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READ THIS: Spoiler Policy

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You can now create topics, but only with moderator approval. For the sake of helping to protect readers who use the 'Latest Post' feature, ALL topics created must include [ADwD SPOILERS] at the front. Furthermore, the titles should not in and of themselves be spoilers. So '[ADwD SPOILERS] Onion Knight Kills Melisandre!!!' would not be approved (and before anyone jumps on me, no, that's not a spoiler :P).

Because there are older threads in this topic with reports and discussion before ADwD, do not post in said topics -- keep all spoiler discussion from the released book to threads clearly marked '[ADwD Spoilers]'.

If you want your topic approved quickly, follow these rules.

The penalty for posting spoilers outside of these forums will be a ban through August 12th, with attempts at circumvention -- if caught -- will be a permanent ban. Doesn't matter how long you've been a member of this forum, we're serious about it.

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