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Want to have an avatar/user pic? Read this thread.


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In Kat's initial how-to-post (first post in the thread) a helpful 1,2,3 etc steps are provided.

It says to press the white arrow next to name at the top right - all well and good. Then it says to select 'my setting' in the drop down menu.... this is where things get tricky since I don't appear to have that option. What do I do?

I have 'settings' and on that menu I have the options 'manage followed content', 'account settings' and 'ignored users'.

What am I missing? Help appreciated.

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I can't figure this out either. I'm connected through FB so that may be part of it but even at that there should be a way. Also, what's the exact pixel amount we need to upload? When I have tried to upload it comes in too big and as far as that goes when you go to profile that option is provided there. This still is confusing.

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14 hours ago, Chataya de Fleury said:

I just paid for an imageshack account...so hoping we can still get an avatar.

The instructions on page 1 are no longer valid. Can anyone help, please?

No third party service is needed! You can download an image to your computer and upload it to our server when you edit your profile and click the icon to change your avatar picture. Or if it's somewhere on the web already, just get the URL and use the import feature. Unlike in the past, avatars are now served directly on the server. :)

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@Chataya de Fleury

Ah, the cover photo is actually the long image used at the top of your profile, and I can see that that is changed (but it's not really suitable for that format).

To change your actual avatar, on the profile page where you see the current C avatar image, there's a "image" icon superimposed in the lower left quadrant. That's what you click to go about changing the avatar.

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