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Theme Songs For Characters

Blue Dandelion

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Jaime: "What I did for love" from A Chorus Line

Tyrion: "Short People" by Randy Newman

Margery Tyrell: Single Ladies - Beyonce

Roose Bolton: "Baby Got Back" Sir mixalot (for fat Walda)

Aerys: "Pyromania" Def Leppard

Arya: "Born to Run" Springsteen

Jon: "Cold as Ice" Foreigner

Theon to Ramsay: "Under My Skin" Cole Porter

Stannis - he could sing "Stars" from Les Miz word-for-word

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Daenerys - Through the fire and the flames by Dragonforce

Khal Drogo - Ambition as a Rydah by Tupac

Varys - Master of Puppets by Metallica

Oberyn Martell - Papa was a rolling stone by The Temptations

Robert Baratheon - One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

Tormund Giantsbane - Born to be wild

Ned Stark - Theme from Shaft by Isaac Hayes

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