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House Name: House Walker

House Words: Knowledge is power, guard it well.

Sigil: An blue open book crossed by twin white swords framed by red fire on a black field.

Weapon: Lorekeeper, a Valyrian double-bladed sword.

Founder: Alexander of Walkira

Current Lord: Alexander Walker (Named for ancestor)

Titles: Lord of the Darkenvault, Keeper of the Ancient Lore, Defender of Knowledge.

Location: The North

Seat: The Darkenvault

Blood: Valyrian (Through descent from the Free Cities)

Vassals: No Noble Houses, but large tracts of land and smallfolk swear alligience to the Darkenvault as well as at least 4000 military men, four-hundred of those are knights and armoured cavalry.

Religion: R'hllor

Allies: None, secretive nature makes others uncomfortable.

Current Status: Refused to fight in War of the Five Kings for reasons unknown, currently observing the Northern wars while preparing to move troops further north.

Current Family Tree: Lord Temir Walker (Father to Alexander. Brother to Tarmir.) (Born 226 AL. Died 269 AL.)

Tarmir Walker (Brother of Termir, Uncle to Alexander. A Red Priest.) (Born 240 AL.)

Lord Alexander Walker (Son of Temir. Father to Shikara, Alviar, Khargaer and Lucios. Current Lord of the Darkenvault.) (Born 248 AL.)

Mira Tyrell (Wife to Alexander. Mother to Shikara, Alviar, Khargaer and Lucios.) (Born 249 AL.)

Alviar Walker (Son of Alexander and Mira. Married to Nyessa Royce. Father to Nevem and Karyia. Wielder of Lorekeeper and known to be his father's bodyguard.) (Born 252 AL.)

Nevem Walker (Son of Alviar and Nyessa. Unmarried.) (Born 274 AL.)

Karyia Walker (Daughter of Alviar and Nyessa. Married to Ser Koryn of Kivahr.) (Born 275 AL.)

Khargaer (Son of Alexander and Mira. Married to Sarya of Volantis. Father to Aryssa, Myrika and Zynissa Walker. A feared warrior who wields two heavy axes.) (Born 254 AL.)

Aryssa Walker (Daughter of Khargaer and Sarya. Twin of Myrika.) (Born 274 AL.)

Myrika Walker (Daughter of Khargaer and Sarya. A Red Priestess. Twin of Aryssa.) (Born 274 AL.)

Zynissa Walker (Daughter of Khargaer and Sarya. Reputed to be a Sorcereress.) (Born 275 AL.)

Shikara Walker (Daughter of Alexander. Unmarried. Mother to Gargus Fires.) (Born 276 AL.)

Gargus Fires (Bastard Son of Shikara. Named Fires. A boy of six years.) (Born 294 AL.)

Lucios Walker (Son of Alexander and Mira. A Red Priest in training.) (Born 285 AL.)

History: Descended from Alexander of Walkira, and through him to the ancient Dragonlords of Valyria, a Red Priest from one of the provinces north of what used to be Valyria, House Walker has occupied one of the larges tracts of land in the north-west of the North for near two thousand years. Their ancestor received this as a thanks from the King in the North at the time, Biron Stark the Generous, for saving him from an assassin sent by his own son by looking into his flames. The House never embraced Northern culture, clinging to their Valyrian heritage and the worship of the Lord of Light. Many other Houses were discomfited with House Walker, as many were believed to be Sorcerers and some did not dispute these claims, though House Stark stood by them and made it clear that any who attempted to harm House Walker would face Northern justice.

House Walker has a reputation for being enigmatic and strange. They are known for fiercely defending their collections of lore and old books, one of its younger sons during the Blackfyre Rebellion challenging the Lord of Casterly Rock to a duel over possession a copy of the 21st volume of Fires of the Freehold, a duel he won. A daughter of the House during Aegon's Conquest was known for being a prophetess and able to predict a man's death, she never married despite the wish of her brother as he felt the gift could pass on in the blood. They also have a good relationship with the Night's Watch for unknown reasons, often sending younger sons and trained smallfolk to join its ranks. Another lord insisted on leading an expedition beyond the Wall to recover lost knowledge, two years later he returned alone and half-dead with a sack of texts that were written in a strange language, he refused to speak of what he had seen or done.

