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The Isle of Faces

Create your Westerosi house

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A silly one.

House Bob

Region: Reach

Seat: Appledown

Sigil: a green apple, floating in blue water in a brown half-barrel on a purple field

Words: We always rise.

War Cry: For Appledown!

Allegiance: House Fossoway of New Barrel

Religion: Faith of the Seven

Founder: Robyrto Baab

Current Lord: Ser Robert Bob

Heir: son Robb Bob 

Other family members: Lady Beatrix, son Roban, son Robar, daughters Roberta and Robina (twins).

Weapon: a longsword named Your Uncle


History: House Bob was founded by a foreign adventurer. The third son of a wealthy Braavosi family, young Robyrto Baab left home to seek prestige across the Narrow Sea, in the land of Westeros. Having been given a generous settlement from his family (thank you for leaving son, good luck in the world), Robyrto was able to travel through the Seven Kingdoms and meet many notable people. The Crownlands were too crowded for Robyrto, the Riverlands too humid, the Westerlands too hilly, the Iron Islands he skipped. The North reminded him a bit of home, which depressed him. Dorne was too darn hot. After much searching Robyrto finally found a place that was just right. After the cold and damp of Braavos, he found the Reach intoxicatingly beautiful and fertile. It was here that Robyrto would make his home, found his house, and climb to a position of power.

Being shrewd enough to know that he was not on the same level as the Hightowers, Tyrells, or Tarlys, Robyrto decided his best course of action was to seek alliance with one of the less ancient houses of the Reach. Eventually he found that he got on best with the green apple Fossoways, who were happy to welcome him to their lands and their family, binding the alliance by wedding their youngest daughter to Robyrto and assisting Robyrto in raising a suitable keep on the on the downs, hence the rather un-creative name of the castle.

Robyrto was knighted for leal service to his overlord, having saved Lord Fossoway from death/injury when an unsteady barrel rack collapsed. Knowing the barrels filled with premium cider would come crashing down, Robyrto pushed Lord Fossoway aside and took the brunt of the crash. Sticky and hurt, Robyrto was lauded as a hero. His broken leg mended well but the crushed ankle never fully recovered and Ser Robyrto walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

Robyrto Baab proved to be a shrewd businessman and investor. As the family fortunes grew, Ser Robyrto's greater ambitions came into play as he sought a larger degree of influence in local matters, with the eventual hope of being invited to court and offering great service to the crown.

The spelling of the house name was changed by the third generation, in order to appear less foreign. Ser Robyrto's family grew and prospered but to date has not achieved his great ambitions, the current family being content to exert influence on a local level and leave the politicking and its consequences to other houses. They continue to be House Fossoway of New Barrel's most loyal bannermen.

Historical members of note:

Lady Rowena Bob, a peerless beauty, the youngest child and only daughter of Lord Aldo Bob, who defied her father and announced her intention of wedding Ser Jaye of Saltpans, a hedge knight with a charming smile but limited prospects. When Ser Jaye was killed fighting on the loyalist side during the third Blackfyre rebellion, Rowena stoutly refused to consider another as husband, cut off her gorgeous raven hair, and joined the Silent Sisters.

Ser Fortyn Bob, fourth son of Lord Barnabas Bob. Ser Fortyn left one bright summer day to seek fortune and adventure and disappeared. To this day no word of him has reached House Bob, but the family stubbornly maintains that someday he'll pop up.

Lord William Bob, the half-moon lord. Lord William was the younger brother of Lord Hobarth Bob, and upon his brother's death William seized power with the help of a small troupe of sellswords from Essos. However, in his greed Lord William refused to pay his sellswords after the first installment, and ended up dying under mysterious circumstances, a mere fortnight after he had named himself Lord of Appledown. William was found at the top of the tallest tower at Appledown Keep, perched between two merlons with a hole cut in his hose, exposing his right buttock to the north wind. He was succeeded as head of House Bob by the rightful heir, his nephew Lord Hugh Bob.

ETA: sigil, religion, historical members. 

