaqen looks Exactly as i'd pictured him, quite scary.

Even though you don't see what he looks like, him as the only hooded-guy with Rorge and Biter was pretty sweet. Glad to see Gendry too, I liked the actor they got for him, though is seems a bit older but meh.

The Ros character bugs me to no end. When she first showed up I thought she was gonna pretty much be Shae but then, well, Shae showed up and I was like, "then what is up with that Ros chick?" So now that she is still showing up it bugs me even more. The actress is super attractive and pretty good at acting, but that only makes it more frustrating that she is kind of a weird-naked-exposition tool.

But meh, she was still pretty minor and they were smart to set Pycell up as a douchebag. And hell for all we know, when we finally start reading ADWD there will be like 50 POV chapters devoted to a character named Ros and that is why she was added into the show haha.

9/10 Great ep, great acting, solid ending and cannot wait until next year. Not a perfect score only because of Ros/Shae and I thought that previous episodes were stronger.

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Like almost every episode, this one gets an 8 from me, maybe 8+.

The Pycelle scene was a waste. Maybe interesting to show he was just another guy in KL who is "playing the game" and maybe not what they seem, but that would have been a lot more effective several episodes ago, shortly after Ned arrives. We're rushing to the climax here in the last episode of the season, it just really slowed it down for me while not adding much. Also, although I love me some Littlefinger and Varys, the scene seemed poorly written to me and, again, a waste. Do we really need to have them discussing Varys' balls AGAIN? And a gash? Eh... Could have been a lot more interesting, or cut shorter (pun intended!). Wasn't Marillion supposed to be this superstar bard? His song sucked, sorry, I would not hire the dude for my kid's birthday party in KL. And Dany should have lost her hair (see my avatar),

On the plus side, the dragons didn't look half bad at all (I was worried), seeing Shaggydog was cool (if random), Robb and Catelyn had some nice scenes, Sansa didn't bother me as much as she usually does, and I loved The Old Bear's speech (even though Jon still seems a bit unreadable to me).

Overall I think they did a pretty good job getting people re-invested in the series after Ned's shocking death, which is pretty impressive in 1 hour with some wasted fluff.

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Jaqen was obviously the hooded fellow. The other two were Rorge & Biter.

Which is what I said in response to others who thought they'd seen Jaqen.

I found that puzzling as I too assumed the guy with the big sore on his nose was how HBO was doing the noseless Rorge and the other would have to be Biter.

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Amazing episode. Did everything I expected, with the exception of marillion's tongue getting cut off. That doesn't mean he dies, so he may have another role to play in ASOS still. I liked Varys scene with LF, and I enjoyed Pycelle's scene as well. There wasn't any part I disliked, and suffice to say, the episode ended the season with a bang.

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10/10. Awesome friggin' episode. I loved all of it, even the Pycelle scene. I thought the dragons looked amazing and I was so into that entire scene - tying that bitch of a witch to the pyre, lighting the fire, Dany walking into the blaze, the look on Jorah's face, like he wanted to stop her but couldn't...outstanding. Then Dany is found sitting in the ashes of her husband's funeral pyre, with tiny dragons coiled around her! Wow that was cool.

I really liked the scene when the Old Bear was talking about fighting the real war, north of the Wall, while the Night's Watch readied to ride out. That was superb. The Lord Commander has all the best lines, I swear. "Honor made you leave, honor brought you back." "What made you think I was talking about your honor?" Ha! Got to love seeing Jon constantly learning so much from older, wiser men on the Wall.

The bit with Sansa and Joffrey on the wall was also really good. When the Hound stopped her from pushing him my wife (non-reader) laughed and said, "He's the only one who even knew what she was going to do!" How true. Doesn't that say a lot about that particular crowd in and of itself? The director also lets you see a bit of the steel in Sansa that starts coming out later.

Whoever plays Catelyn Stark is phenomenal. I practically choked up in her scene w/Robb at the tree, where she tells him to first get his sisters back, then to, "kill them all." That was powerful. That look she gave over his shoulder was stone-cold murder!

Hell I was even happy with the Ros/Pycelle scene. I've just surrendered to the Ros at this point. They're going to slip her in there alot for their own reasons, whatever. If there has to be random T&A, at least she's smokin hot.

Finally, for anyone who is complaining about the CGI for the dragons, seriously give it a rest. I watched the preview of True Blood that came on after this show, and after multiple seasons, their special effects are totally lame compared to GoT. Seriously they had these glowing fruit things that looked like cheap glass apples with lights in them, then it got really trippy and these goblins started throwing balls of fire at each other. It looked like an episode of The Twilight Zone reboot, the effects were so cheesy. With that to compare it to, I'm going to STFU from now on about any CGI or effects in GoT.

