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Werthead is a character!


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Congratulations Werthead!

Interesting to see whose side George writes you're 'still away at war with' in TWoW.

One of the little things I've always liked about ASoI&F are the amount of names that get thrown around, some of which we get later to meet and see play their greater or lesser role in the story while others are merely mentioned in passing. It adds to the immersion of the world, giving a sense of other people actually living their lives in Westeros whether the main characters are 'on stage' or not. GRRM certainly needs a lot of names to tell his story and if he wants to do some of his friends, influences and fans the honour of 'borrowing' their names I am all for it!

After all its hardly the worse case of a writer 'borrowing' the names of those around him as I recall a certain American cartoonist who named his principal characters after his father - Homer, mother - Marge and sisters - Lisa and Maggie...

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There was probably someone before me in the first two books, but there is a character named after me in "Storm of Swords." Chapter 45, Arya,

Beric's squire tells her "When we regrouped, Green Gergen helped pull his lordship back onto a horse.”

This nod was due to the incident in November 2000 when I spearheaded the eBay prize along with 40 other people on the old eesite version of the board, sharing the costs of the $1000 winning bid for advance chapters GRRM had put on auction for charity. I don't know if many people still here remember it...

That's awesome :)

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