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House Barley of Six-Row

Heraldry: Yellow bundle of Barley on a Green Field.

Words: Fruits of Our Labour

Seat: Barncowl

Sworn to: House Oakheart

Culture: Andal

Religion: Faith of the Seven

House Barley was founded fairly recently, only scant centuries ago when a Hedge Knight called 'Ser Barley' won a tournament for the hand of Lord Oakheart held at Old Oak. Entering the competition meant for great and noble landed knights as Mystery Knight, the man of common stock born in Oldtown defeated all that stood before him, gaining not only the adoration of the crowd, but also impressing the Lord Oakheart greatly.

When he was declared victor and revealed his true identity, he not only wed to the Lady Oakheart, but Lord Oakheart also set aside some lands for him near the Ocean Road between Old Oak and Highgarden. Since then, House Barley has served as loyal knightly bannermen to the Oakhearts.

In recent years the House has been led by the grim and serious Samwell Barley, a hardened commander of Lord Oakhearts infantry.

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House Name: Van Nest

Sigil: Four Brown Mice resting on two fields, one field Azure, the other; Gold. (Per Fess Azure and Or, On top and bottom 2 mice brown Couchant.)

Words: With All My Heart

Unofficial Words: It matters not what you fight but what you fight for.

Founder: Lord Cameron Van Nest

Location: The Wet Steps. A small keep in the very North-Western corner of the Riverlands, North of the Cape of Eagles.

History: A very young house, being only 5 years old. The Wet Steps and its accompanying lands were rewarded to Cameron Van Nest by Lord Jason Mallister for saving the Lord's heir, Patrek Mallister, from an Ironborn hostage. He did so by releasing mice into the Ironborn larders aboard their ships, spoiling what little food they had left and forcing the Ironborn to bargain Patrek Mallister in exchange for their assured escape. House Van Nest has since pledged to be a bannerman to House Mallister, also a bannerman to House Baelish of Harrenhal.

The Wet Steps are named such because of the constant sea-salt spray that washes over the keep, making all of the staircases quite hazardous to climb.

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House: Ivory

Sigil: http://i.imgur.com/jFhK4Ct.png

Motto: Cherish Life, Honor Death

Seat: Pendulum (informally known as the Clock Tower)

Religion: Lord of Harmony

Bloodline: Descendants of Sothoryos, primarily Naath

Location: The Reach, Whispering Sound

House Weapon: The Double-headed Axe

Founder: Lucien of Naath

Current Lord: Uriah Ivory, Third of His Name, Lord of the Pendulum, Master of Wounds, Knelt only to the Lord of Harmony

First Heir: Ka’la Ivory, First of Her Name, Lady of the Pendulum, Mistress of the Sundials, Knelt only to her father and the Lord of Harmony

Sworn to: No one; maintains good rapport with House Tyrell

Backstory: Shortly following the establishment of House Targaryen over the Seven Kingdoms, slaves were being brought in by houses of the Reach to cultivate the lands, to satisfy the high demands of House Targaryen. Though only a few houses preserved it, and most of the Reach resented it for many reasons – primarily the loss of work for natives of the Reach – this practice survived 121 years.

After a holiday trip from Braavos, the current lord of House Florent told of the slavers of Essos and their trek to the Sothroyian island of Naath. There, a strong, prosperous but meek population of dark-skinned people was being sought after as prominent slaves, and to much success. Intrigued, the slavers of the Reach sailed for Naath as well. A people of great pacifism, the natives of Naath held little to no resistance to the slavers, and roughly 1,500 were taken to the Reach.

Ten years passed, and the natives of Naath proved to be the most fruitful of all the slaves ever brought to the Reach. However, some noblemen, those who frequently cavorted with the merchants of Braavos, began using slaves for sexual gratification rather than fieldwork. As usual, the natives of Naath put up no resistance, though their fear and misery slowly began to fester into anger. A young man, known to his kin as Lux’omin, but to the slavers as Lucien, witnessed his aunt and mother being sold as prostitutes to two commonfolk, and upon hearing the cries of their assault, he reacted viciously. He killed not only the commonfolk, but his owner as well, the current lord of House Bulwer.

