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What a heck of a read!!! :drool:

Did anyone else notice he actually SMILED in this chapter? When he smirked I knew he was finally coming back into his own, despite his broken physical stature. Then the guards asked, "Reek, is that you?" and he responds with "It's Theon Greyjoy biatch" or something like that :P I was pissed off at Jeyne for screaming when the spearwives killed the guards, like, why the hell would you bring attention to yourself when you're trying to escape!

From Reek, Prince, Turncloak, Ghost, and now THEON. What a great, great story arc.

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I'm puzzled with some many horns sounding in the snow.

We know Stannis is stuck and having a hard time just to reach Winterfell, not to say to take it by storm.

There are very bad feellings for the Boltons and Frey, who still keep hostages.

Lord Bolton betrayed Glovers and Tallharts sending them to Duskendale. Then Starks, Umbers, and more at the red wedding. His Bastard killed lady Horwood, and did the rest at the gates of Winterfell.

And, you know,... "The North remembers".

The foe is inside. When they're done with the Boltons, they'll go and help the Manderleys to end up the Freys.

... Mayhaps they'll rescue poor Stannis, provided he's not too boring with his kigndom rights, har.

Definitely not Littlefinger about. Sansa is not to declare herself till the wedding.

And he's busy engaging Bronze Royce into something appealling. Might be clenasing the mountain clans or, rather, taking the Twins. He can sell it to Royce as a vengeance and a punisment to the Freys and he gets the northmen taken by the Freys. They'd make a good look as guests in Sansa's wedding. Most probably they'd cheer her as Queen in the North. Anyway, some will surely recognize her, what is needed to convice the people in the Vale; they don't know who she really is.

I wait no less from Littlefinger

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^^^^^^to guy above

Stannis is outside the gates but not below the walls, that is a Karstark with a bunch of green boys. Bolton emptying Winterfell is the both good and bad, Frey and Manderly won't be at each others throats but the are going into the storm against an army that is everywhere and nowhere really. If Roose and Ramsey ride from Winterfell then be prepared for a big showdown, possible R and R vs. Asha Greyjoy and Stannis. YEAH. Littlefinger is screwed, he needs the Lannisters to fall from power, if Sansa Stark just up and appears in the Vale well we all know who left King's landing on the order of Tywin Lannister. Littlefinger may be able to keep control in the Vale but I doubt all will work out well. I seriously think that Littlefinger wants to marry Sansa Stark himself, he always talked about Catelyn's blood lines, but think about it she was just a Tully. Sansa is part Trout/Flounder (haha) and part wolf. With littlefinger having no deep ancestry his marriage and bedding of a Stark/Tully with Baelish name would me a great ruler in the Vale or North.

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^We have some clue reading next chapters.

I'll avoid spoilers.

There's something strange in Littlefinger himself and is actitude with Sansa. When young, he put himseft on the verge of death when fighting for Cat without any chance. Actually, Cat had to beg for his life to Brandon Stark.

Now, he's treating Sansa as a daughter, but in a queer way: he teaches her his own tricks, buids a WF of snow to please her, finds her a betrothal,...but, anyhow...

He is now Lord of the Riverlands. He plans to marry Sansa with the heir of the Vale, and let everyone know who Sansa really is when the wedding.

We have read all that. It is known.

Now, lets see my guesses:

His only real opposition is Yohn Royce; he needs to entice him anyway. Name one of his sons "Lord of the Twins" could be a point.

Freys don't suit him in the riverlands and, besides, they're damned.

The northern Frey's hostages would cheer Sansa as the Lady "Stark" for her own sake and as gratitude to their saviour. (Sansa, cousin to the Lord and married to the heir, would receive the salute of the Vale)

Everything matches.

Now, he only has to let Stannis and Bolton fight each other and the Lannisters lose allies.

Next moves after the wedding:

Getting Sansa pregnant (very important)

Getting rid of Robert, (Sansa Lady of the Vale)

Wipe any trace of Freys

Let the heir have a "grievous accident"

With this, he'd be up to rule both the Vale and the Riverlands. Sansa is daughter of a Tully and niece of the last Lord, and that gives him some legitimacy. He doesn't want to face the Lannisters as far as they have Edmure captive. That´s fine for him. A swap with Riverrun's Frey would be better (both dead, of course).

Next move, go for the North. "All for Sansa"

Littlefinger rules!

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My thoughts on this chapter:

- Loved it. Great intense writing by GRRM. And finally, someone we can cheer on, say "go Theon!!" and it looks like it might be working.

- I still can't bring myself to believe that it's Stannis out there. But if not, then who is it? No friend of the Boltons that's for sure. But who? Warhorns and drum beats would indicate a strong presence, unless it's a trick to make them think that. To me, this is the single most mysterious question in this chapter. Can you imagine the Boltons men-at-arms, stood on their battlements, in the dark, in the cold, snowed under, wondering day and night who the hell is out there? Fascinating!

- Hopefully Mance/Abel has an escape plan. He would have known that not all spearwives would survive the escape attempt. I hope he's not gonna die.

- Ramsay is not looking so cocky these days, is he? I think there is tension between him and his father. One gets the feeling that the bigger picture completely passes him by, and all he is really is a little attack dog for his dad. (plus heir producer of course - but he is not aware of that I'd say, and if he was, he'd be even more scared).

- Roose is up to his old tricks: he sent Freys and Manderly forces out there to get slaughtered/lost in the snow. I have a feeling he' not going to allow them back in the castle. He's done this before: before ther Red Wedding, when retreating from Harrenhal, towards the Twins, he sent non-Dreadfort Northern forces to their deaths to cover his own escape, didn't he? He's always been good at sacrificing other lords' forces to save his.

- I am intrigued as well that the spearwives would know and care so much about Theon's kinslaying. What is it to them?

- Manderly: I share the love for him. But (like Tyrion), his tongue is causing him trouble. He was lucky to escape Hosteen Frey sword with only a few cuts. His comment, brilliant as it was, caused the deaths of 5 of his men. He should be careful.

- I hate the Frey as much as anyone else on this forum, but I can't help feeling that some of them are not as bad as the others. Sir Hosteen Frey, for me, is a good warrior. I am starting to feel a little bit of empathy for those Freys that were sent up north with the Boltons. They have the hardest task of all the Freys: caught in the northern winter (which they're not used to), surrounded by people who don't like them at all (I'd say even the Dreadfort men don't like them, just tolerate them as they're technically allies). And now they have been sent to their deaths, fighting Stannis (or someone else!) in the snowed forests outside of Winterfell. They probably won't survive this.

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