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The Isle of Faces

Create your Westerosi house

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Decided to expand on house holdings and stuff like that.(from the asoiaf rpg)

Defense: 31

Influence: 39

Lands: 32

Law: 25

Population: 34

Power: 19

Wealth: 21

Defense: (small castle)

The Rogue Hill originally seat of house Dwight, was taken by Marten Crowley, the founder of the house. It is located in the west of Riverlands, close to the border of Westerlands. Rogue Hill sits south of the Oldstones ruins, between the red fork and green fork. The castle is built near the bottom of a cliff, where the source of river Rogue is located. A typical stone castle, it has 3 small towers built into its curtain walls, inner yard contains the royal and servants quarters, hall, barracks, stables, warkshop and a cistern, as well as an observatory. Castle is surrounded by living quarters of more wealthy folk, a market, brothel, pub, and other shops. All of it is contained by a stone curtain wall. The outer wall has 2 towers- Wing tower, tallest tower which overlooks the hills to the south, and the Scale tower, which can be reached crossing a stone bridge that connects the wall and the tower, crossing river Rogue. Outskirts of the wall are surounded by smallfolk housings, a trade yard, and farmlands to the east, as well as a water mill further down the river.

Influence: First born son-Alester Crowley, 26 years old. Second son-Cassel Crowley,19 years old. First born daughter- Elise Crowley, 17 years old.

Lands: Most of Crowley controled lands are wetlands near Ironmans bay with ocasional hill regions in the west and south, connecting to Westerlands.

Coastal region to the west has a port called Broken Point near an old ruined watchtower and the mouth of river Rogue. A road runs to the east along the Rogue leading to the Rogue Hill where the source of the river is located. The castle is surrounded by a wall with richer people living inside the walls houses, and peasants living around the castle walls. The castles lands are abot the size of a small town, including all the houses.

Law: Crime is typical to much of Westeros. However it has been increasing lately on the outskirts of the holdings.

Population: A small town is present, forming around the Rogue Hill. Several hamlets are sfattered across the lands, most prominent being the Broken Point.

Power: House Crowley doesnt hold much military strength since the end of War of conquest and the Blanetree treachery. A garrison force of Rogue hill acts as protectors of the castle and the house members. Most accomplished is the veteran guerilla unit mainly located in the northern and eastern regions of the lands, taking advantage of the swampy terrain in conflicts. A trained archer batallion is scattered throughout the lands and forms the bulk of the Crowley military force.

Wealth: The house is not rich but are able to meet the ends with the recen help of house Mallister. The port of the Broken Point advances income of the house, as the ships coming from the west usually choose this port to land their goods. The road from the port goes through the Rogue Hill all the way to the Riverrun, which results in lots of travelers and traders stopping by.


Lord Eadwin Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: grey/black. Age: 87

Status: sickly, near death

Lady Elise Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: black. Age: 17

Status: lord regent of Rogue Hill, married to Patrek Mallister.

Lord Cassel Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: black. Age: 19

Status: Heir to the Rogue hill, knight.

Lord Alester Crowley. Eyes:light blue. Hair:black. Age: 26

Status: presumably missing or dead, priest of R'hllor.

Maester Ednar. Eyes: green. Hair: grey. Age: 53

Status: Maester, Steward and Castellan of rogue hill.

Varren Blanetree. Eyes: light hazel. Hair: red/brown. Age: 37

Status: ward of house Crowley, heir to Treehall(blanetree castle), Master at arms of Rogue hill.

Patrek Mallister. Eyes: blue/green. Hair: red. Age: 28

Status: husband to Elise Crowley, second eldest son of Mallisters. A knight.

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House Name: House Gyre (stolen unapologetically from Brent Weeks' "Night Angel Trilogy", just the name though)

Sigil: A Snowy Owl on a mottled field of purple and grey

Words: Seek and you shall find.

Seat: The Crest

Location: On the shoulder of a mountain somewhere deep in the Vale of Arryn

House Sword: Whitefeather - A pure white blade with a sapphire encrusted hilt.