The current lord, Alexander Walker, is one of the stranger members of his House by Northern customs. His marriage to Mira Tyrell, a cousin of Mace Tyrell, was controversial at best. His father placed a wager with Lord Luthor Tyrell that if he could best twenty of his knights in a contest of skill then his sister's daughter would wed his son. Lord Luthor agreed to the wager, then discovered that Temir had not said in combat skill but in mental skill, a contest of cyvasse. Beating each knight easily the wager was won, though Luthor Tyrell was not happy about it he had no choice and agreed to uphold his promise. Alexander wed Mira the next spring, by all accounts the marriage was and is still a happy one. Temir died four years later of a wasting illness. Alexander became Lord of the Darkenvault at twenty-one years of age.

Alexander quickly gained a reputation for independence and aloofness. He refused to fight in Robert's Rebellion, claiming moral reservation about fighting against the rightful king, which Lord Eddard Stark accepted. During the Greyjoy Rebellion he sent very few men, just enough that Lord Stark could not find fault. During the War of the Five Kings he did not respond to any of Robb Stark's missives and remained out of the war entirely. He has also ignored the missives of Stannis Baratheon and Roose Bolton, seemingly waiting for something and saving his strength for what is coming. He has banished Septons from his lands, claiming that the Seven will not be needed in the coming days, and has discouraged worship of the Old Gods though he has not outrightly forbidden it. He is not a fighter but a thinker, having spent his tenth to sixteenth years at the Citadel learning everything he could, though he refused to become a Maester and solely studied magic for three of those years, continuing it alongside other studies in the remaining three, and becoming the favoured pupil of Archmaester Marwyn during that time.

Alexander Walker is tall though not immensely so with black hair streaked with silver, his skin is pale and his eyes are violet, the sole reminder of his and his families ancient Valyrian blood. He has lean muscles but does not partake in dueling, tournies or martial activities of any kind. He is one of the foremost minds of Westeros and is known worldwide for penning the book Lost Histories of the World, a book containing facts that have been lost to history. Its veracity is doubted in some circles but widely embraced in others.

He has named his daughter Shikara Walker his heir, despite having two older sons, citing that only she has the mettle to rule the Darkenvault and its safeguard treasures, and stranger still is that none of his sons have opposed this as would be their right by law. Though marriage offers have been made for the sable haired daughter all have been withdrawn when they were informed they would not rule the Darkenvault, Shikara would. This combined with a bastard son whose father she does not name make offers of marriage to the Darkenvault slim, not that Alexander appears to care.

Seat Details: The Darkenvault is a squat fortification built in a hexagonal shape. It is built to withstand sieges and has done so twice in the past. Several rings surround the main structure, each of these rings is filled with guard posts and tight confines that give way to murder holes and archer positions. Those who break through the Darkenvault's walls quickly wish they hadn't. The inner sanctum of the Darkenvault contains the personal quarters of each family member, a yard for training and sparring, a modest feast hall. But below in the true vaults are where the great collection of lore that House Walker has assembled over two thousand years is stored. Some of the wonders present are a complete set of The Fires of the Freehold, a missing fifth copy of Lives of the Four Kings written by Maester Kaeth and the only surviving copy of Signs and Portents.

The Vaults stretch further out into antechambers storing artefacts from the Age of Heroes, some treasures include a helmet owned by the Griffon King, the campaign journal of Tristifer Mudd IV, a scroll bearing the true identity of the Night King, and even a blade made of pure ice crystal, though only Lord Alexander knows the blade's origin. Tunnels leading to rooms hidden from the world spread out for leagues in the lands of House Walker, these tunnels are made of stone and hold strong against the earth around them. Some rooms have been lost to history, the keys lost for centuries and some of the rooms have even had their purposes forgotten.


Edited by Lord of the Night

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House Dillwood

Allegiance: House Baratheon

Words: Nature's Fury

Founder: Deren Dillwood

Current Lord: Harald Dillwood

Sigil: A White Sword in front of a tree on a Dark Green Field

Location: West of Storms End

Castle: Oak's Pass

Sword: A Valyrian Sword named Oakenblade

Religion: Old Gods


Deren Dillwood became Lord of Oaks Pass when he slew the Storm King Loyalists who lived there single handedly for his bastard brother who was the son of Orys Baratheon founder of House Baratheon.

The Dillwoods worship nature that is why they worship the Old Gods.

During Roberts Rebellion Harald and His elder brother Rolland fought in Dorne against the Martells. Rolland was killed by Prince Doran Harald took Oakenblade from Rollands body then started attacking Doran forcing him over a cliff edge where Doran fell down breaking 203 bones in his body and it is well known he still suffers from this today.


Dillwoods have Brown Hair (Can be Blonde) Green eyes and are mostly average build but also agile fighters prefering sword and shield or longbow.