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I didn't even catch it was Ros with Pycelle. however, I thought it was worth it for all the limber stretching and then the pause before he opens the door, the sudden slump of the shoulders, the hunch of the back, and then assuming a shambling slow gate out of his room. I didn't even recognize it as Pycelle at the first of the scene because he wasn't his usual weezing slow witted self (as he was in council). And then to follow it with Varys/Littlefinger repartee just to subtly underscore the point that all three of these leading council members are not what they seem. Very very clever.

I also LOVE the suggestion that Benioff and Weiss are planning on using Ros to parallel Shae in some way, I think Pycelle is a bigger player than we've realized and the entire reason we need Ros in the show is that in season 2 and 3 we're going to need some Pycelle scenes, and those scenes can't exist unless he has someone to talk to.

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A lot of great stuff; definitely instilled in me a sense of "and the story goes on."

I thought the Pycelle scene was pretty unnecessary - would've preferred more closure for the 'main' characters we've grown attached to. I thought the ending for Jon was actually more powerful than Dany's because of the great allusion to the very first shot of the series.

As for Dany's ending - I was genuinely impressed with the dragons, but I think the blackout and switch from night to day lost a lot of momentum. The scene would've been more powerful had they followed (my memory of?) the book and shown the dragons flying out of the fire into the night sky.

Awesome seeing a teaser of Jaqen - it felt like a nice tilt to loyal readers who're eagerly awaiting his TV premiere (non-viewers obviously have no idea what to expect). Very powerful performances from Tywin and Jaime - having heard gossip about mixing seasons and events from different books, I was concerned Cat was going to release Jaime in their final scene...very thankful that didn't happen. Did anybody else pick up on anything from other seasons?

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9/10. I loved the opening scenes with Bran, Rickon, Cat and Robb. Brought tears to my eyes.

I was annoyed by how horrible Jaime was to Cat. He said the same mean things to her in the book too but that was after they kept him in the dungeon for quite a while. Even Jaime would not propose warming her bed only days after her late husband's beheading, he's not that terrible a person. And I could do without a three-minute monologue from Pycelle, good thing Roz was there to stare at the whole time.

Everything else was awesome. By the way, that singer was obviously not the Marillion from the books, he's an amalgam of Marillion (since he's the same actor from the Cat-Tyrion inn scene) and the tavern singer to whom Joffrey did that. But when time comes to show Marillion in the Eyrie, I am certain they will show another actor and actually introduce him as Marillion (I don't remember him saying his name in the inn scene in the show).

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I didn't even know it was Ros until I read this thread. I loved that scene, as well as the Varys/Littlefinger one. The three of them are fantastic.

Tywin's "they have my son" was great as well.

All the actors did a fantastic job, really. Definitely a great way to end the season, now we just have to wait a year for the next (though the new book is almost out!).

A few minor things have bugged me here and there in the show, but really this has got to be one of the best shows I've seen and a very, very good job of going from book to TV. Great job HBO and David Benioff/D. B. Weiss.


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I actually liked the scene with Littlefinger and Varys. The back and forth was a nice break from more of the plot driven scenes that seemed to dominate this episode. I agree a bit with the Roz scene, however I think the aim was to show Maester Pycelle's subtle charade... Although that in it self is probably overkill as well.

I liked the last scene. I think if we heard the eggs crack or any sign of the dragons beforehand it would take away from the very moment you see the dragon peak out from her shoulder.

My main complaint is that they should have made this season 12-14 episodes so that they didnt need to rush scenes and jump from plot point to plot point, but since the budget was already so large and it probably wouldn't be possible, I am thrilled with this final episode and the season in general...

The way I see it, Maester Pcyelle's scene combined with Littlefinger and Varys are there to help foreshadow Tyrion's battle at court as the Kings Hand next season. We've only scene the first two as players so far, the new audience doesn't know that Pycelle is a lot more cunning than he seems as well.

Anyways 10/10 for me, don't think I could ask for anymore!

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I gave this one a 9/10. Not sure if I'd say it was the best episode of the season, although it's certainly up there.

I thought that the Pycelle + Ros scene was unnecessary, not just because Ros isn't "supposed" to be there, but it just felt a bit awkward and (for me, at least) took some of the pacing from the episode. In contrast to some others I actually liked the Littlefinger + Varys scene, although I agree that they're probably being set up a bit too much. They're definitely better in the books, but I don't hate them on the show either.

The last scene really had me worried. Until it happened, that is. What a fantastic way to end the episode and the season. Night's Watch scene at the end was just as good. Even though I know everything that's going to happen, I still felt like I needed to see the next episode immediately.

From day one, Maisie Williams as Arya has been almost exactly how I pictured her (both physically and in attitude etc). Loved her last scene as well.

Looking forward to seeing some juicy Tyrion/Cersei rivalry in the next season.

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