Background: House Gyre is as old as any of the Andal houses, and one of the most powerful and wealthy of those sworn to House Arryn. Also apparently the most passive. The Gyres are known to prize knowledge and wisdom over all virtues, and this has made many of their lords rather reclusive. Though it has produced its fair share of knights and great warriors, House Gyre is known to have produced the best Maester's in Westros save those from Oldtown itself. Its most notable influence in the affairs of Westeros have however, almost exclusively concerned the Targaryen Kings, particularly in regard to succession. Their role is unclear, but Gyres have popped up in the history books in positions of power during such events as The Dance of the Dragons and the Kingmaking, the Blackfyre Rebellion and finally the dethroning of Aerys Targaryen. A keen eye may note that in each of such cases, the Gyres have always managed to come out on the winning side.

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Name: House Noone

Sigil: A sun with a black shaggy dog in front of it.

Motto: Shining Bright, come the Long Night

Location: Northern Shores of the Sea of Dorne below the Rainwood

Castle Name: Dawn

Religion: God of many Faces.

Blood: Some Valyrian Blood and some braavosi.

Ancestral Weapon: Valyrian Warhammer known as Dusk

History: House Noone began during the Valyrion Freehold years. A member of the Faceless men crossed the narrow sea. He was a great warrior became in favour of the Storm King after he captured a rebel lord on the run. For this the Storm King gave him the previous lords Lands and hold. The faceless man realised that he had no last name and decided to call his house, House Noone for no one. The faceless mans second son adventured throughout the Valyrian Freehold where he acquired a Valyrian Warhammer from one of the Dragon Lords.

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House Name: Blackfrost

Sigil: A black Stag on a field of white and grey, surrounded by a ring of fire

Motto: Lords Over Winter

Location: North East of the Wolf's Wood. Our lands stretch from the coast of the Bay of Ice and cover the north of the Wolf's Wood, the south part of the mountains and to Lonely Hills.

Castle Name:Nightfall

Sworn to: House Stark

Blood: First Men

Religion: The Old Gods

Ancestral Weapon: A Valyrain Steel greatsword called Winter's Wrath. The pommel will have a black wolf's head growling, the handle will be half grey and half white with a Valyrain steel circle, engraved with First Men runes, in the middle.

History: House Blackfrost is one of the oldest houses of The North and the First Men. they can trace their descendants to the Age of Heroes, they have always been loyal bannerman to House Stark and have allied with them when House Bolton rebelled agianst the Kings in the North. They are a proud and honourable house who still send their sons to The Wall as they still see the NW as honourable. They have fought with some of the Mountain Tribes over the years for control over the southern parts of the mountain ranges but have always won and have made pacts with the tribes. Their castle, Nightfall, was built with the help of Bran the Builder, the massive wooden gates having carvings of The Long Night on and runes of the First Men.

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House name: Greatwing

Sigil: An eagle owl swooping down on a horizontally split background of grey (top) and deep crimson (bottom).

Motto: The victor is wise and ferocious.

Location: Between the south west edge of the Wolfswood and the north shore of the two lakes jsut above the Rills.

Castle Name: Stonetrees

Sworn to: House Stark (it doesn't quite fit the locale but the history explains it).

Blood: First men.

Religion: The Old Gods

Ancestral Weapon: A Valyrian steel falchion (cusped) named Talon. The handle is a hand-and-a-half made of hardened Wierwood with a smooth oval shaped pommel again made of Valyrian steel and an S curved crossguard.

History:The house was formed by two brothers, Thom and Rickon. Thom (know as Thom the Builder) as first apprentice and then second mason of Bran the Builder, Whilst Bran and Thom constructed the Wall it was Rickon that protected the vast team of builders along the colossal stretch that is the Wall. Thom then went onto construct Stonetrees using plans that Bran had sketched while Rickon journeyed across Westeros and was rumored to have ventured into Essos. Rickon returned with a wife to find his brother childless and lost after losing his wife, Thom went years doing little until he rediscovered his love for masonry and moved to the Wall to maintain it and train new masons, forming a precursor to the builders of the Night's Watch. Talon came to house Greatwing at the end of the four year of the Bolton rebellion and was taken from the Boltons and gifted by the Stark of the time as thanks for military support.

