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Newbie Guides

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I had a conversation with Nym/Linda about helping newbies come settle into the game better, keeping the theme and the sort of RP that BoD members have come to enjoy/desire/expect. What kind of material do people think would be useful to include?

Any suggested topics, as well as links to things to draw from (know of a really good guide to writing descs, or suggestions on using code we have in BoD to make a stellar desc? what about tips on poses?).

-BoD MUSH jargon (do we have anything specific to us?)

Some other things we might be able to use as bases, and modify...

http://ashirion.co.uk/roleplay/combat.html (good pose vs bad pose)

http://home.iae.nl/users/gryphon/rpguide.html ("Newbie Survival Guide")

http://www.wordsmyth.org/faraday/ (A bunch of great links on descs, poses, various other matters)http://www.virtualworldlets.net/Resources/Hosted/Resource.php?Name=RoleplayEtiquette (Roleplay Etiquette)

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