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House Garwayen

Current Lord: Dracaerys Garwayen

Heir: Aegon Garwayen

Seat: Wyvern's Peak

Region: The Stormlands

Sigil: A blue Wyvern with red wings, segreant on a grey field

Titles: Lord of Wyvern's Peak, Warden of Cape Wrath

Words: Our Blood is Purest

Overlords: House Baratheon of Storm's End

Origins: Valyrian

Ancestral Weapon: Blackfang, a Greatsword of Valyrian Steel, supposedly strengthened by the forging of a dragon tooth into the sword

Allies: House Targaryen, House Blackfyre, House Velaryon, House Baratheon of Storm's End, House Baratheon of Dragonstone, House Connington, House Dayne, House Martell, House Tyrell (formerly).


  • Survived the Doom of Valyria as they were in Dragonstone
  • Originally a minor Valyrian noble house sworn to House Targaryen of Dragonstone before the Wars of Conquest.
  • Rhaegar Garwayen served under Orys Baratheon during the Conquest, had a great part in the conquest of the Stormlands and for his service was gifted with a large portion of land on Cape Wrath, where he built a fortress on the mountain named Wyvern's Peak.
  • Thought to have the purest line of Valyrian blood of any House, and like House Targaryen, they often married their close relatives to keep the bloodline pure, they have also been known to intermarry with Houses Velaryon & Targaryen, they are extremely proud of their pure blood, often even seeing themselves as "better" than the Targaryens.
  • They stayed neutral during the Blackfyre Rebellion, negotiating between the two Houses and advocating peace in order to preserve Valyrian heritage.
  • They supported the Targaryens through Robert's Rebellion, after which they bent the knee to King Robert Baratheon.
  • Many of their household were in King's Landing when Tywin Lannister sacked the city, leaving them with a bitter resentment towards House Lannister.
  • They originally supported Renly Baratheon during the War of the Five Kings, as he believed he would make a better king than Stannis, after he was murdered they fight loyally for Stannis, but are plotting to help return House Targaryen to the Iron Throne, as they believe Stannis' kingship is tainted by the murder of Renly & Melisandre's Red God worship, Lord Dracaerys has a deep mistrust of religion, especially R'hllor. He believes that the Gods caused the Doom of Valyria, in which many of his family and friends and his beloved culture was lost, he does have some sympathy for the Old Gods of the Forest, and he believes that their worship does not lead people to kill non-believers and burn their idols, as both R'hllor and the Seven have in the past.
  • Lord Dracaerys advised King Renly to make an alliance with House Stark and acknowledge the North's independance.
  • Lord Dracaerys is currently fighting King Tommen's forces in the Stormlands, his son and heir, Aegon is in the North commanding the Garwayen forces under Stannis, his second son, Rhaegon has been sent to Essos to treat with Daenerys Targaryen and Aegon, whether the latter is really a Targaryen or is actually a Blackfyre makes no odds to Lord Dracaerys, as he would have the blood of Valyria either way, his brother Daeron is currently in Lys, protecting Edric Storm, Robert Baratheon's bastard son, who Lord Dracaerys believes could be put forward as Robert's heir in the future, if his sons are unsuccessful in their negotiations with the Tagaryens

Edited by Danyl Stark

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House: House Byttern

Sigil: Two lemons and a fish-hook on a field of silver (white)

Words: Ever Vigilant

Unofficial motto: Even odds are fools' odds.

Location: Dornish Marches

Seat: The Beacon

Sworn to: Storms End

Ancestral weapons: Steel poleaxe, named Mercy.

Steel knife with an amethyst set in the pommel, named Spite.

Blood: Andal, with substantial Rhoynish influences.

Religion: The Seven.

Founder: Tommen Byttern

Current lord: Edmyn Byttern

History: The Bytterns claim descent from the Andals, although regular marriages with Dornish houses have lent a Rhoynish cast to their colouring and features. Ser Tommen Byttern, long in the service of the Storm Kings, was finally granted his lands and title in the Dornish Marches by King Arrec. A King of the Reach once commented that Tommen Byttern was such a sour man he must eat only lemons. Upon grant of his title, Tommen added two lemons to his house sigil in acknowledgement of the Gardener joke.

Despite its sigil, the house is better-known for its orchards than its lemon groves. (There are actually no lemon groves, although Byttern lords have been known to claim that lemon trees grow over their family graves). Their castle is well inland; its name originates from a comment made by King Arrec that the Bytterns would serve as his "beacon" for an attack from Dorne.

