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The False Sun- Bakker


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Rereading bits of TTT looking for the no-god's developmental timetable, it appears the inchies were working on it when they were overwhelmed by the non-men.

In chapter eight, Esme is reading the Saga's and infodumps stuff, including the fact that Nil'Giccas' emisariies warned Seswatha of about it when they heard the Mangeacca had gotten into the Ark.

They told him of the rumours they had extracted from their long dead captives. They told him of the No-God.
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Just read the story and have enjoyed reading through the thread. I’ve been reminded of a lot of things I forgot about the books.

Thought I’d throw out some crackpot ideas that the story stimulated:

i) If we think that Meppa is someone who knew the Psuhke and somehow returned from the Outside after dying, I think Titirga is just as good a guess as Moe. Indeed, Titrga makes more sense than Moe if we think Moe really wasn’t that strong in the Psukhe.

ii) Since he was so skilled in manipulation and also possessed scientific genius that allowed him to figure out the Tekne (which includes knowledge of genetic engineering) and the Ark, Shae seems to me like the first figure from the past we’ve met who’s a plausible candidate for Dunyain founder. They probably would’ve been a little side project that he didn’t tell the Inchies about, playing a game of his own.

Also, one thing that didn’t make much sense to me: it was confusing that Titirga made a surprise visit to Shae but then acted paranoid like he thought Shae had set a trap for him.

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Whoa, homes. You've got to bring some more evidence or theorizing for something like this.

I do think that Meppa is a mystery that the author wants us to contemplate, and I admit I'm totally stumped thus far (my best guess is that he's one of the Incandati who has amnesia, but I don't even feel that strongly about that theory), but this is pretty wild.

In the early WLW threads I recall a fair amount of speculation about Meppa being Moe, either through reincarnation or because he faked his own death (and is now bleaching his skin). I think the main reasons for thinking are:

i) Mallahet was supposed to be super powerful, but Moe apparently wasn't. This is either a big contradition or Moe just fooled Kellhuss into thinking he was weak in the acursed Water, even though he was actually quite strong, strong enough to come back from the dead or fake his own death and bide his time.

ii) If Meppa didn't just come back from the dead recently, where the heck was this super powerful Cish while the Cish were being wiped out?

But I'm just throwing this out there. Meppa=Moe (or Tirigra) isn't my favorite theory for Meppa either. I actually prefer the theory that he's Fane, who for some reason has non-man-like immortality and erratic memory problems (possibly due to being a man non-man hybrid).

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