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Hotseat Game!

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The first hotseat game of Westeros: Total War has begun! Oddly entitled "Yet Another Hotseat", it is currently in the first turn cycle. Information is limited to what players post in the thread. So far, all that is known publicly is this:

- The Lannisters are supporting Joffrey.

- The North has declared independence, and the Tullys will join them.

- Stannis has received the support of his brother Renly (played by yours truly) and House Tyrell.

- The Arryns remain neutral, for the moment.

There are plans for another poster to compile the "true" story, to be published afterwards.

I would invite others to observe this game, as it is, by definition, an AU of A Song of Ice and Fire. Who will win this time?

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I'm willing to post the final results, no matter the author, over here :laugh:

But it's worth wondering: does this count as fanfiction? Is it barred here?

I say 'No', as it is simply a colorful translation of the game results, but I know that this will probably be brought up sooner or later, why beat around the bush?

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Well, here's what is happening in a few hotseats.

The longest running one (Enhanced Submod Hotseat) saw virtually the entire realm unite behind King Stannis, who briefly held the Iron Throne. However, he was betrayed by Edric Storm, now styling himself King Edric I Baratheon, who attacked King's Landing with his Tyrell allies. He also sent Joffrey Lannister, Warden of the Crownlands, to take Dragonstone.

Now, a new war rages. King Edric holds the Iron Throne, but he faces Robert Arryn (who married Princess Shireen, and claims the throne by marriage), Edmure Tully (who was Hand of the King to Stannis), Robb Stark, and Balon Greyjoy. Edric is supported by the Tyrells, Martells, and by Joffrey. The Lannisters have not taken sides.

In This Is A Hotseat, Westeros has been splintered into six separate factions:

The Kingdom of Winter: Formed when Lord Robb Stark declared independence. He married Asha Greyjoy and appointed her father, Lord Balon, as Hand of the King. He is currently pillaging the Westerlands.

The Kingdom of the East: Formed when Lord Robert Arryn declared independence.

Dragonstone: Stannis Baratheon claims the Iron Throne. He recognized the independence of the North and the Vale, and counts them as allies. His daughter, Princess Shireen Baratheon, is betrothed to King Robert Arryn.

King's Landing: King Joffrey Baratheon sits the Iron Throne and rules the Crownlands, but he can only call upon the support of House Lannister.

The Kingdom of the South: Renly has also laid claim to the Iron Throne. He rules the Stormlands directly, and is backed by House Martell and House Tyrell.

House Tully: Originally part of the Kingdom of Winter, Lord Edmure Tully of Riverrun took offense when King Robb named Lord Balon as Hand over him. House Tully declared neutrality, and has obtained a peace agreement with King's Landing, Winterfell, and the Eyrie. Their armies are permitted free passage through the Riverlands, but they may not battle there.

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How do you play hotseat? I remember I played hotseat for Kingdoms but that meant sitting at the same computer.

Anyways right now I can't even play any Total War game, but I would be interested in following more of this. And at one point I did try the current version of Westeros TW.

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