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If you don't like Catelyn as a character, what character(s) *do* you like and why?


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Damn. I think I just realized I actually love them all.

Either for being awesome or for being as f*ed up as me or for being so awesome at being assholes. There are very few who simply annoy me or worse, bore me.

But Tyrion will remain the number one.

When he dies, I think I will actually buy him a gravestone and cry by his grave every day.

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I don't hate Catelyn at all actually. It's funny how this fandom (look at the poll over at towerofthehand) put her in the same list as Joffrey, Ramsay and Roose, can't really take those people serious anymore.

Other characters I love:








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Almost through ASOS.

Here are the characters I am fond of.

Jorah Mormont, great martial advises and pushes Daenerys towards a more mature kingly figure. I love the way he offers counterpoint to his queen.

His background story is also very interesting and heart-breaking. Another soul trying to find his way in a messed-up world. Where is he going to go now? can't wait to find out.

Arstan/Selmy does it to me too, but I like Jorah better.

Tyrion, who doesn't like this very special character ?

Tywin Lannister, he's not likeable per se, but he brings so much to the intrigue every time he's present. He's a signature character of the series. Formidable chess player, has one/two moves ahead of everyone.

Edmure Tully, genuine attitude and having a hard time filling his shoes. very human and relatable. Loved his difficult relationship with Cat.

What a predicament he's in after the red wedding.

Summer and Bran (or is it Bran and Summer?)

The child/wolf relationship brings him back into the game after the first book.

It felt like he was lost and damaged for good.

Eddard Stark, oh why oh why did you go to King's Landing?

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It's hard to choose favorites in such an epic series with so many amazing characters. But here are mine anyways:

Jon - As you could tell from my UN, I adore Jon. He was dealt the short straw at Winterfell and seems to always find himself on the outside of whatever group he is a part of only finding companionship with other outsiders (at least so far as I've read). He rises above every difficult situation that is thrown at him. He may be bastard born, but he acts more lordly and chivalrous than most of the highborn characters. Love love love him. And I think he knows a little more than nothing.

Sansa - I know a lot of people dislike her for being stupid or cowardly. I don't find her to be either of these things. I think Sansa is incredibly brave but in a quiet way. She is in just as much danger as Arya, though a different sort of danger. My gods, she's in the Lannister lion den! She may lack her little sister's obvious bravery, but I root for Sansa without waver.

Tyrion - Easily the funniest character in the series, IMHO. I adore him.

Gendry - Why am I so intrigued by him? I have no idea, but I find myself wanting to know more and more about him.

Davos - Fiercely loyal, I adore this Onion Knight.His scene in ASos where he is learning to read warms my heart (though not necessarily WHAT he is reading does any of the warming...)

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I don't mind Catelyn...

My Top 3:

  1. Dany: Enjoyed her journey of finding self confidence, acceptance and a place in the world - so much courage from this young lady!!
  2. Tyrion: I absolutely love reading his thoughts in the books - it provided much comical relief while reading some very intensive plots!
  3. Jon: A character that I found no traits of hate - he holds no grudges against his world - an admirable young man!

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Gendry - Why am I so intrigued by him? I have no idea, but I find myself wanting to know more and more about him.

I realize that he and Arya

ASOS spoiler

take their seperate ways in this book

But their story sorta reminds me of the story in Wuthering Heights, wherein Heathcliff and Katherine (Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark) never wind up together but their children do (Arya (though Arya is not Lyanna's, its still same family next generation).

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I realize that he and Arya

ASOS spoiler

take their seperate ways in this book

But their story sorta reminds me of the story in Wuthering Heights, wherein Heathcliff and Katherine (Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark) never wind up together but their children do (Arya (though Arya is not Lyanna's, its still same family next generation).

I hadn't thought of that! I love it. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing some more of Gendry... at least I hope so!

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I liked her up to a certain point in ACOK then I got really tick off at her. I'm afraid to say it here for fear of spoiling it for someone. My favorites are not all POV and I have not finished ASOS yet but here they are so far.

1.Robb Stark

2.Jon Snow

3.Jorah Mormont

4.Tyrion Lannister

5.Khal Drogo

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Mance Rayder: The reason why he broke his oath might be trivial to some, but the way he explained made me respect the character all the more.

Melisandre: Just because her character reminds me of the Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell song Lady Evil, especially the third verse line "Don't trust your shadow in the dark, cause there's a lady I know who'll take your visions, turn it all around, and things you'll see are what to be, lost and never found." and every time I hear that song I think of Melisandre.

Stannis: Just cause I can relate to the character, Middle Brother, not well liked, personality wise dull I.E Serious. And the fact that My older brother is much like Robert, and my younger brother is much like Renly

Arya: I've always loved this character; her chapters are the ones that I look the most towards, maybe more than Jon's and Tyrion.

Tyrion: Same as Arya.

Jon: Same as Arya.

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Catelyn just bores me. All she does is cry and complain.


Davos: Because he's a nice guy and is the only one around to talk some sense into Stannis (and stop Melisandre)

Jon: I like reading about the night's watch, and Jon has some interesting personal conflicts.