Byttern warriors are known to prefer raiding and ambushes to open battle, as the house can muster only relatively few warriors. However, many Byttern lords throughout history are remembered for reckless attacks or hopeless last stands against forces many times their number. Ser Constant Byttern was once heard to remark before a battle that it was better to be thought a fool than a coward. He is also said to have added after the battle that all heroes were fools at heart. Despite this reputation, the house is fond of sending younger sons to the Citadel to forge maesters' chains. When this practice was once enquired after, Lord Jon reportedly replied, "we may be fools, but I'll have no-one say we're stupid fools".

Allegiance: In the War of the Five Kings, House Byttern declared first for Renly. They supported Stannis following Renly's death and remained loyal to his cause after the battle of Blackwater.

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House: House Skeen

Founder: Hadvar Skeen

Sigil: 3 Heads of wolves impaled on blades on a blood red field

Motto: A Palace the Reward of Bravery!

Location: Nestled in the hills north of the Wolfswood

Seat: Hammerfell

Sworn to: House Stark

Religion: The Old Gods

Ancestral weapons/items: Iron Call an ancient battle horn made of the horn of a young dragon, gilded with Valyrian steel and Obsidian inlays. Direfang the Valyrian steel Greatsword used to decapitate a giant Dire wolf saving the king in the north and slay many other strange beasts in the times of Hadvar.

History: The origins of House Skeen date back to the ancient days of the north, When the king in the north had his own rule over the lands north of the neck. One freezing frost bitten morning the king celebrating his 40th year on the throne led a troop of his closest friends including his Master of Arms Hadvar Skeen into the depths of the Wolfswood for a day of hunting. Hadvar was a relatively poor man for his position, his only true possessions where the clothes on his back and his Valyrian steel greatsword that never left his presence as it was passed down century's by his ancestors before him. As the troupe got deeper into the Wolfswood they came across a a clearing where a group of Snow white dire wolves had stopped playing and where now stood staring in there direction. A voice whispered for a longbow but the king glared and refused to kill the beasts with them being the sigil of his house and telling that they would not attack a Stark, as the group stepped back a Direwolf abnormally large, easily the size of a stallion strode out from the trees. The other wolves scattered in all different directions whimpering, its fur was jet black and eyes blood red it stood for a good minute staring, then bounded towards the king ripping mens limbs of as it ran through them slaughtering the whole retinue within seconds shrouded in a red mist.

The beast stood over the king ready to tear his face off when came an ear popping cracking sound, and again, and again the beast crippled onto the forest floor blood gushed and squirted from the massive fur hulk that lay there. The king was in utter shock to find Hadvar stood next to him soaked from head too toe in red, his greatsword still raised above his head as if ready to strike again. As a reward for destroying the beast and saving the king from being devoured by his own sigil. Hadvar was given the title Hadvar Wolfsbane along with lands to the north of the wolfswood where his castle stands in the hills, the Direwolves head and tapestrys of his deeds that day and of other untold events adorn the walls of his feasting hall. His Valyrian steel greatsword was renaimed Direfang and was lost in battle as Hadvar's adventuring days from him killing the wolf as a young man ended when he was turned to cinder by dragon fire as an old wanderer in strange lands far to the east, but his sword was recovered by his son and remains with the lords of house Skeen to this day.

Traits: House Skeen traces its heritage back to islands north of the wall where they were fishermen and raiders. They normally have Blonde hair and Blue eyes and are quite well built but more recently there has been much more variety in appearance of the once islanders.

P.S The house name motto and sigil are from my family coat of arms :D

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Name: Norðuróðir or Snödrottning


Sigil: Burgundy red. An orange - fire red rising phoenix with wings spread open having 4 yellow stars over each wing and a single gold over the head.


Motto: Sea, fire and woman


Unofficial Motto: "For the female (of the species) is more deadly than the male." (By Rudyard Kipling ‘The Female of the Species’, Rudyard Kipling’s Verse)


Location: Skane, the North


Seat: Lady Mother 


Blood: First Men


Religion: Old Gods


Sworn to: House Stark of Winterfell (never the Boltons)


House Sword:

-“Maiden’s will” a baselard made of the heart of a fallen star and gemstones given to Lady Norðuróðir or Snödrottning (or the heir of the house) at her first flowering for protection.

-“Lady’s wrath” a Valyrian steel two-handed longsword.



