I'm reading the books a second time and I'm enjoying all the discussions on this site and others. I would have thought this had been mentioned before but I have not seen it in a thread so I thought I would throw it out there. I think Dany is going to end up Mad like her father Aerys. Why? In the same way that some characters started out bad and then starting redeeming themselves (Jamie) I think there will be character that started out good (or perceived as good) and then went bad. I think Dany is one of those. My key reason for picking Dany is because of the decisions she has made and keeps making. Yes, she started out in a rough situation under Viserys and then getting wed to Drogo but since then she has made some very bad decisions. 1) Keeping the Lamb people slaves from being beaten/raped was a good thing but then she took it too far when she had MMD (the witch woman) attend to Drogo. Bad decision all around and she was even told so by Drogo's bloodriders. This decision caused Drogo's death 2) After Drogo dies, she doesn't accept her loss and move on, she has the witch woman again use black magic to try and save Drogo. Once again she is warned strongly by Drogo's bloodriders and by Jorah but she has it done anyway. This decision causes the death of her son. 3) She is then "blessed" with the 3 dragons. This was not really a decision that she made it was more based on who she was and where she came from; a Targaryen. So, she gets this great blessing and what has she done with it. 4) She frees the slaves of Mereen but then makes the situation worse by some of the bad decisions or indecisions she made while ruling. 5) 6) So, basically she has been a bad ruler despite a couple of genuinely good intentions like freeing the slaves. And, she has been a bad ruler mostly because of the "bad" decisions that she has made and has known better not to make. Our actions define us. So, I'm thinking Dany will continue to descend and end up being the "bad" guy or one of the "bad" guys at the end of the series. Let me know what you think or show me where I am wrong