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House Scafell of Pyke

Sigil: A weirwood beneath a jagged mountain peak

Words: Our way is older a reference to the fact that the Old Gods of the Forest are older still than the so-called Old Way of the Ironborn

Seat: They claim the castle of Pyke in the Iron Islands, but are based on Wolf Island in the Winter Isles

Sworn to: House Stark of Winterfell

Titles: Lords of Pyke, Lords Paramount of the Isles

Lands: The Isles, a region consisting of the Iron Islands & the Winter Isles

Ancestral weapon: Cleaver, a battle-axe of weirwood & bronze, said to have been enchanted by the Children of the Forest

Culture: Ironborn, of First Men origin

Religion: The Old Gods of the Forest

History: Founded thousands of years ago in the Iron Islands, they were one of the few Iron Islander houses to take up worship of the Old Gods, leaving them on good terms with some of the Kingdoms of mainland Westeros, especially the Stark Kings of Winter, but it left them ostracized from mainstream Ironborn culture. House Scafell founded the castle of Pyke and from here they conquered the other Islands, with the help of King Brandon Stark II (Bran the Shipwright) they then attempted to join the Iron Islands to the Stark Kingdom, but were defeated by the King of the Isles who were followers of the Drowned God and wished to maintain the Iron Islands independence & their reaving ways. The King of the Isles spared Lord Scafell as part of a peace deal with the King of Winter, the Scafells were exiled from the Iron Islands & taken in by the Starks. The Scafells were heavily involved in the fleet-building under Brandon the Shipwright and Lord Scafell & his House joined the King when he attempted to sail across the sunset sea, this voyage was believed to be a failure by those in the North as the fleet (including Bran & Lord Scafell) were never heard from again, but in actual fact they discovered & were shipwrecked on a group of islands in the far northwest of Westeros, which King Brandon named the Winter Isles. It was not until many thousands of years later that the Winter Isles were rediscovered by Prince Cregan Stark, brother of the King of the North, House Scafell still dwelled on the islands and their lord, Torgon Scafell still claimed the titles Lord of Pyke & Lord Paramount of the Isles, upon the rediscovery, Lord Scafell reaffirmed his loyalty to the Starks of Winterfell and once again set about trying to reclaim the Iron Islands for the Kings of Winter.

The influence for House Scafell of Pyke comes from, as many British people may notice, Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, which is also the influence for their sigil, with the jagged mountain peaks.

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House Arl of Arlshold



Words: "Through Ice and Snow."

Seat: Arlshold

Sworn to: House Stark of Winterfell

Bannermen; House Forrester, House Greywood, House Glover and House Woods as well as Glover Vassals House Branch and House Bole.

Titles: Lord of Arlshold and Wolfswood (Formerly Kings of the Wolves)

Lands: The Arlshold and the Wolfswood

Ancestral weapon: Winter

Culture: First Men

Religion: Old Gods

House Arl is the family I have been playing in my SIFRPG campaign for over a year now, and they've grown quite a bit. The family was created during the Age of Heroes by the White Wolf, a legendary general who according to myth fought against the White Walkers. They've been through a lot, they've been kings, lords of various influence, but so far they've survived Westerosi history past Targaryen Conquest and I am looking forward to seeing if they can survive until the events of the books.

