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[TV SPOILERS ONLY] Just curious...


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Hi guys! Don't know if anything like this has came up but I am interested in how people who have came to our little community here that did NOT read the books but have watched the show.

What are your thoughts of the series? Is it chalked full of cliffhangers? Has it been fantasy with grit? Has it been awful? Has it been overly confusing?

Having read and re-read the series 4 times I am interested in someone(s) point of view that doesn't know all the background. I watch and love the series, but nothing is a surprise. I knew this coming in. That isn't an issue for me. I just watch to see what is different, what is similar, what is missing, what did they make this scene look like compared to my own "vision" of this or that. How shocking was the series? Stuff like that. Also, where do you think things are going?!

I have heard the books have been selling like crazy again, I would assume due to fans of the TV series going to get the books. But if you haven't read them yet, or just finished book 1 along with the first season ending...what is your take and how do you feel about it?!

Just curious and thought it would be a good topic for those here who have joined up and don't know what the future holds...

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