Founder: Unnamed Lady Norðuróðir or Snödrottning


Current lady: Lady Nymeria Norðuróðir or Snödrottning



House’s history: After the destruction of the first inhabitants of Skane many widows and orphans of the North had moved there and under the leadership of the first Lady Norðuróðir or Snödrottning they created a new city. Later an unnamed Lord of Winterfell raised the first Lady Norðuróðir or Snödrottning to the first Lady of Skane for her services to the North. Because of the gynocentric society the bastards’ status isn’t different of the natural born children. All children take the name of their mother. Only Lady Norðuróðir or Snödrottning‘s firstborn daughter can be the Lady of the House. If there are no daughters then the wife of the firstborn son became the Lady of the House, if there are no sons then the oldest and closest female relative become the next Lady of the House.



Known for:

The right to accessing as the house's head.

Immense wealth

Beauty of their members

The fact that bastard are equals with trueborn children.


sorry for the grammar errors :blushing:

Edited by Jon's Queen Consort

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House: House Baird

Sigil: A wild boar with dancing horse and Eagle head. On red field.

Motto: Truth and virtue.

Castle Name: Castle Glebe

Religion: The Old Gods

Blood: Andal

Location: North of Kings Landing, located on the Blackwater Rush and the Gold Road.

House Weapon(s): House Baird has one weapon. A Valaryian steel Double bladed axe, 'Leaf on the wind'.

Sworn to: House Baird has sworn fealty to The Lannisters of Casterly Rock and House Baratheon after previously serving the Targaryens. It rules its lands as 'Wardens of the Gold Road'. House Baird does have subordinate houses spread across the south. During the war of the five kings, House Baird sent approximately 1/3 of it's men to aid the Lannisters.

Back Story: Formed during the creation of the Targaryens as the ruling family and the construction of Kings Landing. When the family aided Aegon I Targaryen in supressing the Faith of the Seven. They were granted lands to the west of Kings Landing when it was named the capital. They have prospered through the years, and were great supporters of the Tarygaryen House, including through the reign of Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King. Following the downfall and destruction of all members of the Targaryen House and the ascension of the 'usurper' Robert Baratheon, to the throne, the house was forced to pledge fealty to House Lannister and Baratheon and forced to give up some of its lands to the Lannisters.

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House: House Cayrouse

Sigil: A White Mountain surrounded by a black stormy sea

Words: Observe, Learn, Apply

Unofficial motto: Honour and Glory are the currency of fools

Location: North East of the Vale by the sea. Between Longbow Hall and Old Anchor

Seat: Lascaux

Sworn to: Sweetrobin (officially) Littlefinger (in reality) Supports Stannis for king (very secretly)

Ancestral weapons:

Male Line:Double bladed WarAxe 'Widowmaker'

Female Line:Whalebone Longbow "the Strangers Harp'

Blood: Braavosi diluted with Andal

Religion: Officialy the Seven but a Red priest of R'hollor is known to be a newly prominent figure in Lascaux

Founder: Kristofir Cayrouse

Current lord: Alyx Cayrouse


House Cayrouse is, above all, a very pragmatic house, it beleives in power above all else though it prefers the steady path of caution to achieve this rather than the impetous. Mercy is a virtue rarely attributed to the Cayrouses though can be granted if the enemy is willing to swear fealty to the Cayrouses or is worth a ransom.

The Cayrouse family are known for being predominantly defensive befiting from the supposedly unassaultable 'Island-Fotress' of Lascaux sheltered by the narrow sea to the east and the mountainous province of the Vale to the west. The Cayrouses are descended from Braavosi mercenaries who came to westeros seeking fortune in the Westori wars. Unfortunately fortune they found in short supply though gratitude was noticeably more common. On one occasion a Lordling found himself unable to repay the Cayrouses for their defense of several of his holdfasts from tribesmen after his domain had been ravaged by constant raiding. He found himself forced to honour his debt by giving away a seemingly unimportant swathe of coastal land and by knighting the males of the family. Eventually the Cayrouse family gre and their territory expanded into the lands of their former employer as his family size and influence began to dwindle. They finally acquired the terriory they control presently by marrying the last female descendant of the Lordlings' family. Although not particularly beautiful this daughter was a genuine Andal and her marriage to Mauryce Cayrouse provided her new family with a greater degree of legitimacy though blood than they had ever enjoyed before.

The Cayrouses are typically brown of hair and green or hazel eyed though exceptions are not that uncommon.


Its main fortress Town is Lascaux, it lies on an mineral rich mountain island 2 kilometres off the coast of the Vale connected to the mainland via a thin landbridge that is only crossable during the lowtide. Lascaux has thriving port with a small yet respectable naval force. To the west of lascaux are flatlands with a dozen villages. The western limit of House Cayrouse's territory are the snowy mountains of eastern vale. Along the slopes of these mountains mining settlements have emerged to exploit the valuable mineral resources. These mountains are nicknamed the "Hollow Hills" as many mountains have been so extensively mined that the settlements are expanding into the tunnels beneath them. The mining settlements are protected from threats from the West by a series of small stone holdfasts that lie atop the peaks of the mountains manned by the fierce ironclad warriors. A very dark and dense forest to the North of the terriory is said to be the home of bears,tribesmen and witches. All but the brave and the most desperate avoid this forest.


