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One thing I can't get over is the name Azor Ahai. It sounds nothing like any of the other names we hear, even those of Northerners who have blood of the First Men. The only other name of the time I can think of is Brandon the Builder, a normal name. Azor Ahai just seems out of place. This doesn't provide any clues, it just brings up more questions--ones that should be asked. Maybe AA was a Child of the Forest, and Azor Ahai is an adaptation of the name (said in the True Tongue) in the Common Tongue? The name just seems to deserve questioning and I cannot seem to ignore it.

Why doesn't Noah sound like Gilgamesh?? It is the same myth, Palestine and Mesopotamia are a lot closer then Westeros and Asshai, yet look how different they are. Why? because the language is different. I could find you half a dozen possible reasons why the name changed. For example: when the Westeros myth got somehow to Essos, it passed from people to people, from language to language and it just changed. Or, the people of Asshai combined the Last Hero story, with one of their own stories, one about Azor Ahai, one of their heroes. Or, my favorite... what if Azor Ahai = Last Hero, simply translated into the language of Asshai? Well, not necessarily the last hero, it could mean anything but it is only a translation. I could go on. Honestly I would find it a lot stranger if a myth from Asshai and Slaver's Bay starred a hero called Brandon (I'm not saying that Bran the Builder was the last hero, I only used a name from Westeros, a name of the First Men)

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