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Emily Snow

Open Thread for Those Who Have Finished ASoS [SPOILERS]

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I loved that scene with Arya. That paired with the Red Viper (partially) owning the Mountain really made the book for me. In a novel so bleak and depressing it was such a relief to see the 'bad guys' finally getting some justice. I cannot wait to see those scenes on the television show. Just imagining Arya bringing that knife through the Tickler brings a smile to my face :lol:

Just finished reading the book, can't help but feel disappointed that she already killed the tickler with Jaquen in the show cus now i know that scene either won't happen, or if it does it won't be the same.

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I was lying in my bead, reading epilouge, it started kinda boring (for epilouge of book this good) but with every page it got more and more interesting with few last pages getting me to jump in sitting position. It was my mistake of thinking nothing big will happen, should have learned by now. Its really awesome moment, everyone's reaction is so perfect. I have a theory ( finished SoS today) that Catelyn Stark is being revied by Fire God, same God that revives Lord Beric. It would explain a lot, first they were wondering in Riverlands and second only God besides the one Beyond the Wall that can revive people is R'hllor.

Jon Snow was one of my favourite characters in third book, his strugle was so dinamic and fast, his reactions even better. I'm not sure so this is also a question, when he became Lord Commander did he automaticly decline offer Stannis made? I really don't know should he accept it, on one side he would get a chance to fight for Winterfell and The North and build Stark House from the ashes. On the other side he would need to burn down tree where generations of Starks praied, not only that he would need to reject his Gods,Gods of The North. Thorne is such a bastard, I mean he is plain stupid and anoying...Jon is this ,Jon is that blablablabla...I was so glad when Stannis told them to shut up.

I wanted to see more of Roose Bolton but I guess I'll need to wait for 4th book in order to see more of him. Now with Stannis at The Wall and offering North to Jon its obvious he plans to attack Roose,that will be one of most interesting wars in the books! North is big, currently part of it is ocupied by Iron Islands, lord would still fight for Starks if they come back, Bolton would also have his support,it would be a civil war,let's not forget that White Walkers are also coming.

Tyrion was kinda a dick to Jaime, you don't talk like that to a man saving your life,only man in the world caring about you.I understand Tyrion was mad,but he got mad at a wrong guy.

This is just a little part of everything ofcourse, a lot more happened. :)

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