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[ADwD Spoilers] The Grand Faceless Men Conspiracy Theory


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The piece (that started this thread) is well written and obviously took time, effort and an active imagination but it strikes me as trying to resurrect the image of an animal from a few tiny bone fragments. There were so many conjectures, assumptions and ideas created to fit a need that the whole theory is quite empty for me and it smacks of the absurd.

If the Faceless Men are behind this massive conspiracy, in an age where the fastest method of communication is the raven (egads! No cell phones or Twitter?), then it flies in the face of good writing convention that needs to have believable resolution. This theory is a resolution that, if true, makes me not want to read the final books.

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Isn't Balon the First of the three Kings (Balon, Robb, Joffrey) killed by Melisandre's Eadric Storm Leeches thrown into the fire?

That's the impression I got.

While Euron might have been the mortal agent acting on that he certainly wouldn't need Faceless Men to accomplish that, nor does the text support it.

In fact Euron using the Faceless Men to accomplish this task seems out of character to me.

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I fear the FM will just end up being a group of very talented cut throats. I've been trying to figure out Aryia's end game/way out . From her pov I get that she is buying into the whole "no one" idea but is still hanging onto her Stark and warg roots. 


I think she finds out the only method to the madness is gold and their own selfish wants....And she leaves with a very useful set of skills.... Kinda Like Batman Begins...... There we see Bruce decides to travel the world, learning new skills and abilities to confront injustice. He meets Ducard, who trains him as a member of the league of shadows, led by Ra's al ghul.After completing his training and purging his fears, Bruce learns the League intends to destroy Gotham, which it believes to be corrupt and beyond saving. Bruce rejects their cause and burns down the League's temple during his escape. Then Bruce saves Ducard from the flames.......See the similarities ?

I hope this doesn't play out like that but that's how I see the FM ending 







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Wow, what a bad theory. A for effort, but jeez.  I notice this kind of thinking with conspiracy theorists when they try to make a mountain out of a mole hill. It's easy to disprove when you think in terms of mathematics. 

 The slaves lived in horrible fiery mines plagued by dragonlike firewyrms. It seems natural that they would have turned to opposing cold, anti-dragon magic.

This is the first MAJOR assumption.  We've seen absolutely no evidence that the FM use ice magic, but we'll be generous and say that has a 25% (.25) chance of being true.


The kindly man describes the world as a "vale of tears and pain". But if we take this to its logical conclusion, something probably only a very small, select group even among the followers of the Many-Faced God know, then the "gift" should be given to everyone. Again this fits with them using/following the death/ice force. So how can this be achieved? How to kill humanity? The answer is to help their natural allies, the Others, who is also using the cold/death magic, take over the world and exterminate humanity.

Again, major assumption that the FM want to kill everyone, since their behavior does not reflect this. We'll also give this a 25% chance of being true. 

FM use Ice magic and want to kill everyone = .25 x .25 = .0625

Much smaller chance of that being the case. Multiply .0625 by another tiny % to figure they're working with the white walkers and....you get the point.


It also doesn't make sense when you step back and look at it from a macro level. A group founded on easing the suffering of slaves wants to kill everyone and make them slaves to White Walkers? Not exactly eloquent. 


If this turns out to be what GRRM has in store for us, a kindly man should give Martin the gift for wasting our time for such a shit ending.

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