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House Rosewoode

Sigil: "Within a bordure vert a weirwood tree, argent and gules on a field sable; on a chief embattled argent, the blue rose of the North."

Words: "Wisdom. Honor. Truth."

Unofficial Motto: "Write it down, or you'll forget it."

Seat: Swansdown Keep, hidden in the Neck, usually to be found three leagues or so from Greywater Watch, but the direction varies.

Ancestry: First Men and Andal

Religion: varies, mostly a mixture of the old gods and the seven, but some members have taken up other beliefs.

Founder: name lost to history

Current head of house: Alaryck Rosewoode

House Weapons: staggering intellects; a really old sword of no name, supposedly passed down from the Age of Heroes, of an unknown alloy, expected to fall apart if anyone attempts to use it.

Allegiance: House Reed, through them House Stark

Famous members: None. Though it is traditional for House Reed to call upon House Rosewoode when in need of a squire, none of the Rosewoode fighters have achieved distinction. From the founder down through time they have been described as mediocre fighters who have survived battle only by the grace of the gods.


A poor but honorable house, the Rosewoodes have been sworn to House Reed for generations beyond number. Family tradition holds that a Lord Reed took his newly knighted ward--the orphaned son of a former hedge knight and a minor lord's daughter--with him on a visit to Winterfell to pay homage to the King in the North. The young knight was stricken with love for the youngest princess, a spirited girl, less handsome than her sisters but witty and agreeable. The princess, impressed by the knight's gentle manner and knowledge of many subjects, came to love him in return. Lord Reed approached King Stark on behalf of his ward, vouching for the young man's character and promising generous grants of land as well as the building of a keep suitable for a princess of House Stark. The King refused the match, stating that his favorite child was destined for a greater marriage.

The Rosewoode knight returned to the Neck saddened yet hopeful. While out walking, he happened upon a stream where two swans were swimming. He stopped some distance away so as not to frighten the birds. As he watched the two fly off together above his head, he was filled with longing for his beloved and swore that if he ever gained her hand, the meadow where he stood would be the site of their home. Before he turned to leave he noticed a feather that had fallen to the ground.

The young princess had spent six turns pleading with her father to gain consent to the marriage before relinquishing her hopes. At that point she became withdrawn and spiritless, eating only when commanded to do so by her Lord Father. Finally, in fear for his daughter's life, King Stark sent for Lord Reed and the Rosewoode Knight after a year of silence. As a betrothal gift the Rosewoode knight gave his bride a swan's feather hung on a golden chain.

At the wedding, King Stark gave his daughter an old sword, which she in turn gave to her new husband. The sword has since deteriorated, having never been used because it was deemed too precious to risk. It does have an odd characteristic though: it glows whenever the name Stark is mentioned. The family believes this to be the result of an enchantment put on the sword by Lann the Clever (known to the Rosewoods as Lann the Smartass).

The Rosewoodes continued their tradition of mediocre fighting, and gradually spent more and more time reading, thus they have amassed a fine library of rare texts from far-flung places. The family's facility with languages and emphasis on traditional learning has aided in their ability to read the oldest scrolls. Though it should be noted that while Rosewoodes can read a number of languages, they can only speak two or three.

Edited by Lady Blizzardborn

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House name: Sunfyre Wardens of the South

Sigil: A burning sun in a black field

Motto: Burning Bright

Unofficial motto: There will be blood

Location: The Reach,in the place of Highgarden

Sworn to: House Targaryen

House Sunfyre is descended from Old Valyria,and is the second strongest house in the Seven Kingdoms.Being in possession of dragons the members of House Sunfyre supported Aegon's conquest as they recognized he was a charismatic leader.This noble house has provided many brides to House Targaryen due to their Valyrian blood.Founder of House Sunfyre was Lady Anna Sunfyre the Purple Dragonrider,whose purple and black dragon Lilaxes was the dread of the South.It is said that the Purple Dragonrider fed her dragon boiled blood to make it fiercer.

House Sunfyre follows the Dornish laws of succesion.

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Decided to expand on house holdings and stuff like that.(from the asoiaf rpg)

Defense: 31

Influence: 39

Lands: 32

Law: 25

Population: 34

Power: 19

Wealth: 21

Defense: (small castle)

The Rogue Hill originally seat of house Dwight, was taken by Marten Crowley, the founder of the house. It is located in the west of Riverlands, close to the border of Westerlands. Rogue Hill sits south of the Oldstones ruins, between the red fork and green fork. The castle is built near the bottom of a cliff, where the source of river Rogue is located. A typical stone castle, it has 3 small towers built into its curtain walls, inner yard contains the royal and servants quarters, hall, barracks, stables, warkshop and a cistern, as well as an observatory. Castle is surrounded by living quarters of more wealthy folk, a market, brothel, pub, and other shops. All of it is contained by a stone curtain wall. The outer wall has 2 towers- Wing tower, tallest tower which overlooks the hills to the south, and the Scale tower, which can be reached crossing a stone bridge that connects the wall and the tower, crossing river Rogue. Outskirts of the wall are surounded by smallfolk housings, a trade yard, and farmlands to the east, as well as a water mill further down the river.

Influence: First born son-Alester Crowley, 26 years old. Second son-Cassel Crowley,19 years old. First born daughter- Elise Crowley, 17 years old.

Lands: Most of Crowley controled lands are wetlands near Ironmans bay with ocasional hill regions in the west and south, connecting to Westerlands.

Coastal region to the west has a port called Broken Point near an old ruined watchtower and the mouth of river Rogue. A road runs to the east along the Rogue leading to the Rogue Hill where the source of the river is located. The castle is surrounded by a wall with richer people living inside the walls houses, and peasants living around the castle walls. The castles lands are abot the size of a small town, including all the houses.

Law: Crime is typical to much of Westeros. However it has been increasing lately on the outskirts of the holdings.

