So on a reread of ASoS, during the Arya chapter where she sees the Ghost of High Heart the second time, I was trying to peace together her entire prophecy as we know it so far, and ran into a passage I couldn't place. The whole prophecy is as follows: So, first off a recap. "The Ember and the Lemon come to honor me again, and His Grace the Lord of Corpses." "Aye, you have. But the stink of death is fresh on you, my lord." "Give me wine or I will go. My bones are old. My joints ache when the winds do blow, and up here the winds are always blowing." "I cannot eat a silver stag, nor ride one. A skin of wine for my dreams, and for my news a kiss from the great oaf in the yellow cloak." "Aye, a sloppy kiss, a bit of tongue. It has been too long, too long. His mouth will taste of lemons, and mine of bones. I am too old." "My hair comes out in handfuls and no one has kissed me in a thousand years. It is hard to be so old. Well, I will have a song then. A song from Tom o' Sevens, for my news." This to me reads just as greetings and barter. "Sour wine for sour tidings, what could be more fitting? The king is dead, is that sour enough for you?" "The wet one. The kraken king, m'lords. I dreamt him dead and he died. and the iron squids now turn on one another. Oh, and Lord Hoster Tully's died too, but you know that, don't you? In the hall of kings, the goat sits alone and fevered as the great dog descends on him." Here she tells us that Balon Greyjoy has died, as she forewarned in her episode with Lem and Tom earlier in the book. She also mentions 'the goat' (Vargo Hoat) sitting alone in the 'hall of kings' (Harrenhal) while the 'great dog' (Gregor Clegane) approaches. All of which have been referenced at least similarly in this manner in the past. "I dreamt a wolf howling in the rain, but no one heard his grief," Ghost mourning the loss of Robb at the Red Wedding. "I dreamt such a clangor I thought my head might burst, drums and horns and pipes and screams, but the saddest sound was the little bells. The Red Wedding, the little bells being Jinglebell's death. I dreamt of a maid at a feast with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs. Sansa and her hairnet at the Purple Wedding. And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow." Sansa again destroying, Robert Arryn's doll in her Winterfell recreation in the garden in the Eyrie. (At least my interpretation, no idea why she would dream this scene, unless I need to reread that passage a little closer.) "You cannot hide from me, child. Come closer, now." "I see you," "I see you, wolf child. Blood child. I thought it was the lord who smelled of death..." "You are cruel to come to my hill, cruel. I gorged on grief at Summerhall, I need none of yours. Begone from here, dark heart. Begone!" This is the passage that confuses me, admittedly, it's not strictly part of the prophecies, but still the lady knows stuff. Is this merely a precursor to Arya going to the Temple of Black and White, or, [crackpot] has Arya died at some point and has been resurrected [/crackpot] or simply meaning that Arya of House Stark is dead, due to all the losses she's suffered, she's no longer 'herself'? Then there's the reference to Summerhall, which I know next to nothing about, aside from there was some great Targaryen tragedy there, presumably during the early childhood of Rhaegar, as he was wont to visit the ruin. She also calls Arya 'dark heart' which I swear I've heard somewhere before, but can't seem to find. "Nay," "You're not. The black fish holds the rivers now. If it's the mother you want, seek her at the Twins. For there's to be a Wedding." "Look into your fires, pink priest, and you will see. Not now, though, not here, you'll see nothing here. This place belongs to the old gods still...they linger here as I do, shrunken and feeble but not yet dead. Nor do they love the flames. For oak recalls the acorn, the acorn dreams the oak, the stump lives in them both. And they remember when the First Men came with fire in their fists." Straightforward here I think, Catelyn isn't at Riverrun, Brynden Tully was named castellan, Edmure's wedding at the Twins, High heart is the domain of the Old Gods still, denying R'hllor power there, blah blah blah. "I'll have my payment now, I'll have the song you promised me." "Oh, aye. My Jenny's song. Is there another?" Here's another part of the old woman that confuses me, I'm assuming the song is 'Jenny of Oldstones' but that doesn't jibe with her 'gorging on grief at Summerhall', again assuming she was somehow related to the Mudd's, old kinds of the riverlands, as Oldstones was their seat. DISCUSS!