The news of this revolt ignited a massive schism within the Reach. Many of the citizens and noblemen saw Lucien’s act as one of justice and karma, while many others, even some who detested slavery, saw it as a threat to the entire region. House Tyrell, despite being the seat of the Reach, decided not to get involved, for fear it would jeopardize their standing of power. The noblemen slavers acted promptly to Lucien’s murders, assaulting their slaves as warning, and killing others, mainly males. Lucien, infused with fury, acted accordingly. Though difficult, he managed to convince a handful of Naath natives to join him in rebellion against the slavers. Word spread rather quickly of this rebellion, and many natives of Reach joined in support of Lucien’s cause. This rebellion tallied seven battles across here cities: Blackcrown, Brightwater, and Three Towers. These battles have been subsequently referred to in the Reach as the War of Lilies, due to its massive death count in such little time (250,000 in ten months).

The final battle, known as the Battle of the Clock Tower, took place in the Whispering Sound, a bay just north of Three Towers. Here, Lucien fought head to head against the commander of House Costayne’s army. On a massive pillar of stone piercing through the bay, its peak oddly shaped like a grandfather clock, Lucien killed the commander, impaling him on a sharp curve of the pillar, rendering the last of House Costayne’s army vanquished. With this, House Costayne surrendered, even offering to leave their seat to avoid death. Lucien, still caring the pacifism of his people within him, sought an alternate approach.

Declaring slavery in the Reach officially dead, Lucien took his people Whispering Sound, where a castle was built into the same pillar on which Lucien claimed victory. This castle was named Pendulum, by a young girl who was a friend of Lucien’s cousin. The girl stated to Lucien that at the top of the castle, where the throne sat, she could feel the room sway, like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. Amused, Lucien allowed the name to stick. True enough, the room did in fact sway, and the lords of Pendulum used this as a scare tactic whenever meeting with other lords of the Reach.

The swaying of this room, often made foreigners disheveled; some even claimed to hear ticking throughout the room. This led to the people of Reach nicknaming Pendulum the Clock Tower.

Proud, but not bold, Lucien decided to keep his Westerosian name to better protect his people. He later adopted a surname for addressing himself to other noblemen, a necessary endeavor for assimilation, as natives of Naath have no surnames. Given the color of the pillar into which his seat was built, he gave himself the surname Ivory.

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House name: House Wolven

Sigil: A Stark direwolf in the heart of the Lord of Light

Motto: Never alone

Seat: Wolvenhall

Religion: The Lord if Light

Location: The Light mountains - (I made up the region) (West of Torrhen's square, north of The Rills, east of Stony Shore)

House weapon: Deathsbane - a Valyrian steel sword, once it was reforged and the lord that did it added a burning subetance, so the sword burns if it touches flame

Sworn to: House Stark

Backstory: Aproximatelly 1200 years ago a Stark bastard was born. The lord let his mother have him, so he was raised in The Light mountains (The region heavilly practices the Lord of Light religion). His father, the current Stark lord was a drunkard, and while The Boltons were rebelling he just sat in his hall, and his legitimate son was barely 8 years old. So the Bolton bannermen The Zarwens burned every castle in The Light Mountains, from Stonehall to Sarfort. One day The Zarwen lord showed up in The bastard's home and slayed his mother and all he loved. When he turned 20 he was sick of The Boltons and decided to attack Zarwenhall. Of course he had no army, so he wandered across The mountains begging for help , but he didn't get a single soldier. Untill word came out he was a Stark bastard. Then Lord Stonehall bent the knee to him and others soon followed. Soon he had the support of most of the Mountains. At the end of that winter he and his army started walking upon Zarwenhall and stormed the castle even though in death cold and bad weather, the army somehow breached the gate and killed All but one Zarwen, with only a baby left. The army wanted to kill him but The bastard refused and let him live. As a reward for that his father gave him a keep and a name, the Lightmount lords decided to bedome his bannermen, he choosed his father's sigil (a Stark direwolf) in a fiery heart of the Lord if Light. He became known as lord Wolven, lord of The Lightmountains. 