Population: A small town is present, forming around the Rogue Hill. Several hamlets are sfattered across the lands, most prominent being the Broken Point.

Power: House Crowley doesnt hold much military strength since the end of War of conquest and the Blanetree treachery. A garrison force of Rogue hill acts as protectors of the castle and the house members. Most accomplished is the veteran guerilla unit mainly located in the northern and eastern regions of the lands, taking advantage of the swampy terrain in conflicts. A trained archer batallion is scattered throughout the lands and forms the bulk of the Crowley military force.

Wealth: The house is not rich but are able to meet the ends with the recen help of house Mallister. The port of the Broken Point advances income of the house, as the ships coming from the west usually choose this port to land their goods. The road from the port goes through the Rogue Hill all the way to the Riverrun, which results in lots of travelers and traders stopping by.


Lord Eadwin Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: grey/black. Age: 87

Status: sickly, near death

Lady Elise Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: black. Age: 17

Status: lord regent of Rogue Hill, married to Patrek Mallister.

Lord Cassel Crowley. Eyes: light blue. Hair: black. Age: 19

Status: Heir to the Rogue hill, knight.

Lord Alester Crowley. Eyes:light blue. Hair:black. Age: 26

Status: presumably missing or dead, priest of R'hllor.

Maester Ednar. Eyes: green. Hair: grey. Age: 53

Status: Maester, Steward and Castellan of rogue hill.

Varren Blanetree. Eyes: light hazel. Hair: red/brown. Age: 37

Status: ward of house Crowley, heir to Treehall(blanetree castle), Master at arms of Rogue hill.

Patrek Mallister. Eyes: blue/green. Hair: red. Age: 28

Status: husband to Elise Crowley, second eldest son of Mallisters. A knight.


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House name: Gjet

Sigil: Rearing white horned goat on a green background

Motto: Devour

Location: The North, Brandon's Gift

Sworn to: House Stark

Colors: White, green and gold

A small house founded as a source of goat's milk, meat and hides to supply the Night's Watch. Due to their location in the north, the large, shaggy goats are incredibly cold hardy and resilient. Their lands are susceptible to wildling raids and the have developed a reputation as fierce defenders of their herds and lands. Unfortunately, the proximity to Castle Black lures many a member of the Night's Watch the the young women of the family, creating a steady stream of landless bastards to later join the same Watch as Brothers.

OK, a lot of this is from my farm logo, but it works.

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House: Hrafna

Sigil: A black raven holding a battleaxe on a grey field

Motto: Strenght and Foresight

Location: The North

Sworn To: Mance Rayder (Pre-WOT5K) Howland Reed (Post-WOT5K)

Religion: Old Gods

A minor Northern house lead by a skinchanger. Probably the only house on the other side of the Wall loyal to Mance, until his downfall - after which they swore loyalty to Howland Reed.

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House name: Gjet

Sigil: Rearing white horned goat on a green background

Motto: Devour

Location: The North, Brandon's Gift

Sworn to: House Stark

Colors: White, green and gold

A small house founded as a source of goat's milk, meat and hides to supply the Night's Watch. Due to their location in the north, the large, shaggy goats are incredibly cold hardy and resilient. Their lands are susceptible to wildling raids and the have developed a reputation as fierce defenders of their herds and lands. Unfortunately, the proximity to Castle Black lures many a member of the Night's Watch the the young women of the family, creating a steady stream of landless bastards to later join the same Watch as Brothers.

OK, a lot of this is from my farm logo, but it works.

Hey, a goat companion! My sigil is a prancing ram as well. We must stick together!

Do you have any more info about your house? Or what is this farm logo?

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House name: Ravenwraith

Sigil: A soaring raven in front of a full moon, upon a red field

Motto: With my Name as my Shield and my Word as my Spear, I fear nothing

Unofficial motto: Defiant to the End

Castle: Ravenwraith Watchtower

Location: The western edge of the Prince's Pass in the Red Mountains, opposite Skyreach

Sworn to: House Martell

House Weapon: Windwalker, a short combat spear with an iron, spell-forged shaft but has had many different spearheads over the generations.

The Dornish House of Ravenwraith can trace its roots all the way back to their Rhoynar ancestry having fled the invasion of the Valyrian Freehold into their homelands, lead by Princess Nymeria. House Ravenwraith is not especially large nor significantly influencial until they began their support of House Fowler in the defence of the Prince's Pass from invaders and enemies alike. Eaon Ravenwraith was made a Bannerman of House Martell after numerous selfless acts, leading small bands of his under equipped warriors into battle to defend the pass and placed House Ravenwraith under the guidance of the Wardens of the Prince's Pass, House Fowler.

To this day, House Ravenwraith remains a household that is still not especially large or significant. But they are staunch and steady allies to House Fowler and loyal supporters of House Martell. Now lead by Lord Qall Ravenwraith generations later, a young tactician and an unyielding fighter, he finds himself the sole remaining member of his humble but fearsome lineage. He knows he must find a wife to bear him children to carry on his proud family name, but the Watchtower to which his family was posted by House Fowler that has become his family's stronghold is far from civilisation and in the seclusion of the Red Mountains overlooking the Prince's Pass from the west.

Qall has been advised by his by his peers and even by Lord Franklyn Fowler to make visit Sunspear, the Dornish capitol city where Prince Doran currently looks for suitors for his late brother's many bastard children, famously known as the Sand Snakes. Lord Franklyn even promises to convey his confidence and support in the young Lord Ravenwraith to the Martell Prince, outlining his fierce sense of duty and quiet honour. Qall is unsure however in leaving the Watchtower and abandoning his duty, in spite of the fact that Lord Fowler has urged him to do so. Truthfully, he has heard much about the reputation of Sunspear and is nervous in large crowds and noisy people, even more so he has heard much of Prince Oberyn's Sand Snakes and they sound to him a world away from what he is familiar with.