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House Pepper of The Fire Tower

Words: "There is Never Too Much Spice"

Seat: The Fire Tower

Sworn to: House Targaryen of Dragonstone

Bannermen: House Green, House Bell, House Red, House Banana

Titles: Keepers of the Fire Tower and Wardens of the of the Northern Crownlands

House Weapon: The Chili Blade

Culture: Andal Ancestry

Religion: The Seven Spices

House Pepper was one of the first noble house created after the Invasion of Aegon the Conqueror. Upon the victory of King Aegon, Lord Bastien Pepper was given lordship of the Fire Tower, a castle built to remember the methods used by the Targaryens in their victorious conquest. During the Dance of the Dragons, House Pepper sided with Rhaenyra Targaryen. For there service to his mother's cause, Aegon III declared the Head of House Pepper also hold the title of Warden of the Northern Crownlands. Throughout the reign of Baelor the Blessed, House Pepper grew prominent in the spice trade, becoming the most notarized spice traders in all of Westeros, much of the Free Cities, and even in parts of Slaver's Bay. When Aegon the Unworthy had already been unofficially declared the worst king in history, it is said that his death was caused by a poisonous spice in his food, most likely a deed done by a member of House Pepper. During the First Blackfyre Rebellion, House Pepper joined the cause of the loyalists. Ser Gallis Pepper, son of Lord Gerald Pepper, led the vanguard at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, but was slain by Daemon Blackfyre. After the Rebellion Lord Gerald passed lordship of the Fire Tower to his second son Arnol. Up until the the year 255 AL, the prominence of House Pepper in the spice trade was almost a full blown monopoly, making it one of the wealthiest houses in the Crownlands. The War of the Ninepenny Kings, however, put a halt to its success, as many of the trade routes across the narrow sea were cut off. While they continued the trade after the war, the peak that had previously been reached would never be attained again. During the Defiance of Duskendale, Ser Valmar Pepper was among the members of King Aerys' force that marched on Duskendale. He was killed in the fight by a member of House Hollard. After his escape, King Aerys grew furious at his bannermen, including Lord Favrol Pepper, though he did not act out against them, for fear of losing all of his allies. In the year 281 AL, Lord Favrol and Lady Alynna are among the guests at the Tourney of Harrenhall, and their eldest son Rallin was among the jousting competitors, though was unlucky in that he drew Ser Arthur Dayne in the first tilt. After the outbreak of Robert's Rebellion, most of House Pepper's forces were sent to Kingslanding while some were sent to Dragonstone, leaving only about 100 to hold the Fire Tower. The Pepper forces at Kingslanding were led by Ser Godric, who dueled with Tywin Lannister himself before he was cut down by the Lion of the Rock. Rallin Pepper aided the forces on Dragonstone to help Prince Viscerys and Princess Daenerys escape. He was killed in the fight, yelling his last words, "The spice is strong!" With the majority of his forces depleted and Prince Rhaegar dead, Lord Favrol bent the knee to Robert Baratheon. However, for his assist in helping the remaining Targaryens to escape, Lord Favrol and the rest of his house were stripped of their lands and titles. With nothing left, they fled across the narrow sea to Braavos. The news that Daenerys Targaryen has returned and has dragons with her has brought back hope to the remaining peppers, who plan to join her upon her return to Westeros. The Peppers will Return!!!

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House Name: LeVille

Sigil: A black twin headed serpent on a field of green and silver/

Motto: The Seas Are Rising

Location: Blackthorn Island

Castle Name: Serpents Keep

Sworn to: Stannis Baratheon

Blood: Mix of Andal and First Men

Religion: Originally The Faith of the Seven, but now have converted to the Lord of Light

Ancestral Weapon: A Black cutless forged from a falling star near the center of Blackthorn Island. It was deemed "Black Star".

History: House LeVille is not one of the older families nor are they among the most poweful, but what they do have is a history of having some of the best sea fairing warriors in the Seven Kingdoms. Blackthorn Island warriors are born for battle at sea, and the LeVille family are born to command them.

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House: Mulfran

Sigil: A quartered black and dark green background; in center two rampant hounds in grey facing each other.With a Wyrm coiled at top of banner atop a bronze crown

Motto: Justice, Tradition, Cunning

Seat: Wyvern Roost, north west of Widows Watch. A truly ancient Holdfast, gifted to the house on their accession to the nobility, expanded by family since that point.