After that The Bolton rebellion was eventually stopped and The Zarwens continued hating them, creating a deadly rivalry. 

I wanted to type recent history too but didn't have the time, so I'll do it tomorrow.

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I'm currently torn between two house concepts.  Since they're both following a few identical characters making both would be pointless.

Currently deciding between a House with an expanding silver mine in the Vale lieged to House Arryn, or a fledgling house of a knight and his family of the Crannogmen under Reed.  

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House Name: Pinkswyne

Sigil: a winged brown pig on a green field

Motto: And Pigs Might Fly

Seat: Swinehold

Religion: The Old Gods 

Location: The Isle of Pigs, a river island located on the Green Fork, their rule extending over the lands east and west of the river 

Ancestral Weapon: none, although House Pinkswyne is famous for the huge war boars it has bred for centuries that prove a formidable force in battle

Sworn to: House Tully of Riverrun

House Pinkswyne was founded by one of the Last Hero’s party, who helped seal the pact between the First Men and the Children of the Forest by taking a Child of the Forest to wife. The most famous Pinkswyne over the coming centuries was King Robar the Red, who united the Riverlands under his rule and took a wife from each of the eight greatest Houses in the Riverlands, siring a son on each of them. However, it was Robar Rivers, his bastard son by a kitchen maid, who eventually succeeded him by murdering his eight trueborn brothers, earning himself the epithet Robar the Redder. King Robar II went on to lose his entire kingdom due to his cruelty and mismanagement. 

House Pinkswyne resisted the Andal Invasion and maintained their faith in the Old Gods. In the centuries since they have most frequently intermarried with the Blackwoods, the Royces, the Reeds, and on several occasions their own household knights, the Greenwaters. 

The current line of House Pinkswyne is descended from Joseth Pinkswyne, the only child of Lord Joffrey Pinkswyne’s younger brother by his Frey wife, who took control of his house through treachery. As Aegon approached Swinehold on Balerion, Joseth’s maternal Frey uncle, Maester Tommard, counselled Lord Joffrey and his heir, Ser Nyle, to march out to meet the Targaryens in battle. Joseth broke his leg shortly before the battle and was spared, while Lord Joffrey and Ser Nyle were burned alive by Balerion. Lord Joffrey’s infant son, Albar, became the new Lord of Swinehold and Joseth bent the knee to Aegon in his name. With the help of Maester Tommard, the young Lord Albar was poisoned to death over the next year, passing Swinehold to his simple-minded eldest sister, Lady Alysandra. Joseth wed the dim-witted girl and became the Lord of Swinehold in her name, although his broken leg never properly recovered. Lord Joffrey’s second daughter, Danelle, was very suspicious of the events that took place and so was banished to the Vale to wed the youngest son of Lord Royce, who founded the junior branch of House Royce that still mistrusts the Pinkswynes to this day. Lord Joseth Pinkswyne’s reputation was further sullied when he attempted to emulate the Targaryens by betrothing his cruel and petty heir, Ser Victor, to his eldest daughter, the beautiful Alysanne. Ser Victor was later murdered by his lover, the blacksmith, and Alysanne was wed to her younger brother Aedyn, although rumours abound that their children were sired by her own father, Lord Joseth. When Aedyn shortly predeceased his father, Lady Alysanne ruled Swinehold for decades in the names of her weak-willed sons. The Pinkswynes became a target of the Warrior’s Sons under Maegor’s reign, but Lady Alysanne dealt with them harshly and was considered as a bride for King Maegor shortly before his death. 

During the Dance of the Dragons House Pinkswyne leant its support to Queen Rhaenyra’s cause, and was rewarded with a betrothal between Lord Alysander Pinkswyne’s newborn heir, Danwell, and Queen Rhaenyra’s newborn daughter, Princess Visenya. Lord Alysander’s younger brother, Ser Benjicot, became a part of Aegon III’s regency, where he fell in love with Lady Jeyne Arryn. However, she refused to wed him as she didn’t want to break the male line of House Arryn by marrying a Pinkswyne. Ser Benjicot went on the serve as the captain of guards at the Eyrie after the end of the Regency. He and Lady Jeyne were rumoured to be lovers, and after her death he threw himself from the Moon Door in his grief. 