Will House Ravenwraith end with this quiet and dutiful young lord, to live out the rest of his days as a lonely old man, maybe even killed in the Prince's Pass where so many of his ancestors were fated? Or will he find a wife in the bustling city of Sunspear, Sand Snake or not? Qall finds for the first time ever in his life a nervousness that knots his gut and spins his head. Place his family's Windwalker spear in his hands and he fears nothing... put him in front of a pretty girl and he swallows his tongue down a dry and tickled throat.

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House: Southwell
Sigil: Three Red Flowers
Motto: Live by Strategem

Unnoficial Mott: 'How about a game of cyvasse?'

Seat: Southwells
Relgion: The Seven
Blood: Andal
Location: Southernmost point of the Arbour
House Weapon: Valyrian Greatsword 'Secret Strategem'

Sworn to: Redwyne

House Southwell

Our family seat is on the southern most point of the isle called The Arbour. Our modest but strong castle is called Southwells. This name comes from the three freshwater wells on our lands. We are the southernmost house in all the Seven Kingdoms.

Our liege is House Redwyne, who control all of the Arbour.

Our sigil is three red flowers. They represent our springs, and the blood that has been shed many times by our family defending them from enemies. The flowers represent the fact that our strength and growth are tied to our wells.

Our words are 'Live by Strategem' The reason for this is closely tied to our ancestral blade 'Secret Strategem'

We are a relatively young house. Lord Redwyne granted what is now our lands to one of his most courageous and cunning sea captains when he retired, Ser Alan Southwake, who changed his name to Southwell after the wells were dug and our first hall built. Ever since we have grown stronger, but always ever loyal to our liege (bar one incident described below). Many of the Lord Redwynes best captains in their fleets have been Southwells and we boast a strong maritime heritage.

The story of our ancestral bade is thus.

It was one of the last to come out of Valyria before the Doom. Ser Robert Southwell, eager to bring prestige to our young house sailed from the Arbour raiding Hellholt, the Salt Shore and amongst the Stepstones to amass enough loot to purchase us our sword. Arriving in Valaryia he found the Master Blacksmith Layriem Steeleyes, a master in the arts of forging Valyrian steel.

Unfortunately, Ser Robert found he had only half enough gold for Steeleyes services. However, Ser Robert observed that the Blacksmith, whilst being burly and hard as all are, considered himself a thinker and was mad for a new diversion that had just arrived from Volantis, a game called cyvasse. Ser Robert wagered all his gold on an all or nothing game for a sword against his gold. Ser Robert had never played cyvasse before and after Steeleyes explained the rules the game began. Steeleyes was a formidable player, but he underestimated a Southwell (as many of our foes have been wont to do). Young Ser Robert set his pieces in a classic 'inexperienced player' set up, but it was all a ruse to get Steeleyes to commit his dragon too quickly. The dragon fell into the trap and Ser Robert ended it soon after. Thus our family sword is named Secret Stratagem, for that is how our sword was bought. Not with gold, not with iron, but with stratagem.

To inherit Secret Strategem, the heir must beat his father in a game of cyvasse to prove he is worthy of it.

The one dark blot on our history is the tale of another Ser Robert Southwell. The youngest son of Ser Lyle Southwell, Ser Robert was lost at sea fighting Ironborn reavers. Many days later he washed up on the shores of Saltcliffe. He had been carried thousands of leagues from the Arbour and against the ocean currents, but was still somehow alive. A drowned priest found him and hearing his tale proclaimed him blessed by the drowned god. Over the course of a year he was indoctrinated into that false religion and became obsessed with what he saw as his divine mission: to bring the religion of the drowned god to The Arbour, and destroy the worship of The Seven here. Coming back to the Arbour he hid his new faith from his family, whilst secretly plotting with the Greyjoys and Harlaws for the eradication of the Redwynes and establishment of a new House Southwell, sworn to Pyke. He plotted to eliminate the Redwynes by using magical fire powder from Yi Ti, and planted it in barrels under the sept where a wedding between his elder brother Ser Emery Southwell, Lord of Southwells (Ser Lyle his father, and Ser Murry his eldest brother had not shared as lucky a fate as he during that sea battle and had been fully lost) and Joella Redwyne. However, his plot was discovered by the Lady Joella and so Ser Robert Southwell, priest of the Drowned God, was hung, drawn and quartered, his ambitions never coming into fruition.

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House: Pereira

Sigil: A silver cross on a red field

Motto: Never Forget your origins.

Unofficial motto: Always ready.

Seat: PearHill

Religion: The Seven

Blood: Andal

Location: The Reah, near the Red Lake

House Weapon: Red Blade, a greatsword that belong to the founder of House Pereira

Sworn to: House Tyrell

House Pereira

Ours is a young house. Our founder Joseh Pereira was an Hedge Knight when Aegon Targaryen landed in Westeros. Knowing that no army could defeat 3 living dragons, he decided to pledge his fealty to Aegon the Conqueror. In one of the first battles of the conquest, the Battle of Gulltown, our founder was one of the first in the frey. Noticing his prowess in battle, the first king of the Seven Kingdoms promised him lands and titles for him and his sons when he came to the throne. And that's how our noble house was created. He gave us our castle that sits on a hill overlooking a field were pear trees grow, hence the name of our castle.

For years we were loyal to the crown. When the first civil war of Westeros broke, we allied ourselves with Queen Rhaenyra I. Then came the Blackfyre Rebellions, and in every one of them we were loyal to the rightfull kings, the Targaryens, for we owe them everything that we are.

When Prince Rhaegar Targaryen stole Lyanna Stark, and her brothers and bethrothed started a war, we responded to the summon of our liege lords, House Tyrell. Lord Augustus Pereira and his two sons whent with Lord Mace Tyrell to besiege Storm's End. Unfortunately, Lord Pereira died at the Battle of Ashford, leaving his young son, Lord Audrick Pereira to rule. As our liege lords did, we bent the knee to the usurper Robert Baratheon. For 16 years there was peace in the realm once more, and our house grew with it. But now the usurper is dead, and his son, King Joffrey Baratheon is but a child born of incest, or so is what they say.

