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Casting the Greyjoy Brothers

Black Jack Bulwer

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We probably only need to see Balon in the ACOK season. Damphair can easily be cut, IMO.

However, if we chance to assume that at least all the current books receive TV adaptions, they will all need to be cast eventually.

So, who would we all like to see as the four surviving sons of Quellon Greyjoy?

I have thought hard about many of the uncast roles (Brian Blessed, Tormund, hello), but the Greyjoys are roles in which I have the clearest ideas:

Balon Greyjoy: Keith Allen Image / IMDB

Euron Greyjoy: Jason Isaacs Image / IMDB

Victarion Greyjoy: Dominic West Image / IMDB

Aeron Greyjoy: John Lynch Image / IMDB


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WiC reports that Aeron was probably replaced with a generic priest, which would suck. I hope that they will at least mention him like Thoros in Season 1

Wait... did they mention Thoros? I think i missed it. :/

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Euron Greyjoy : Mads Mikkelsen. http://images2.fanpo...4-1680-1050.jpg

Victarion Greyjoy: Vladimir Kulich. http://image.toutlec...3-2011-18-g.jpg

Aeron Greyjoy : Robert Carlyle. http://www.commeauci...9fb612dc492.jpg

Excellent, though Carlyle has a big part in the hit show Once Upon a Time.

I could definitely see Mads as Euron, though, and Kulich looks a dark wig or dye job away from being Victarion.

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omfg vladimir kulich its almost identical to the way i picture victarion the first time i read about him. blond hair aside of course.

I want Kulich as Victarion, he is THE MAN.

On a side note, if Game of Thrones were shot 20 years ago I would have chosen Wilhelm Von Homburg as Balon Greyjoy: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs44/i/2009/142/2/5/Vigo_The_Carpathian_by_Trekkie313.jpg. RIP Wilhelm.

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Aeron Greyjoy: Jon Campling.

This needs to happen. NOW. I'm not familiar with him, but that one picture totally sold me. Robert Carlyle was my Damphair for a very long time, but that picture is Damphair Besides, I love Robert Carlyle on Once Upon a Time and I want him to stay.

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