Arya: She's so courageous for someone her age.

Tyrion: He's the only Lannister who isn't evil (disregarding Tommen and Myrcella who are too young, and Jaime who isn't all bad, but has still done some bad things.)

Samwell: He's a nice guy despite being a little useless

I liked Dany in the first book but nothing much has been happening with her since.

Non-POV characters:

Podrick Payne- I can relate, though I haven't killed any knights yet.

Littlefinger- Pete, you so sneaky.

I also want to mention who else I hate:

Gregor Clegane- Seriously, this dude is NUTS.

Joffrey: For all the obvious reasons

Shae: She makes Tyrion seem so stupid. She also says a few creepy things.

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[mod] This is the STILL READING section of ASOS. That means NO SPOILERS for future volumes. And out of courtesy, put the major happenings of ASOS under spoiler tags as well. Failure to do so could result in suspension of your posting privileges. Thank you. [/mod]

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I admit, I'm not that fond of Catelyn. Her decisions and the consequences of them made me angry more then once. However, I do have to say there were times when she gave some pretty solid advice, especially when she was confronting Renly.

Anyway, I like a lot of characters, but my favorites are:

Tyrion--I always look forward to his chapters. Not only do they tend to move the plot forward, but he has some of the funniest lines in the book, I think.

Jon--I like his character a lot. He makes mistakes, but he tries to own up for them pretty quickly.

Dany--I like her POV because it's so different from what's going on in the rest of Westeros. I also enjoy her strength.

Davos--I don't see him listed as a favorite among people a lot, but I really like his character. His loyalty to Stannis is touching and his ability to stand up for what's right even when it could really hurt him reminds me a lot of Ned Stark. I really hope this guy lives to the end.

Stannis--I can't help but root for Stannis. The guy has done everything that was asked of him and more (holding Dragonstone, investigating with Jon Arryn,etc) yet no one gives him any credit and just writes him off. I think he honestly has good credentials for being a king, especially if Davos were his Hand. He just lacks that winning personality that people want in a King.

Meera and Jojen Reed--Again, these are two characters who don't get mentioned much, but I think they're going to turn out to be very important. Anyway, I love how loyal they are to Bran and I also like the mystery that comes with them. I also secretly hope that Bran will eventually fall in love with Meera. :)

Varys--I don't know why, but I kind of like this character. I know he's another person moving the pawns around like Littlefinger, yet unlike Littlefinger it doesn't seem like he hides what he's doing or who he is. He's the Spider and he makes it clear what his role is. I'm always interested in knowing what his next move is. I also think the actor portraying him in the TV series does an excellent job.

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I'm so not a fan of Cat. Her attitude and treatment towards Jon is the main reason for my dislike. But there's also been numerous things throughout the books that she does, says and thinks that rub me the wrong way.

There are a lot of characters that I find interesting and enjoyable but here are my tops.

Ned- He's my number one!

Brienne- She's my idol. I want to be her.

Jon Snow- Like Ned, he has a very special place in my heart. I love reading his POV.

Tyrion- I love the wretched, little man.

Jamie- The more I read, the more I want to know.

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It's kind of a tricky question what someone means when they "like" a character. Cately Stark is somebody I would respect as a human being, forgiving her flaws, but she's a drag to read as a character (and last I checked, it's still a fatasy novel). By contrast I "like" Tyrion the best in either sense. Not to make a throwdown-contest of how rough they have it, but I think of him in the same category as Cat as far as hardship and I find Tyrion rather more inspiring.

Arya and Daenerys (although I keep spelling her name wrong) -- I can't help but love them. Fight the power, Grrl! (need I say more?)

I like the Stark men for the moral substance they all seem to share, but also for how they all have strength in different ways. It makes them more than just dull Boy Scouts.

Davos is refreshing for his humilty and his way of honest self-examination, especially in the rotten world of this story.

Roose Bolton is an utterly evil sack of filth and deserves to be killed before he can draw one more breath, for the sake of all humanity. But I love him as a villain. I'm just in awe of how perfectly cold he is.

Somebody mentioned Tywin Lannister in a similar way. I like how he has such a specific, twisted ethos all based on his social ego. So very regimented and utterly inhumane.

Jaime is shaping up to be one of the great anti-heroes. His redemption arc is all that and a bag of chips, but that doesn't mean it ever excuses what he did to Bran or his (urk!) relationship with Cersei. Again: liking them as a character, liking them as a person, different things.

For contrast, Joffrey is absolutely as rotten as they come but I never found him especially interesting. He's just a stupid, hateful little t#^& and I assumed from the start that somebody would eventually crush him like a worm and yawn about it.

That's not quite how it happened, but he's such a weak villain that I couldn't even get properly excited about his death.

I'm on the fence about Walder Frey. He's a frustrating villain. He's not outstandingly clever and his atrocities come to him pretty easily. There's no exquisite punishment you can fantasize for him because he's so close to death himself and cares so little for anything else. But ohhhhhh you can hate him so much!

Somebody said GRRM's villains are so much better than his heroes and I don't think that's really fair. But there may be some truth to it because he certainly delves into suffering and cruelty more than joy or pleasure.

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