House Pereira is only loyal to the rightfull kings, to the dragons, but we must keep appearances, and so, it is why we first allied with the younger Baratheon, as did our liege lords. But then he was killed and we had to find a new alliance. And that is how we came to be in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, fighting along side Lannisters. But this cost us once again another family member, Lord Audrick, the Good. Now his son is lord, and the War of the Five Kings is over. But we must prepare, for in the east our rightfull queen has 3 dragons and an army of Unsullied. We must be ready for when she lands as did her ancestor.

House Pereira never forgets their origins, and so when she does land we will pledge our fealty to the dragons once more, and the Seven Kingdoms shall be free of usurpers, rappers and killers.

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this is a great thread...though i don't have enough imagination to do it, but have really enjoyed reading these ...

and giving a deserving bump...


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Oh Yeah! Now I can write fan fic type stuff and call it good! All right, it's my RP house time!

House Prance

Founder: Eris Baratheon, the "Prancing Stag"
House Words: "We Dance with Steel"
Sigil: 4 stags quartered, 2 black on gold, 2 inverted, centred by 2 crossed swords
Seat: Dancing Dale

Location: The Stormlands, in the lands north of Storm's End
Sworn to: House Baratheon

Origins: The House came into being when the fourth son of Lord Baratheon was made a landed knight for his part in putting down a rebellious Storm Lord, Hoster Dance. For his part, the eighteen year old Eris was granted the lands and incomes of Lord Dance.

Eris was a skilled and competent knight, considered one of the most gallant in all of the realm. His skill with blade was unmatched in the Stormlands at the time. He won much renown in tourneys and was loved by the Small-folk and lords alike. His stories were detailed in Maester Erron's collection "To Chance, To Prance...". By the age of 41, after a life of adventure he hoped to lay down his sword. He had wed Mayra of a lesser branch of house Stark many years ago, during his time in the north, and had two sons, Haenry and Lomas as well as a daughter Lya. Two years after laying down his sword however, a new war began... The Dance of the Dragons.

During the Dance, Eris followed his lord and brother in declaring for King Aegon II and the Greens. Eris fought valiantly in the war, in many battles both won and lost. By the wars end however, Aegon was dead, killed by his own councilors, and Lord Cregan Stark marched on the city with a host of Northmen. Holding distant relation to Lord Stark through his wife, many green lords believed Eris was plotting with Lord Stark to usurp the crown. This was furthered when Eris announced his intent for surrender. Eris, and his heir, 13 year old Haenry, who had been his squire and many of his loyal knights and men at ams were murdered by Green sympathisers in what is known as the Feast of Steel.

When Cregan Stark arrived and found what had happened to the knight, whom he had feasted in Winterfell, and a child who was kin to him, he was furious. Those involved were soon rounded up and executed, and Eris was sent with his son, to lie beside his father in the crypts at Storm's End.

Eris' eldest surviving brother and new lord of Storm's End at the end of the war, raised the young Lomas to lordship over the Dancing Dale. In honor of his father, Lomas took the name Prance for his own, and their words "We Dance with Steel" which were said to be the final words uttered by Ser Eris as his attackers cut him down.

ASOIAF: In the current day, House Prance remains staunchly loyal to their liege lords. Rising in Robert's rebellion, Lord Glendon Prance and his younger brother Irys answered Robert's call to arms. Despite his youth, Irys was considered brave, a squire to Ser Osfrey Penrose. As Penrose lay dying on the Trident he knighted Irys for his bravery. Despite this, Irys was never a spectacular warrior, as skilled with a blade as any other knight would be, he would always remember the bloody nature of war and disparaged it. This was the opposite of his brother, Lord Glendon, who was at home on the battlefield or in tourney. Glendon had non of Irys' distaste for war, and during the rebellion, was a constant drinking companion of Robert.

While Irys took his place on the political stage, as a part of the court at King's Landing, Glendon returned home where he wed a woman from house Fell. The marriage went unwell for him however, as no children were born of their union, apart from a sickly heir named Daryl.

Irys fought again at the battle of Pyke, neither distinguishing nor disgracing himself in the combat. For his placid nature toward battle, men began to name him Irys the Indifferent, and others, Irys the craven. Though he was no coward, he was in no great rush to war either. Irys respected order and discipline, and the peace it preserved.

The House split at the outset of the War of The Five Kings, with Glendon declaring for Renly, and Irys for Stannis.

After Renly's death however the two rejoined and fought side by side in the battle of the Blackwater. Their reunion was cut short, as Glendon was killed in the battle by Garlan Tyrell . This leaves the House in turmoil, as Daryl is sickly, and the crown declared Irys a traitor. Queen Cersei plans to use Joffery's, supposed Baratheon blood as a distant claim, to take the Prance lands, as Daryl is not expected to survive too much longer and with no other heir, the claim is valid.

Irys remains loyal to Stannis and is one of his councilors. Despite his indifference in battle, he is a skilled politician, a useful trait in the war to come...

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Name: House Amell

Sigil: A black raven perched on a branch on a blood red field.

Words: Never Compromise

Common Saying: Reason Above Honor

Castle Name: Rickard's Rest

Blood: A mix of First Men, Andal, and Valyrian

Coloring: Black of hair, Violet eyes

Location: South of Crakehall near the coast and the boarder with the Reach.

Ancestral Weapon: A Black Valyrian steel longsword with a slender blade named The Wanderer.

Sworn to: House Lannister of Casterly Rock

History: House Amell is an ancient house, dating back to the Age of Heroes. They were never the strongest house, nor the richest. Yet House Amell was known for one thing, its practicality. While the majority of Northern Houses concerned themselves with honor and righteousness House Amell concerned itself with bettering the state of its house. This culminated in their alliance with House Bolton and House Greystark to fight against the ancient Stark King of Winter.

