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The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH


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Tyrion Lannister - he is going nowhere in a hurry, too much plot armour 

Jon Snow - I don't believe he is actually dead, and if he is, then he'll be resurrected, I'd be willing to stake my house on it  :cool4:

Arya Stark - she has to survive! Plus, she's got to do something with her faceless man training 

Sansa Stark - survives, and really learns how to play the game of thrones in the vale 

Bran Stark - will live, at least for now because I don't see how he would die just yet

Davos Seaworth - unsure about him, I think he will outlive Stannis though, but since I think Stannis will die in WoW I don't know about Davos. I hope he lives. 
Theon Greyjoy - will probably live instead of Asha 

Asha Greyjoy - see above  :crying: 
Brienne of Tarth - I can see LSH offing her, allowing Jaime to survive

​Samwell Tarly - I have a feeling the citadel will play too important a role in the endgame for him to die just yet 

Cersei Lannister - Robert Strong will save her in her trial and she will live (for now), plus she needs to outlive Tommen and Myrcella for the prophecy to be fulfilled (allegedly) 

Jaime Lannister - will survive WoW and become Cersei's valonqar 
Daenerys Targaryen - she has to get to westeros, surely. Think she will live until the last book. 

Areo Hotah - since he's the only PoV in Dorne, I think he lives, at least for a while. He could get killed in his current quest, but I think it's more likely that Obara or Balon bites the dust

Arianne Martell - will live to meet Aegon at least, I think she outlives Jon Connington so I see her surviving WoW 

Jon Connington - since he has greyscale, I'd say the writings on the wall for him. I reckon he dies on purpose saving Aegon or something. 

Aeron Greyjoy - I see him living. Why would GRRM even introduce this PoV unless he had something important to do? 

Victarion Greyjoy - is probably going to die. I see him meeting up with Dany and providing her with ships, but I think his future looks bleak once they land in westeros (if they even do).

Barristan Selmy - I want this guy to live, but I don't think he will. I see him as becoming kind of expendable once Tyrion reaches Dany (since Tyrion will probably take over the running of Meereen)  :crying:

Melisandre - will probably die, not sure if in WoW but I don't see her surviving. I can see Stannis killing her, don't know why. 

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Tyrion Lannister - I think will definitely survive TWOW, and most - if not all - of ADOS; Tyrion still has a long way to go. 
Jon Snow - If he is dead will be resurrected. I think a combination of ice and fire magic will save and/or restore him. I think his purpose is to fight the Others, and they have still to hit the Wall in force
Arya Stark - I think will outlive those on her list. Where she goes from there depends on how much of the Arya that left Winterfell remains in her after they are all dead and every action she takes isn't as motivated by revenge.
Sansa Stark - Can see Sansa surviving TWOW and probably ADOS. I think that now she knows what the world is really like, she is more likely to survive it. 
Bran Stark - Am torn on Bran, I really want him to survive as Bran, as he is now. I don't trust Bloodraven. 
Davos Seaworth - I think Davos will live to rescue Rickon and Osha from Skagos, but ultimately die during ADOS (though I don't want him to - Davos is one of the few genuinely decent people in the series)
Theon Greyjoy - Needs to redeem himself and come to terms with what he has done before he dies. I'm not sure that escaping Winterfell with (f)Arya qualifies as his redemption.  He may die at the hands of Stannis (assuming of course Stannis lives) or he may die protecting one of the Starks.  
Asha Greyjoy - I am currently re-reading ADWD, and have just completed the chapter in which Asha is captured. I think at this stage, part of her is already dead, and I don't think she will survive TWOW. I think her story is over, and her life will soon be too, sadly. 
Brienne of Tarth - I think that Brienne is one of the more likely candidates to meet her end in TWOW. I think she will ultimately end up dying for Jaime
Samwell Tarly - I think will be alive for a while yet - if for no other reason than we have no other POV at the Citadel. So, I think he will definitely survive TWOW. I am not sure about ADOS (I think that is as likely to be a bloodbath as TWOW). I do wonder sometimes if the NW will survive the winter and continue in the same form, and how Sam will reconcile his vows and his feelings for Gilly.
Cersei Lannister - Cersei will die before the end of the series, following the deaths of Myrcella and Tommen.  I don't know if that will be in TWOW or ADOS. Part of me thinks that TWOW may end with the fall of the Lannisters. Whether that includes Cersei's death, I'm not sure. But she has nobody to blame but herself. 
Jaime Lannister - I think will be Cersei's valonqar. Their relationship has changed over the series and I think that he now loves and hates her in more or less equal measure.  How long he lives after her will depend on what he does to complete the redemptive path he started out on when he gave Oathkeeper to Brienne. 
Daenerys Targaryen - Will live through TWOW and may finally head for Westeros. 
Areo Hotah - Another character I think will die before the end of the series, but find it hard to determine when. 
Arienne Martell - While part of me thinks that she will be a bit less reckless now that Doran has taken her into his confidence, ultimately I see her marrying Aegon/(f)Aegon (It wouldn't take anywhere near the 6 months she spent on Arys Oakheart to seduce this boy and he will doom himself the same way Robb did by marrying Jeyne) and dying as a result. 
Jon Connington - terminally ill, and the time has come for Aegon/(f) Aegon to start making his own decisions/mistakes.  This will happen quicker with Connington gone, but I think he will die fighting for Aegon. So, likely to die in TWOW.   
Aeron Greyjoy - Of his two brothers, I think Aeron more likely to outlive Euron than Victarion.  GRRM could easily have given a POV to Victarion alone and had him meet up with Damphair to discuss the Kingsmoot.  Instead he chose to give them both POVs. Victarion makes sense given that he is heading out to Meereen.  
Victarion Greyjoy - Doomed.  I don't even know how to quantify my impression that he will die, and soon.  Perhaps the arm wound indicative of part of him being dead? Not sure. But I do think he will die in TWOW. 
Barristan Selmy - I think will die defending Daenerys, possibly in TWOW or if not then in ADOS, thereby redeeming himself for the abandonment of the Targaryens after the Trident.
Melisandre - Am undecided on Mel. I think she will either be killed by Davos (assuming that the TV series foreshadowed the burning of Shireen and it is at Melisandre's hand) or possibly die in an attempt to resurrect Jon Snow using fire/blood magic after realizing his importance in the war against the Others. Either way, I think TWOW will be her last book. 

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