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A Thread for Small Questions X

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But that train of thought led me to a larger question: Given that Stannis's standards of morality/justice are so extremely rigid, it now seems kind of strange to me that he would have supported his brother's side during Robert's Rebellion. Robert was openly breaking the law by leading a rebellion to depose the rightful king, but I don't recall reading any evidence that Stannis was opposed to Robert's actions during this time. In fact, during the rebellion he was holding the besieged Storm's End, which makes him one of the rebels. That doesn't seem to jive with his personal code of ethics. We know that he doesn't show mercy to other criminals, and he doesn't particularly have a soft spot for his brother Robert. What is the explanation for Stannis's support of his brother's illegal rebellion?

Davos and Stannis have a conversation about this in ASoS. I believe it's the chapter where Stannis makes Davos his Hand.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.