However when House Greystark was destroy completely and it became clear that the Bolton's wouldn't be winning this war, House Amell fled south. Originally they settled in the mountains of the Vale, but every century or so they would relocate for some reason or another. This led to them receiving the derogatory nickname "The Vagrant House." However the Amells are not ashamed of their history, as a result of their travels they have some ancient connection to at least one house in each of the Seven Kingdoms save the Iron Islands.

When Aegon the Conquerer landed in Westeros House Amell had recently relocated to the Stormlands, when they heard about the Targaryen's dragons Lord Rodrik Amell rode to meet Aegon's force and declare their loyalty, recognizing that no army in the Seven Kingdoms could stand against the might of three dragons. As a reward for their loyalty House Amell was gifted a Valyrian steel blade, which they named The Wanderer in reference to their own nomadic traditions. Lord Amell rode with Orys Baratheon to take Storm's End from their former liege the Durrandons. When the Conquest ended Lord Rodrik's son Edric was wed to the third born daughter of Daemon Velaryon.

Since the Conquests end House Amell has chosen to keep to itself, for two hundred years they stayed in the Dornish marches, marrying with the Daynes due to shared Valyrian heritage. This is the longest they have ever stayed in any of the kingdoms.

Fifty years before Robert's Rebellion Lord Rickard Amell relocated his family once more to the Westerlands with the intent of it being the final seat of House Amell. They swore fealty to the Lannisters but have done as little as possible to draw the attention of their liege lord. They pay their taxes on time, govern their lands without incident and do as they are told. They do not seek to make themselves the most powerful house, nor the richest.

Because of this many believe that House Amell is unambitious, this is not entirely true. In truth House Amell holds ambitions returning to the wealth and power they had in ancient times, when they lived in the North. Yet they do not openly express this desire. They bide their time and grow in influence little bit by little bit.

Others fear or distrust House Amell do to their constant moving between kingdoms, there are those who believe House Amell to be a family of Turncloaks who always side with the winning side of a battle. This suspicion is not helped by the fact that Rickard's Rest lacks a Sept, or a religious center of any kind.

With the Opening of the War of Five Kings House Amell believes that it has found its chance to become a house of great worth.

Members as of 299 AL

Lord Rodrik Amell: Age 50, fought in Robert's Rebellion and received a leg wound that gave him a permanent limp. Current Lord of House Amell. A quiet reserved man, he thinks carefully about every movement his house makes and every choice his children make. He loves them, but is far from doting, save for Alyssa his only daughter.

Ser Erryk Amell: Age 23, Heir to House Amell, squired for a knight of House Serrett in his youth and was made a knight at the age of twenty. Despite his young age Erryk is sterner than most. As a squire he found an abandoned bandit camp and found a group of women who had been raped and murdered. Since Erryk has had a more cynical view of the world, though he holds a soft spot for his younger siblings.

Garrett Amell: Age 20, a Sellsword in the Windblown. Garrett is the opposite of Erryk in almost every way. He is adventurous, teasing, lighthearted and charming. He left Westeros on his eighteenth birthday for the sake of adventure. However word of the War of Five Kings has made him decide to return home. Garrett is the current wielder of The Wanderer.

Alyssa Amell: Age 15, twin sister of Lucas. Alyssa is the only daughter of Lord Rodrik Amell. She is said to be the spitting image of her mother, and despite her young age she is already developing a body any man would lust after. She is as intelligent and stubborn as she is beautiful, and her wit outmatches that of all her brothers.

Lucas Amell: Age 15, younger twin of Alyssa. The runt of the Amell litter. He is an adventurous kindhearted boy, yet he has a stubborn streak that matched his sisters and can be prideful at times. He's skilled with a bow and has his own that he's named Talon. He has a pet raven named Sharpe.

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Name: House Redsand

Sigil: A pair of crossed spears black on red

Words: Stronger Than Most

Common Saying: I once knew a man who crossed a Redsand. Now I don't.

Castle Name: Redshore

Blood: First Men

Coloring: Dark hair, grey eyes

Location: North of Yronwood on the coast of the Sea of Dorne

Ancestral Weapon: None

Sworn to: House Martell of Sunspear

History: House Redsand traditionally was sworn to House Yronwood. After the defeat of House Yronwood in Nymeria's War by House Martell, House Redsand swore allegiance to House Martell. House Redsand maintains an unusually strong First Men tradition, which they protect jealously. House Redsand

Members as of 299 AC

Lord Gared Redsand: A fierce, loyal man of 45 years.

Ser Erryk Redsand: Lord Gared's heir, a knight of 25 years.

Willem Redsand: Lord Gared's second son, a boy of 15 years,

Edited by aegonftw

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House name: Arcani

Founder: Drake Arcani

House words: Rise With the Tides

Sigil: A blue Merlion against a yellow sun

Castle: tidebreaker - a fortress build into a small island

Appearance: Members of House Arcani typically look similar to salty dornishmen due to heavy intermarriage with House Martell, although they have retained traditional Arcani features as they retained their have dark brown hair, chestnut colored eyes and are slightly lighter in skin tone, taller and heavier set than typical salty dornishmen. Members of the house are known to be good looking.

Temperament: members of the house are known for their arrogance and dark humor. They are quick to anger and slow to forgive. They are also known to be quite haughty.

House sword: bluefyre - a sword forged so long ago that it's method of creation has become myth. Legend states that it was forged from the remains of the last remaining Merlion thousands of years ago. It's blade was created from melting and reshaping the beasts fangs and claws, it's handle is crafted from bone, it's grip is blue scale and it's pommel is shaped into a merlions head.

Location: house Arcani rules over the large island off the coast of the broken arm in dorne.