Agriculturally the territory of house Cayrouse is unremarkable a variety of vegetables and cereals are grown in the flatland villages between the mountains and the coast. Leather is also available in small quantities from these. Lascaux and a handful of coastal villages provide the region with a steady supply of fish which are often salted or pickled and kept in barrels for long term storage. Red meat is quite scare as the villages are threatened by hilltribes from the south who have fondness for stealing cattle. Furthermore the terrifying northern wood is hardly ever used for hunting. Fish is part of the stable diet for most people in the region. Salt is also gathered in vast quantities to be sold to landlocked regions who use the salt to preserve food.However the mining of iron, coal, tin and copper are by far the most revenue generating sectors of the region loyal to House Cayrouse. Iron is often forged into armour, weapons or tools whilst coal is used as a subsitute to wood for fuel as they Northern Haunted forest is the only major wood around and people avoid this forest as much as possible. The people of the region are famous for their iron and their steel, so much so that a respectable proportion of peasant levies are equiped to some extent with armour. Iron is the region's main trade resource. Whilst trade With the Free cities does occur only a fraction of it is declared.Officially only food, wool and iron are sold to the visiting traders from the East. However, it is basically common knowledge that the Cayrouse family sells captured tribesmen, pirates and criminals to slavers in secret to supplement their legal revenue.


House Cayrouse is a very martial house as befits a house descended from mercenaries. Due to severe lack of horses, house Cayrouse and sworn knights tends to fight on foot equiped in heavy steel plate armour. Common infantry if often afforded remarkably good iron quality armour and weapons due to the abundance of of the ore. Even freshly raised levies are often expected to wear one or two items of iron armour. Pikemen are afforded great respect as they are essentially the region's sole defence against cavalry. Longbowmen are the most common form of archers in the region and are quite an essential part of armies. A small heavy cavalry class exists although these are predominantly used for chasing down routed enemies as they are too few in number to be given any important battlefield role. House Cayrouse has stayes neutral in the War of the five Kings though has kept its military active by launching attacks on tribes that occasionally try and raid the flatlands.


House Cayrouse has retained many of its' values from humbler times when they could not afford to bother themselves with immaterial rewards such as Glory, Honour and, religious favour. Instead the Cayrouse are loyal to those who would and most importantly are able to support their struggle wealth and power. Women are treated relatively well though westerosi traditions emphasising woman's secondary role to man have begun to seep in. Normally male heirs wil lbe chosen but in the case of a male heir achieving significant failure the title can be passed onto women. Noble Ladies are expected to wield a Longbow. This led to a tradition of very broad shouldered women with very strong arms. Women are often give na choice of potential husbands by their fathers or brothers to choose from though the more traditional women are expected to put the needs of the house before their own desires.

Edited by Cayrouse

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House: House Velospien

Sigil:A single silver arrow with a emerald snake wrapped around the arrows shaft, firing down upon a dark green background, the colour of the trees at Cape Wrath.

Words: Death we Reign

Unofficial motto: A Velospien always get the Bargain

Location: South East of Summer Hall, and just West of Mistwood (in Cape Wrath) .

Sworn to: Baratheon (officially, till a better deal presents itself) but their alliance is open to negotiation. They care not for the Game of Thrones and are opportunists, but if the position on the iron throne ever was within their grasp... well that'd be different.

House weapons:

A Steel Short sword named "Poison", after becoming infamous when Andre Velospien slew an assassin hired to kill Robert, the blade had been lathered in poison hence the name.

Blood: Andal

Religion: Power and Gold holds their faith nothing else.

Founder: Danerius Velospien

Current lord: Andre Velospien


Originally the House Velospien were commoners who made their money through the Merchant trade... but this was not enough for them.

Using their contacts gained from mercantile dealings they hired assassin's to remove direct competition, nothing could be traced back to the Velospiens but many suspected them.

The Velospiens were treated with scorn and disdain by the other powers with the area, including the Baratheons, and were often refered to as "Trade Serpents" or "House of Poison Deals" in reference to their often underhanded and one-sided business.

Still their fortunes increased with no one daring to oppose their trade, for fear of a dagger in the night.

