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House Targaryen

Mafia 84: The Festival of Lights

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And, as Menelaus is surrounded and stabbed to death night befalls at the temple.

Just when it seems everything was going to be okay, a strong wind comes in and knocks the Menorah's candles leaving all but two still shining.

But wait...

Two, you say? Weren't there two lights when the morning started?

There still are, because as you remove Menelaus' clothes, you discover a small sheet of paper hidden among his robes:

Dear Zeus, we ask thee to weld the bolt in your right hand, and thunder in your left. send down the mighty bolt to the Maccabeans, and thunder in your left to destory the injustice that has been done on to your Hellenist servants. Zeus: I'm your worshiper and follower, and I am a killer in your name. I shall find that cute flashy squirrel among you, and never cease to pursue it until it is gone!

With the coming of the strong wind, a blessed light shines over Chana:

Beloved servant of the Lord, your wish is hereby granted. And, as the voice from the heavens stops speaking, six rafters surround Chana, readily for her use in dire need. :angel:

Game is over. Innocents win!


*high fives everyone*

Told you guys I was inno ^__^ Just unfortunate that some choices I made don't align with the way you folks play here.

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Oh hey Judah, you can go to the spoiler board. This will be locked soon. Sorry I pushed so hard for you at the end. I really don't know anything about play alignment or whatever - it was the second time I played the game. (Chana here)

But, yeah head over to the spoiler board.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.