Current lord: Lord Draco Arcani

Titles: lord of the isle, master of the dornish sea, shield of the Stepstones

Heir: Ser Drake Arcani, 4th of his name
Titles: The Knight of the Bay, The Merlion

Military: 4,000 land troops
Navy: 100 ships

Wealth: House Arcani derives most of it's wealth through trade between dorne, the stormlands and the southern most free cities. A primarily maritime house, the strategic location of their island has allowed them to build a significant amount of trading ships using wood imported from the stormlands. They also have significant salt deposits on their island as well as some small mines filled with gemstones. Is it claimed that house martell allows them to use their large navy to tax ships that pass through the Stepstones in return for them defending the Stepstones from pirates and raiders.

Liege lord: House Nymeros Martell

House history: House Arcani is an ancient and powerful house. They settled on the banks of the Rhoyne before the rhoynish empire sprung up, styling themselves as princes of the rhoyne. When the rhoynish empire began to rise to prominence, the Arcani were pushed back and sailed to westeros where they eventually settled and rebuilt on the large island northeast of the broken arm of dorne. They grew powerful over time due to their ability to defend their island and it's trade routes by building a large navy. When Nymeria came to westeros, Prince Martyn Arcani was her first choice to be her husband. The Prince, however, had no interest in marrying a Rhoynish woman as they Rhoynish were an old enemy of his house. Once Nymeria and mors martell had united the dornish peninsula under their rule, they set their sights on the House Arcani. However, due to Nymeria burning her ships, they had no way to conquer the island house. House Arcani remained independent for nearly a hundred more years until they were eventually brought into the dornish principality by marriage. They have since served house martell loyally, although they themselves consider the martells to be allies instead of true lords.

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House Voipli (can't think of better name for moment, might edit post later)

Founder: Apparently Lyren Lannister and Osburh Bracken.

House Words: Strong and Swift

Sigil: A gold and red Leoquus on red and gold

Castle: Jagersburg

Appearance: Blond and sturdy-looking

Temperament: Known to be great warriors, but stern

House Sword: Sharphoof

Location: Formerly the Riverlands, now a Lord to the South of the Stormlands

Current Lord: Oryk Voipli

Titles: Lord of Jagersburg, Hunters of the Plains

Heir: Ser Elfryd Voipli, Oryk's brother

Liege Lord: Baratheon of Storm's End

Military: 500 troops, 100 horse

Cadet Branch of House Voipli of the Hooves, a village where horses are bred. Their grandfather bestowed the land on his cousin Ser Maric. The Head of this House is Ser Lyonel Voipli.

House History: Apparently descended from a union of a younger Lannister and a Bracken. Lyren Lannister was from a younger branch in Lannisport who traveled to the Riverlands with his wealth and married Osburh Bracken.

They claim descent from Tristifer II Mudd. According to the story his oldest son Tristan fell in love with Ivaine Piper, daughter of Lewys Piper, when he saw her dancing. However she was betrothed to Lord Elfryd Voipli. Tristan and Ivaine fled, killing Ivaine's sister Anyta's husband Garys Goodbrook when he disturbed them. Elfryd demanded compensation from King Mudd, who offered his daughter Isylde instead, and disinherited Tristan, making his second son Isengrim heir. Tristan and Ivaine ended up fleeing to the Westerlands with the assistance of Tristan's cousin Lord Emmon Terrick and asked for assistance. However Lord Lefford the Lustful, said to have seven bastards but no true issue, tried to rape Ivaine, but was castrated by her. He claimed to have killed Tristan. She slew herself, at which Tristan killed Lefford. He then fled North and joined the Night's Watch. Lefford's cousin, the new Lord, sent Ivaine's body back.

When Tristifer IV Mudd was defeated, they bent the knee. As the Andals began taking Lordships, to ease the tension, Lord Voipli had his heir marry the sister of Lord Vypren. Though they did not convert to worship of the Seven, their son took his mother's faith. Since then, the Vopli's have remained worshipers of the Seven.

The Voipli used to have lands South of the Red Fork, west of Stone Hedge. However when the Iron Islands attacked the Riverlands they fled to the Stormlands with Arrec Durrandon, who gave them lands there. Many of their lands went to House Redshield, whose Lord was married to a cousin of Lord Ethylstan Voipli. The Voiplis had a rivalry with the Redshields and hoped the marriage would solve this. Lord Voipli with his brothers and sons had been fighting in the East with the Storm King during the invasion. There is a song about the Voipli twins Kora and Korun, who helped fight a Dornish invasion. It is said Kora was the horse, Korun the Lion, because of their differing styles of fighting. They rescued Arlan V's good-brother Rekan Morrigen during the battle.

Jaqersburg is close to Blackhaven and the Voiplis and Dondarrions are on good terms, frequently intermarrying.

Argilac was offered Lord Voipli's sister when visiting the Marcher Lords after the death of his Connington wife from a miscarriage, but considered them too low so married Mariah Dondarrion, producing Argella.

In the Last Storm Lord Voipli with his brothers and uncles surrendered after Argilac's death. They helped arranged for Orys' oldest son to marry Honoria Connington, whose mother was Lord Voipli's sister. Later Mariah Connington made sure her grandson Boremund married the daughter of Lord Edric Estermont and Emma Swann.

They won prestige in the Conquest of Dorne for defeating the Wyls, but later their Lord Tymon was killed by a poisoned arrow in 160 AC. His son by Klara Dondarrion, Oryk, swore revenge but was captured by the Fowlers, though ransomed four months later by his brother Ser Karl.