Eventually accumulating enough wealth to purchase land and build a castle of their own, the Velospiens took the sigil of a trio of silver arrows raining down upon a water of blue, (they had hired many hunters, whose preference was to the bow, as guards)

At the time of Roberts Rebellion, The House Velospien quickly offered a small army of 300 Archers, 20 Swords and 10 Hedge Knights, on the condition that if Baratheon were to win they were to be granted lordship, but if he lost then he had never heard of them.

Jon Arryn called the Velospiens out to be the "Cowardly Snakes" they were but none the less accepted the deal.

Five family members of the House of Velospien died during the rebellion but their actions on the battlefield with their Archers earned them respect from the other Rebels.

But the deed that truly one them their so desired lordship, was when the heir of the House Andre Velospien, caught an assassin within the Rebels camp outside the tent of Robert Baratheon during the period were the rebel forces were stuck within Stoney Sept.

At the end of the Rebellion Robert granted the House Velospien Lordship of Castle Asmodai as they had agreed upon.

The now "Lord Andre Velospien" Personalized the House Sigil to a single silver arrow with a emerald snake wrapped around the arrows shaft, upon a dark green background the colour of the trees at Cape Wrath.

Lord Andre Velospien is known as the Viper and has no qualms about using poison or other dishonorable methods to get what he wants.

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House Gargelus

Sigil: a red-eyed monster in a cave

Founder: Drayco Gargelus

House Words: Look at me now

Famous riddle: Whats more likely, finding a grumkin sleeping beside you at night or seeing a Gargelus outside his cave? The former.

Castle: Gargolonia Cave, a city where everyone lives in caves and the castle is underground aswell.

Location: Above the Shadow, near Asshai.

Sword: Formed above the shadow using the magic, Allyria Cut.

Sworn To: No one


They come from nothing, their origin unknown. Drayco Gargelus was known for his very good lucks, and many say he married a Targaryen, making the house have dragon blood.

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Name: House Dracaryon

Blood: Valyrian

Religion: The seven formally the Valyrian gods

Titles and Honours: Lords Of Dragonstone(disputed), Warden of the South and East(disputed),Dragonlords, Queen of The seven Kingdoms(disputed and only bestowed on the head of the house), Hand of the King(has-been)

Current Lord: Daenyre Targaryen (formally Dracryon

Founder: Rhaellenyra Dracaryon(maiden name)

Overlord: House Targaryen

Vassals: None, good allies of house Velaryon and Targaryen though.

Current Members: *Daenyre Dracaryon-Targaryen Wife of Viserys III and Disputed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms

- Viserys III King of the Seven Kingdoms

- Daenerys Targaryen Heir and Good friend and sister in law.

Sigil: A Silver Fire-Breathing Dragon and a Emarald Unicorn Flying over A Black Corpse; On Violet

Cadet Branches: none

Status: Exiled formerly A noble House of the Crownlands.

Family's Average physical Features: Matted and slightly luster-less and darker, more Greyish Silver-Gold hair, worn long on Women and Shoulder-Length on Men. And Either Black eyes or Dark Purple(Plum) Not very large or small remarkably cattish, pale skin, Average height, Slender.

Motto: Here and Now Dragonfire(in Valyrian

Unofficial Motto: This is our coming.

Location: Exile formerly Dragonstone and Old Valyria

House Swords and Weapons: Valyrian Steel; Blaze and a Dragon called Rhaenyras

History: A house from the Valyrian Freehold, descended from Aenar's younger Daughter Rhaellenyra who shared her older sister's vision and set up home in Dragonstone and co-ruled it, the only surviving heir; 'Daenyre' is now married to Viserys and in Exile she has in possession a blue and silver dragon that has been hatched by shedding her own blood and keeping them over fire.

Edited by Viserys's Queen

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House Name: Aurelius

House Words: Honor above all else

Sigil: A white Anatolian Shepard on a field of dark blue (almost black)

Weapon: A Valyrain great sword (Winters Bane)

Founder: Wilbur Aurelius

Current Lord: Augustus Aurelius

Titles: Keepers of the Far North

Location: Far North

Seat : The Stone Keep

Blood: The first men

Lands: Mountains north of The Wolf Woods

Religion: The Old Gods

Allies: Stark

Edited by Lord Augie Stark

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Name: House Blackrose

Sigil: A black rose on a sanguine field.

Words: We bow before the wind.

Unofficial Words: We sing a song of pain.

Type: Major House, focused on plated Knights both mounted and on foot.

Weapon: Steel Bastard Sword named Sanguine, it was supposedly infused with the blood of the Children aswell as ancient runes and thus has a red shine to it, it has a dragonbone hilt and is said to have claimed the lives of over 200 men.