House Pinkswyne continued its reputation for cruelty and madness; Lady Danelle Lothston’s mother was a Pinkswyne. 

During Robert’s Rebellion House Pinkswyne were firm Targaryen loyalists and conspired with House Darry to wrestle control of the Riverlands from House Tully. Their alliance was sealed with a marriage between Lord Nyle Pinkswyne and Lady Lyla Darry. Lord Nyle lost his life on the Trident, and Lady Lyla has ruled Swinehold since in the name of Lord Nyle’s posthumous daughter Lady Kathryn, known affectionately as Kati. House Pinkswyne played only a small role in the War of the Five Kings due to their continued resentment of House Tully. They briefly considered supporting the Lannisters but changed their mind after the death of Lord Lyman Darry, Lady Lyla’s beloved nephew, at the hands of Gregor Clegane. Kati, 17, now rules Swinehold in her own right, and is well loved by her small folk and the other riverlords, due to her beauty and flirtatious wit. She has recently married Hoster Blackwood, who has taken the Pinkswyne name, and by all accounts they are very fond of each other. Lady Kati’s closest friend is her cousin, Amerei ‘Gatehouse Ami’ Frey. 

The other surviving members of House Pinkswyne are: 

Ser Lucas Pinkswyne, 31, Lady Kati’s unwed uncle who was sent to Riverrun as a hostage after Robert’s Rebellion, where he was rumoured to be the lover of Brynden Tully and unsuccessfully attempted to arrange a betrothal between Lady Kati and Edmure Tully. He has returned to Swinehold following the ending of the siege of Riverrun, where Lady Kati is attempting to arrange a betrothal between him and Ami Frey, which would extend Pinkswyne control over Darry and allow both Lucas and Ami freedom in their marriage to pursue their own desires. 

Lady Danelle Pinkswyne, 34, Lady Kati’s aunt, wife of Morton Waynwood and mother to his heir, Rolland. 

Lady Alysanne Pinkswyne, 62, Lady Kati’s great aunt, wife of Ser Ben Rosby, castellan of Rosby. They had one child, Lady Bethany Rosby, the sixth wife of Lord Walder Frey. 

Ser Vincent Pinkswyne, 53, Lady Kati’s great uncle and castellan of Swinehold. Married to Serenna Paege.

Ser Rycherd Pinkswyne, 36, eldest son of Vincent and Serenna, married to Barbara Bracken, heir to Stone Hedge, by which he has two young sons, Joseth and Harry. Joseth is a page serving at Stone Hedge.

Kevan Pinkswyne, 33, second son of Vincent and Serenna, who made numerous attempts to wed Lady Kati. Following her marriage to Hoster Blackwood he has begun negotiating a betrothal with House Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest.

Alandra Pinkswyne, 30, only daughter of Vincent and Serenna, wife of Patrek Mallister.

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House Name: House Southmond

Founder: Jonothor Southmond "the seashell knight"

House Words: "Greatness in small deeds"

Sigil:A Golden trident in the middle of a white field with three blue seashells on each side

Castle: Smallport ( a modest keep on a cliff)

Ship: The Brazen Shell " A dromond with 100 oars on each side

Ancestral Sword: Moon's Lament, a Valyrian steel long sword with a golden pommel and a green ruby in the center, given it's name as the blade has a light blue glow to it as the result of spells worked into the sword.