When Daeron II brought Dorne into the realm, the Voiplis were unhappy at this. However, under the influence of his cousin Lord Dondarrion, whose daughter had married Prince Baelor, Oryk married Elia Manwoody. His sister married the Drinkwater heir. This brought the Voiplis to good relations with the Dornish. Their two brothers Sers Beric and Haric, were resentful and joined the Blackfyres. Haric was killed at Redgrass and Beric fled into exile with his good-son Ser Argan Selmy, who was from a lesser Selmy branch and had hoped to take rule of Harvest Hall. They helped form the Golden Company. However Beric died during the Third Blackfyre rebellion as did Argan and his only child Tymon when he fell from his horse. Tymon's body was allowed to rest in Jagersburg as the Selmys wouldn't take it. Beric had sired a bastard while in Tyrosh in 197, Daemon, who joined the Golden Company with the name Goldstorm in 215. The Goldstorms continue to be members, with Tymon Goldstorm taking part in the attack on Estermont. He took part in the attack on Greenstone and intends to go to his distant kin at Jagersburg to bring them to his cause.

Oryk's father Ser Godwyn, son of Lord Bryce Voipli, had been a great warrior who fought in the War of the Ninepenny Kings alongside Brynden Tully. His sister Edith married a Swann and her daughter married Lord Smallwood. Godwyn married a Fell. However, he died before his father in 261, though left a daughter, three sons, and another daughter. His oldest daughter Hilda was betrothed to Ronald Connington when it looked like Armond Connington would not have any children. Despite Jon's birth, knowing Ronald's father was a dangerous man to cross, Bryce kept the betrothal. The youngest daughter is a Septa. However, his oldest son Lyonel died in the wreck of the Windproud, Bryce died on hearing the news. Lyonel was pledged to marry one of Lord Lonmouth’s daughters and Oryk to marry Mariah Caron. The situation was resolved by Elfryd marrying Jakale Lonmouth.

The Voiplis in Robert’s Rebellion fought at the Trident, though kept away from the Redshields. They distinguished themselves well under Oryk. However Elfryd led their troops in the Stormlands and lost many to Lord Tarly at Ashford. He held Storm’s End with Stannis. One of their cousins from the Hooves was castellan at Jagersburg.

At the outset of the War of the Five Kings the Voiplis reluctantly declared for Renly, but switched to Stannis after his death. Oryk's heir Godwyn Voipli by his wife Mariah Caron was killed at the Battle of the Blackwater by the Tyrell attack, fighting Randyll Tarly's troops. His younger son Brynden burnt on the Blackwater. Oryk surrendered to the Lannisters and has sworn allegiance to Joffrey, but his brother Elfryd is thought to be plotting with Stannis. Elfryd has a bastard by a shepherd's daughter Ser Henrik Storm, he set them up in a better house for this. Henrik is 16 and was knighted at 14 by his father, being fostered for 5 years at Blackhaven. Henrik has disappeared and is rumored to be in hiding in the Stormlands. He is possibly at Blackhaven, as he is known to be friends with Beric Dondarrion's cousin, and may be trying to raise the Marcher Lords for Stannis.

Elfryd is married to Jakale Lonmouth and has two sons, Steffon, who is at Jagersburg being treated for a chill, and Renly, who has been sent to the Citadel, and two daughters, Shireen and Myrcella.

Oryk intends to declare for Aegon, though Elfryd disagrees and still wants to fight for Stannis, or at least wants him to become Lord of Storm’s End. Oryk also wants to make sure his sister's descendants are not harmed. Elfryd is considering marrying Shireen to one of the Hooves Voiplis to make sure their House remains controlling Jagersburg if Steffon dies.

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House Redshield


Founder: Carthan the Red


Sigil: A Red shield


Motto: Sturdy and Deadly


Seat: Redshield Hall


Appearance: Red Hair, strong


Sworn to: Tully


Head: Ser Edgur Redshield


Heir: His second son Ser Kermit Redshield


Military: 200 men


The Redshields were founded over a thousand years before the Conquest. They had an enmity with the Voiplis, their lands bordering. They claim to have once been Kings, before the Justmans. However, King Redshield was old by the time he became King and soon died. His son was incompetent and died seven years later, allegedly due to the Voiplis. Their sons were slaughtered, arguing over the Rivers and Hills and trying to divide them. Ronnel Redshield apparently slew his older brother in a battle at the Grell lands which he wanted as part of his Kingdom. Shortly after, his good-brother Ser Shawney killed him in battle, but also died in the fight. His wife Lysa was forced to marry one of Lord Smallwood's sons, but died without issue. King Redshield's last grandson, though from a younger son, Oryk Redshield, was 12 and had the intelligence to not push his claim, enabling him to take Redshield Hall by swearing allegiance to Benedict Justman. After the fall of Justman, his descendant, whose great-great-grandfather had been a Justman King, put forward a claim, but swore allegiance to the Vances when their larger army surrounded Redshield Hall. When the Mallisters tried to annex this territory, Oryk supported them. The Charltons later tried gaining power, but Oryk defeated an attempt to take Seagard, killing King Charlton.


The Redshields helped the Hoares conquer the Riverlands and to try gaining favour with the Ironborn the heir Meric Redshield married a Goodbrother, Harwyn’s cousin. However, they ended up being oppressed as well, hating the Ironborn. Meric died fighting under Harren. When Aegon launched his conquest Lord Edmond Redshield may have planned to go with the Hoares, but feeling threatened by the Tullys he remained neutral. However after two of Harren’s sons were killed by Balerion the Redshields joined Aegon. They helped defeat the remnants of the Saltswords and Burncoasts force with the Brackens.


Despite the destruction of House Hoare the Redshields continued to have ties with the Ironborn and have gained a bad reputation in the Riverlands for this.


Ser Harryld Redshield married Yara Greyjoy, third daughter of Harcon Greyjoy and a Volmark. To try making better ties with the Ironborn, their daughter married Grover Tully’s son by a Mallister, so was Elmo Tully’s mother. One of Elmo’s sisters married the heir to Raventree Hall.


The Bastard of Redshield, Edmond Rivers, commanded the Shadow Tower during the Dance of the Dragons. He died in 135 during a Wildling attack at the age of 53.