Religion: The Old Gods

Background: The Blackroses have always had misfortune, since their founding right after Aegon the Conquerer landed in Kings Landing. Every lord of House Blackrose has had extreme misfortune and has had to endure multiple deaths of loved ones. They are the Lords of Roses and every officer in their army wears a black rose shaped clasp to hold their black cloaks. Though their misfortune seems to be absent in the field of battle, every lord since Teraluan Blackrose, the fifth lord of House Blackrose, has been notably succesfull in every war they fought.

Location: The original seat of the Lords of Roses used to be Sanguine Keep, but the third lord of House Blackrose, Krasnaq Blackrose, was away on a raid when the castle was sacked by his enemies.

Founder: Creodris Blackrose

Current lord: Lord Falmor Blackrose, eighteenth Lord of Roses.

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Great idea. smile.gif

House name: Lorkley

Sigil: Five drops of blood at the corners and center of a silver X, over a blue field

Motto: We Shall Prevail

Unofficial Motto: None

House Weapon: None. House Lorkton once owned a Valyrian steel sword named Dripper, but it was lost over two centuries ago when the heir of the House was slain by a noble knight from House Qorgyle, who took the sword and carried it back to Dorne.

Castles: Falantine (House Lorkton and seat of House Lorkley), Silverstone (House Marley)

Location: Southeastern region of the Reach, near the Red Mountains

Sworn to: House Tyrell

House Lorkley was born of the union of two noble Houses of the Reach, Houses Lorkton and Marley, an event that took place over a century before Aegon I conquered Westeros. Having suffered from Dornish raids that were as numerous as they were vicious over the previous half century, the two Houses eventually found themselves whittled down to near extinction. House Lorkton had only a single male heir for the main bloodline, while the neighboring House Marley simultaneously only had a female heir left. Other Houses of the Reach offered to have a family member marry one or the other heir and "take over the defense of the Reach against the Dornish scum" – essentially absorbing the stricken House into their own. House Florent was especially vocal with its offers, going so far as to send a thousand troops into the Marley lands as "a gesture of our willingness to protect the lands and smallfolk of the House."

Unwilling to let their Houses' proud histories vanish completely, Lord Mervin Lorkton and Lady Shanta Marley petitioned King Garth Greenhand the Ninth for permission to marry and by doing so merge their two Houses into a single one. King Garth granted their request, some say as much to foil the Florents as out of respect for the two Houses, both longstanding supporters of the Gardeners. Soon thereafter, Houses Lorkton and Marley became House Lorkley, and the two newlyweds eventually gave birth to a dynasty that lasts to this day. Their sigils were also merged, with the blood drops of the Lorktons laid over the silvery X of the Marleys.

As can be imagined, the contemporary Lorkleys hate everything and everyone from Dorne. If they believe they can get away with it, its nobles and servants will take every opportunity to inconvenience, hurt, or even kill Dornishmen they meet. On several occasions, a Lorkley noble champion has fought on behalf of a servant who had been caught perpetrating a crime against someone from Dorne. The Lorkleys reserve their greatest hatred for House Qorgyle, who return the sentiment in full. Many Dornishmen firmly believe that the death of Lord Ambrej Qorgyle while he was a captive of King Daeron during the Conquest of Dorne was due to a Lorkley servant poisoning his food.

the best made up house i read

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House Name: Blackice

House Sigil: A white dragon against a black moon on a white background

House Motto: We do not kneel

Unofficial Motto: We ask you not to kneel, but to follow

Location: Beyond the wall

Founder: Aegon Blackice

House Weapon: Blackfyre

House Blackice was founded during the Blackfyre rebellion, Aegon Blackice was the bastard son of Daemon Blackfyre, fathered on a prisoner taken in battle, Rickana Snow, a bastard Daughter of The Lord of Winterfell. After the Blackfyre Rebellion failed Ageon Blackice was taken North beyond the wall, with the reclaimed sword Blackfyre which was wrongly beleived to be taken across the sea with Bittersteel, but this is why it has never shown up in the hands of another member of the goldcompany. Aegon was trained in the ways of a Knight, but at 13 turned away from the seven and became the first Targereon to follow the old Gods. He won respect amongs the wildling and forged himself a more disciplined organised wildling host,even took a wildling for a bride.

The current Blackice, Daemon Blackice intends to proclaim himself King Beyond the wall following the chaos of the fall of Mance Raydar and use the wildling host to take the North and eventually the South to reclaim the Kingdom he beleives to be his by right of Birth.


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