Location: The Crownlands, south of Claw isle

Sworn to: House Celtigar of Claw Isle

The Southmonds are descended from the Andals who landed in the Crownlands. Their founder, ser Jonothor faithfully served the Celtigars of Claw Isle and helped the them put down a rebellious house from a small isle by taking the Isle with only 20 men and 1 ship. House Celtigar rewarded him by giving him the very land he won from the First men who had inhabited the Isle and also gave him the Title of : Lord of Smallport and defender of the South shore. He would raise a modest keep and take the Trident surrounded by three Sea shells on both sides and he chose the words "Greatness in small deeds" to remind his succesors that Greatness can be gained in small deeds such as winning a small Isle for a greater house. He also believed that the ocean ruled the house and not the other way around meaning he encouraged fishing practices that could be sustainable. House Southmond followed their overlords in fighting for Aegon when his Conquest began and it is said that after Aegon's conquest Aegon I himself offered Ser Jonothor's son : Ser Vyman a place on his newly formed King's Guard after seeing his skill with a blade but Vyman refused because he was the only heir and he would have to give up his claim to any land if he wished to join the Kingsguard although he did promise Aegon thathis sword would always be his to command. During the Dance of the Dragons the Southmonds declared for Rhaenyra and recognised her as the true monarch of Westeros. With only three ships, Lord Colin Southmond terrorised any green ships entering his or his liege lord's waters. House Southmond stayed loyal to the Targaryens even during every Blackfyre rebellion and some of their ships were part of the blockade of Duskendale during the Defiance of Duskendale. Ser Axos Southmond failed in capturing Robert Baratheon on his ship while he was crossing from Gulltown to Storm's End. After Robert was crowned king and King Aerys II was slain the Southmonds were forced to give up some of their prized ships to the newly formed Royal navy under command of Stannis Baratheon as part of their punishment for siding with the Mad King. During the Greyjoy Rebellion the Southmonds were part of the force under the command of master of ships, Stannis Baratheon and fought the Greyjoy's at near Fair Isle helping to smash the Iron fleet. It was here where Lord Onor Southmond died and his son, the new lord of Smallport, Hugor was knighted for his bravery and for killing the bloodthirsty Harren Goobrother who was famed for his skill with an axe. At the tourney of Lannisport Lord Tywin offered him his weight in gold for his famlies Valyrian steel sword, Nightfall. Yet Lord Hugor refused saying: "My lord of Lannister could offer me the Rock or even promise me your daughter's hand in marriage but I will never sell the sword my father died fighting with." After the death of Robert Baratheon Lord Hugor answered the summons of his lord and was answered to defend his waters from any Lannister ships and forbade his sons from going off to fight but his eldest son Onor would defy him and sail off with the Brazen Shell to Dragonstone. Yet after seeing the Seven idols being burned in favor of a red god he protested and killed five men before being captured and burned by Queen Selyse Florent. Lord Hugor locked himself inside his chambers and fasted himself into an early grave. His succesor, a 15 year old, Axos (named after his uncle) became lord and planned to build a new ship that would be twice the size of the Brazen Shell after she was destroyed in the battle of the Blackwater bay. House Southmond are strong believers of the faith of the seven and have a sept on their Isle who's idols are built out of seashells. The sword Nightfall is currently still on it's stand waiting for Lord Axos to earn his spurs ,pick it up and find "greatness in small deeds" : words engraved on the pommel. For the sword only passes from father to son after the son has earned his knighthood. Lord Axos currently squiring for a Redwyne knight after his father had saved the knight from being killed by Harren Goodbrother and Ser Milner Flowers, a bastard of Paxter Redwyne promised to take any of his sons as squires. Ser Milner has knighted Onor and is currently considering to give Axos his spurs for "a lord should not be made to still squire for a bastard." As he put it in his own words.



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On 10/26/2017 at 2:04 AM, incinerator950 said:

I'm currently torn between two house concepts.  Since they're both following a few identical characters making both would be pointless.

Currently deciding between a House with an expanding silver mine in the Vale lieged to House Arryn, or a fledgling house of a knight and his family of the Crannogmen under Reed.  

If you're still trying to decide, I'd say go with the latter. While a silver mine in the Vale sounds very cool, we know so little about the Crannogmen that I'd find them way more interesting. That's just me though.

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House Procrastination

I'll do the rest tomorrow.

