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Perth BwB - Meet n Greet


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An open invitation for the Sandgropers among us to come and enjoy a bite, a drink or a coffee at a venue to be decided sometime in the week commencing 26-30 December.

The 27th and the 28th are unavailable to some so we are, by default, looking at the 29th (Thursday) or the 30th (Friday). Probably somewhere like Leederville, Subiaco or Vic Park.

Attending so far:



Hand and a Half


Gillio & Hubby

Rinzy & boyfriend



Chuck your name in a post here and I will PM you my mobile number so we can sort everything out.

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Hi All

I'll be there, although Friday lunch time is now out for me too (thought I was getting a break?!?!).

I've heard great things about Clancy's Fish Pub in City Beach, and I'm lunching there with the 'girls' on Wednesday so I could confirm that night whether it's any good.

Apart from that, I have no idea really about good places to go.

See you then.

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I have called the Hyde Park this morning.

There will be no need to book a table. We'll try and get there a bit early to claim a place.

Those of you that I have sent my number - usual procedure is to give me a bell when you are getting close and we'll work out how to meet from there.

See you all tonight!

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A very nice BwB initial meet. It was great to meet Gillio and Rinzy and to more than double the usual Perth suspects in one fell swoop.

The food was great, the venue was excellent and the new folks were all cool. :)

We managed to get through the night without a speech from Paxter, which was good too. Gillio and Rinzy's respective SO's were both good blokes and overall it was the usual BwB combination of a little booze, a lot of chatter and some good laughs.

Until next time, all good :)

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