His nephew Lord Symon Redshield died fighting the Greens, in combat with the Voiplis, however his son Patrek was 4 at the time. His head was hacked off, but returned. His wife Catelyn Smallwood died that month from a miscarriage brought on by the shock of hearing the news. Symon’s cousin Oryk ruled the lands till Patrek was old enough, and ensured Patrek married their daughter Arwyn.


Lord Patrek Redshield died during Daeron’s Conquest of Dorne in 159 from a spear, angering his son Stanley, who was 11.


The Redshields used to be Lords but lost lands for Lord Stanley Redshield fighting with the Blackfyres. During the other Blackfyre Rebellions they resolutely supported the Targaryens.


Ser Jason Redshield was a member of the Kingsguard for Aegon IV. Even though he got in due to his uncle letting Aegon have an affair with their bastard Mariah, Jason tried to be a good guard. He remained into the reign of Daeron II, though was suspected of harboring Blackfyre sympathies and arrested, but released after the Battle of Redgrass Field. He died a month after Daeron in the Great Spring Sickness at 49.


During Robert’s Rebellion Edgur Redshield fought at the battle of the Trident with the Tullys but broke his arm and was unable to hold a sword.


Edgur Redshield is married to Tamsin Paege.


The previous heir Ser Tymon Redshield died at the Battle of the Red Fork.


They supported the Tullys in the War of the Five Kings, however Edgur’s nephew Egbert by his brother Patrek was killed at the Red Wedding. Patrek had broken his leg when he fell from his horse while defending Redshield Hall against Lorch’s troops. It is said if Patrek still had his legs, he would have ridden to the Twins and killed Walder Frey to avenge his son.


Kermit is currently ill from a bad belly and a wound he suffered fighting Lorch's troops, and is at Redshield Hall. His youngest brother Edmond is next in line, and was in the force from which Petyr Frey was captured. He is suspected of being responsible.

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House Otter of Pyke

Sigil: An otter

House Words: Beware of the deep

Castle: The Stone Holt

Head: Heridmar “The Old” Otter

Heir: His Grandson Balon

There are stories the Otters are descended from a son of the Grey King who mated with a woman that turned into an otter. The Otters are said to be able to turn into otters or ride them.

Bolg “The Strong” Otter was a King of the Isles who attacked the North. He was succeeded by his cousin Yaran “One-Ear” Otter.

After Harren’s death, the Otters supported Lord Vickon, as his son Goren was married to Bolg Otter’s sister, Yara Otter.

The Otters have a rivalry with the Codds. During the wars following Harren’s death, Lord Bolg “Codd-Eater” slew Lord Lucas Codd as they supported the Volmarks, taking a bite from him. For his personal sigil he took an otter eating a Cod. He drowned during Winter in a storm.

When Amandyl Farwynd of the Lonely Light sailed into the West in 12 AC his sister-son, Bolg’s brother “The Mad Otter”, sailed with him and never returned.

When Joton Greyjoy took the Seastone Chair he played the finger dance with his good-cousin Lord Yurkon Otter.

Yurkon’s son Bolg “Bear’s Bane” Otter killed Medwed Mormont in a reaving exhibition during the days of the Red Kraken. However two years later he was hunted down by Cregan Stark’s forces and set fire to his ship “Hungry Otter” rather than surrender. One story claims he turned into an otter and swum back to Stone Holt, although witnesses say he was hit by an arrow through the neck as he stood on the burning prow.

Heridmar was born in 235. He intended to support his father's cousin Erik Ironmaker at the Kingsmoot, however he supported Euron. However, Balon and his uncle Nejord intended to support Asha, due to the losses they suffered in the war.

Heridmar's oldest grandson Dagon is dead. Their brother Balon returned home and has been drowned and revived by Aeron Damphair, four years before. He was captaining a ship, Cod’s Bane, under Victarian Greyjoy. However, he was wounded in the taking of Deepwood Motte and his cousin by Nejord, Manfryd, took his place as Captain. Manfryd died during the voyage when his ship was sunk in a storm.

Balon holds a grudging respect for Stannis and is more angry at Balon Greyjoy for declaring the Iron Islands independent. He suggested supporting Stannis' claim to Balon Greyjoy, partially because he was worried of being on the opposite side to Stannis, but was refused.

Heridmar's oldest son, Paxtan, by Alannys Wynch, died during the First Greyjoy Rebellion when the Iron Fleet was defeated of Fair Isle. His sons Dagon and Balon jumped into the sea as his ship was breaking but swam back to shore. They were picked up by a ship crewed by Laron Orkwood, whose daughter seduced Balon on the way back.

Dagon was married to Gudrun Botley but had no children and was rumored to prefer males.

Balon has a son by Hilda Orkwood, Heridmar “The Young” Otter, who is 10.

Heridmar’s third son Yurkon died in the attack on Greyshield when a stone struck his head. Heridmar’s second son Nejord avenged his brother by splitting the head of the thrower with a thrown axe, and has earned the title “Axe-Thrower”. Nejord has taken control of a town on Greyshield, doing homage to Harras Harlaw, and offering any of his three daughters to Harras. His oldest son Harras fought in the taking of the North and was killed by Crannogmen while taking Moat Cailin, as he recklessly charged into battle at the front of the men. His next son Asger disappeared on a voyage to Sothoryos. His youngest son Bolg is 12 and at Stone Holt.

Yurkon left only a son by his Salt wife, Victarian. He died in the taking of Deepwood Motte. He had a wife, Mora Humble and a son, Haggon, who is 6. He left two salt wives, one with a daughter of 4, the other pregnant. He tried to love them both.

The fourth son Buron, by Karisa Myre is one of the Drowned Men of Aeron Damphair.

Joton Clubfoot Otter, the youngest surviving son, has two bastard sons by different women, and two daughters from his marriage to Yara Greyjoy, a distant cousin of the main branch. He and his sons fought in the taking of Greyshield, one of them taking their first Salt Wife. His eldest daughter Remur is betrothed to Guron Thief-Strangler Saltcliffe.

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