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House Solstar

Region: The Vale, just below the border of the North next to the water in The Bite

Seat: The Cove. A low-lying castle, protected by the hills around it, and the water to the east. The is nothing very notable or fantastic about its castle from the outside. Its tallest tower is smaller than the smallest tower of most other castles. It's wonders are in the huge crystal caves underneath the castle that were not discovered for a hundred years after it was built. 

Sigil: An open eye on a purple field

Words: Seeing is perceiving

War Cry: Solstar!

Allegiance: House Arryn of The Vale

Religion: Both the Faith of the Seven and The Old Gods

Founder: Ray Sosta

Current Lord: Ser Richard Solstar

Heir: son, Kol Solstar

Other family members: Lady Cya Solstar, Tayla Solstar (eldest daughter), and Nayala Sosltar (youngest daughter).

Weapon: Double-edged straight sword, called Black Light



A few members of the rich family, Sosta, were exiled from Yi Ti for trying to form a rebellion against the Emperor. They travelled to Braavos, but found that they desired a place to settle that was not busy and noisy, like Yi Ti had been. They travelled further west to Westeros and landed upon the shores of The Three Sisters. The islanders of the Sisters took the family hostage and brought them to the Mountain King of The Vale in an attempt to prove their loyalty.

Ray Sosta bent the knee to the Arryn King and claimed that he was willing to become a loyal fighter and commander for House Arryn, with experience commanding guards of the royal temple in Yi Ti. But The Mountain King did not have need of such a position and did not wish to dishonour his bannermen whom had been loyal for many hundreds of years.

The 'lord' of the island Longsister then offered to wed his eldest daughter, Tayla, to Ray Sosta for the formation of a new house, loyal to the Arryns, and strengthen the allegiance of Longsister to The Vale. King Arryn agreed, and The Cove was built in The Bite, just below the border to the North, close to Longsister Island. 

Ray Sosta created House Solstar, happily changing his family name from the place he was exiled from. Solstar was easier to pronounce and was heard as the Westerosi combination of the words 'Soul' and 'Star'.

Since then, House Solstar of The Cove has been loyal to House Arryn of the Vale, and due to being the first castle below the border of The North, the Solstars have played an integral role in keeping the peace between both The Northern houses, The Three Sisters and The Vale before Aegon's Conquest.



Lord Richard Solstar is planning to give his name and title to his only son, Kol Solstar. Richard is a fair and tolerant lord of The Cove and has helped nearly all of the population living nearby to make their way out of poverty, as well as continuing as a loyal bannerman for House Arryn. He has also been instrumental in keeping communication between The Three Sisters and House Arryn since The Mad Kings' reign.

Kol is promised to wed Marrian Hunter. They have met on several occasions and as the two seem to enjoy each other's company, most suspect it will be not only a sensible marriage but a happy marriage too. He is a polite, intelligent young man, though he spends more time riding off to the water than listening to his teachers.

Lady Cya is from a noble family of The Summer Isle and wed Lord Richard against the wishes of her father. She is a confident, strong woman- often pushing Robert to make his decisions faster than he would like to. She is known to be very forward and questioning to other people.

Tayla is known to be quite rebellious, and often slipped away at night when she was a 'maiden', to be in the company of other noblemen's bastards and younger sons. She has stolen the hearts of many, causing a number of feuds between young noblemen, but is now married to Edward Waynwood, who will inherit the Ironoaks after his father. It is rumoured that she chose Edward Waynwood over Gary Royce and Phillip Corbray due to her love for the forests around the Ironoaks.

Nayala is thought to be Cya's perfect daughter. Clever and very passionate. Her only rebellious act has been the act of her convincing her father to let her marry Jollen Locke of Oldcastle in the North. Nayala and Jollen met at Longsister while Jollen Locke was also visiting with his Lord father. They fell in love and have never stopped asking their fathers about their marriage since. This is seen to be an unsuspected but beneficial alliance due to both houses patrolling the waters in The Bite.


The Cove is best known for trading grain, fish, corn and cotton throughout the Vale, The Three Sisters and The Freys of The Riverlands

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