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Tyrion's Predicament. . .

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Towards the end of the book (I think I'm about 80% of the way through), Tyrion finds himself in a pretty tight spot, shall we say. Quite a problem. Hopefully if you've read that far, you'll know.

At Joffrey's Wedding, he's poisoned and dies. He's accused of poisoning Joff's Wine. However, I have a theory - I don't think anyone was actually trying to poison Joff, and the poison wasn't in the wine. . . I think the poison was in Tyrion's Pigeon Pie, and that Tyrion was the intended target. Joff didn't start choking till he started eating the pie. I suppose the poison might take a couple minutes to start working, but since nobody seems to have though to test the wine or the pie (you wouldn't need fancy modern forensic science for this either - just have some animals, or condemned prisoners, start eating and drinking the various drinks and food at the table. The animal/prisoner that dies is the one that consumed the poisoned food or beverage. Then you would know what was actually poisoned.

You'd want to do this as soon after the King's death as possible, because a poison might possibly lose toxicity with time, and no longer produce any symptoms.

Alas, at least as far as I've read to, presently, it seems nobody thought to make such a check.

As for who might poison Tyrion, I could think of at least two suspects. . . Cersei Lannister, and Tywin Lannister. Actually, I'd also put the Queen of Thorns, Mace Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell on the list too.

However, if the poison *was* baked in the pie, it was most likely Cersei.

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lol, I'd suggest you finish the book. No point in discussing it until then :D

I mean the secret is revealed pretty soon after.

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