Religion: Old Gods, some fire worshipers

Blood: First Men

Location: supporting armies of Stannis Baratheon

House Weapon: two 1)ancient steel boradsword [coldfire] -traditional weapon of the Lord of Wyvern Roost, pre-dates house control of the keep.2) a valyrian steel dagger [wyvern tooth]

Sworn to: Stannis Baratheon

Backstory: An old house, not always noble. Were elevated to current position after ancestor ,a notable huntsmaster, saved Torrhen stark from an assassins blade (the same dagger the house still carries. Always loyal to the Starks the house gained a reputation for being less than loyal to others, eventually this led to house being stripped of vast majority of lands for raiding holdings of house Bolton. This supposed harsh treatment led them to support Stannis Baratheon during the outbreak of the war of the five kings, they have been sworn to him ever since.

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Name: House Lockey

Sigil: A pair of crossed keys under a chevron, all over a field of white.

Motto: "Ever Resolute."

Unofficial Motto: "Under Lock and Key"

Location: Along the West Side of the Green Fork, far up North near Oldstones

House Sword: Lockbreaker, a Valyrian Steel Longsword with a bronze pommel in the shape of a key.

Sworn to: House Mallister

The House Patriarch, Hoster the Locksmith, was a lowborn man who worked on fixing and breaking locks. When the Ironborn invaded the Riverlands, the Lord Mallister of Oldstones, also known as the Warden of Ironman's Bay, was captured in battle and being held captive by the Ironborn in his own castle. When the Lord's men came back to attempt to liberate him, a great battle raged outside the castle, and Hoster was approached to help sneak the Lord out, but his solar was locked by over a dozen locks. The locksmith was a master of his trade, and mere moments before the battle ended, the Lord Mallister was out of his solar and had returned to his men, who had lost the battle and been forced to retreat.

He knighted Hoster on the spot, and the locksmith took the name Lockey for his family. The house continued the tradition of sons squiring for their fathers until King Aegon himself destroyed Harrenhal, and the Lord Tully bent the knee. Lord Mallister had insisted on being named Lord Paramount, though the honor went to Tully. Brandon Lockey, the head of the house at the time, manage to mediate for the Lord Mallister and the King's representative. Brandon Lockey was given a castle, called the Lockhold by Brandon, for his role in preventing his liege, as well as the other Riverlander lords contemplating rebellion, including Piper, Blackwood and Vypren from rebelling against Aegon, and slowing his conquest.

Over the years, the Lockeys have been Masters-at-Arms for the Mallisters and on occasion, the Tullys. Their current alliances include marriage to a Frey by the current head of the house, Tristan Lockey, and his sister, Jeyne, married to a Lann in Lannisport. Their tenuous support of the Lannisters and Freys after the Red Wedding has kept them in good favor with the current regime, though they have no captives, and are regarded as a small wild card. Tristan isn't known for his charisma, though his younger brother and heir, Deremond, is eager to stir up rebellion against the current Lord Paramount...

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House Night of the Realm

Sigil: White stars on black

Words: Always been but never seen

Seat: Within King's Landing

Sworn to: The Iron Throne

Title: Knight of Nights

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Name: Brunfyre
Sigil: A red phoenix on a brown field
Motto: Rising from the ashes

Unofficial Motto: We are the fires of The North
Extreme north west, very close to the wall

Seat: First Flame

Current Head: Lord Erik Brunfyre

Heir: Gunther Brunfyre (Lord Erik’s brother)
House Sword: Flashfire

The ancient House of Brunfyre tracks its lineage to Alliser the Hot-headed who was one of the defenders of the north against the Others during the Long Night. Alliser purportedly lit the first fire that signalled to the rest of the north the attack of the Others and charged into battle alongside Azor Ahai, wielding his sword of part Valyrian steel, part bronze and edged with obsidian. He was a contemporary and close friend of Bran the Builder.

In return for his service in protected the north, Alliser was given a great keep in the north west where he lit the first fire. He named the keep after his great accomplishment and became a powerful noble lord.

He fathered numerous children, some of whom went to join the Night’s Watch and some of whom became Maesters of the Citadel, more still became knights and bannermen to House Stark. One son of Alliser Brunfyre’s – Rian Brunfyre, rose to the rank of Lord of Commander of the Night’s Watch and built the wall even higher.

For centuries the Brunfyre’s ruled their lands with their sword Flashfyre, forged in the first fire of the Long Night. At one point they were the second strongest house in all of the north after House Stark and aided the Kings of the North against the rebellions led by House Bolton.

When Aegon the Conqueror came to the North, Lord Rickon Brunfyre rode out with King Torrhen Stark against the dragon. Lord Rickon urged Torrhen Stark to stand and fight and was outraged when King Torrhen knelt. Rickon, fuming, claimed the Starks had turned their backs on the North and vowed to never kneel before Aegon. The Conqueror was not amused and, ironically for the castle’s name, lit First Flame up with dragonfire, burning foolish Lord Rickon alive. The ancestral sword of House Brunfyre – Flashfire was lost along with a great portion of First Flame. Before the entire line was destroyed, Rickon’s daughter, Aurora Brunfyre swore fealty to Aegon and the Starks. Aegon decided to spare her and her line yet First Flame required extensive rebuilding. The wealth and influence of the Brunfyre’s also diminished with much of their land being swallowed up by smaller lords.

Brunfyre Lords came and went and the house was largely insignificant by the time Robert’s Rebellion came around. Old Lord Aron Brunfyre was reluctant to join the rebellion at first as he was married to a Dornish noblewoman sworn to the Martells. However, many of his sons (current Lord Erik Brunfyre among them) joined with Robert’s cause. Lord Aron Brunfyre died of natural causes during the rebellion but his firstborn son and heir Rickon Brunfyre died at the Battle of the Bells. His second-born – Lord Erik inherited First Flame and the Brunfyre lands in his brother’s place.

Lord Erik immediately joined the Young Wolf in his campaign for independence and his younger brother Gunther Brunfyre fought fiercely for Robb Stark. Lord Erik was enraged and horrified at the Red Wedding and vowed to bring down revenge upon the Houses of Bolton and Frey.

Lord Erik’s four sons Aron, Alliser, Rian and Tommen all died at the hands of House Bolton, Walder Frey and the Lannisters during the Red Wedding. He has but one son left, a bastard boy known as Eltanin Snow with an undisclosed mother who came from a far off land. His brother, Gunther, is his heir who only survived the slaughter of the Red Wedding by joining the Blackfish still at Riverrun. After the castle came under siege by Jaime Lannister, Gunther Brunfyre managed to escape and his current whereabouts are unknown. Unfortunately for Lord Erik, he is surrounded by Boltons who are calling on him to yield First Flame to them or die. He longs to see his baseborn son Eltanin once more and urge him to fight on yet Eltanin Snow is nowhere to be found.

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House: Moriarty

Sigil: A green crowned eagle in flight over white

Motto: "Our palace, the sky"

Unofficial Motto: "Always vigilant;" "We wait in patience"

Location: In the mountains just northeast of the Wolfswood. Along a mountain lake between Deepwood Motte and the Kingsroad

Seat: The Corrie

Worship: The Old Gods

Current Lord: Lord Brandon Moriarty (A boy of twelve)

Current Heir: Jon Moriarty (A boy of seven)

Familial Weapon: The arming sword Mountain's Heart, forged from a rare iron alloy found deep in the mountains of the North to forge a steel as strong and sharp as Valyrian steel, if not as light nor beautiful.

House Moriarty is descended from the First Men and has ruled from The Corrie since time in memoriam. They are an ancient House, claiming a direct line of familial descent as far back as 7,000 years. Their castle is built into the living rock of the mountain range just northeast of the Wolfswood and continues some say for miles into the mountain, making it one of the most easily defendable castles in Westeros, though it has not faced attacked in millenia. Though ancient, their power waned as the First Men moved away from the mountains and towards better and more habitable lands in the North. Despite their lack of great power, breed hardy lords and are known as fierce warriors who are equally loyal both their immediate overlords the Glovers and the Starks of Winterfell.

When the Young Wolf called his banners Lord Mors Moriarty responded by taking his three eldest sons and joinging with House Glover at Deepwood Motte. While his second son was killed at the Crag, his eldest son and heir was killed at the Red Wedding. Lord Mors was not present at the Red Wedding as he and his younger son Padraig were known to be traveling with Galbart Glover en route to Greywater Watch. With his wereabouts unknown, the Lordship of the Corrie fell to his son Brandon, with the day to day operations being run by his lame bastard son Roderick and Maester Jonos of the Citadel.

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House Name:House Northolt

Founder:Beron Northolt

House Words:The Flame of the Faith

Sigil:A red phoenix on a grey and white striped background

Location:Between Deepwood Motte and Torrhen's Square, in a sheltered valley close to the sea

Castle:The Northold

Valyrian Steel Sword:Flameclaw, a flaming valyrian steel sword

Sworn to:House Stark

One of the noble houses to follow ser Artys to the Vale, House Holt settled in the mountains near Runestone until House Royce throws them out after Lord Royce rapes Lord Holt's daughter. Beron and his small army storm Moat Cailin by surprise but leave it after finding the Northolt valley, full of silver, to the north. There they proclaim their Kingship of the Stony Shore and extend the Faith of the Seven throughout the North. They are eventually defeated by House Stark and they are now their loyal bannermen and fourth most powerful House in the North, after Stark, Bolton and Manderly

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House Name:House Northolt

Founder:Alesander Northolt

House Words:The Storm is Brewing

Sigil:A black crowned stag on a black and white striped background

Location:Between Deepwood Motte and Torrhen's Square, in a sheltered valley close to the sea

Castle:The Northold

Valyrian Steel Hammer:Thunder

Sworn to:House Stark

House Northolt is a cadet branch of House Durrendon, the ancient House of the Stormkings. When Orys Baratheon took Storm's End,the Northolts had already left the Stormlands, as they had settled in the Riverlands after the Stormking's conquest of them. They were eventually nearly wiped out by the Hoares and with their way to the Stormlands cut out, Alesander marched north . Alesander and his small army storm Moat Cailin by surprise but leave it after finding the Northolt valley, full of silver, to the north. There they proclaim their Kingship of the Stony Shore and extend the Faith of the Seven throughout the North. They are eventually defeated by House Stark and they are now their loyal bannermen and fourth most powerful House in the North, after Stark, Bolton and Manderly.

Lord Beron Northolt travelled south to King's Landing with the Starks, but soon entered into quarrel with the king, who found his presence slightly menacing. He was about to be sent back when Robert died, so he stayed as the Hand's counselor. Thanks to his informants, he discovered Littlefinger's treachery and thus tried yo save the Starks, but it was too late. He fled the capital and joined the Young Wolf. Robb charged him with defending the North after his father's death, but he was barely able to throw back the ironborn out of his domains, let alone retaking Winterfell. His son, Durran Northolt was taken alive in the Red Wedding, but returned once he swore allegiance to Lord Bolton. He has, however, secretly agreed to aid Stannis if Stannis gives him Storm's End and the Stormlands in return to rule as the King's Warden of the East and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, and as the last descendants of Durran Godsgrief, yake back their ancient words, castle, banner and name, House Durrendon.

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Name- House Aldaine

Sigil- a charred tree on Blood red

Motto- My Hand Is Stronger

Location- In the hills of the Westerlands close to the golden tooth

House Sword- A valyrian greatsword of unparalleled length

Formed during the age of heroes, a old and loyal house to the Kings and Lords of the Rock

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