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If you don't like Catelyn as a character, what character(s) *do* you like and why?


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Tyrion - Amusing, droll and intelligent. Knows he has faults yet indulges them anyway. I think we all think we have a little Tyrion in us.

Arya - Fiesty, fearless and honourable. Love her.

Jaime - Knows he has done wrong in the past, knows his family is shameful, yet begins the slow path to redemption when he meets Brienne and becomes much more likeable.

They're my top 3.

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Although I have nothing particularly against Cat, she's not my favorite character...


-Jon Snow

-Arya Stark

-Sansa Stark

-Tyrion Lannister

-Jamie Lannister

and oddly:

-Bran Stark (perhaps it's because I also get to read the Crannogmen and I looooooove them too...)

Pretty much any time I read any chapter in those points of views I get REEEEEALLY excited/happy. I eat them up.

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My personal problem with Cat is that I feel as if she isnt really a character, more of a narrator to her surroundings which I realize isnt exactly true but the way I always thought of Cat is that she can narrate a chapter for a character that might not fully deserve their own chapter. It is very possible thou that me being male and having no kids I cant fully grasp her pain but I just get frustrated by her actions and the fact she hates jon

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I don't really like Catelyn, just because of the way that her mind works. It seemed to me that she's just making some stupid decisions.. And it's not just her, it's Ned, too. They are just too honorable. Great characteristic, if you want people to run over you, and screw you the way they want. The books are about war, about surviving, playing the game. And I believe she's not doing it right.

And characters that I like.. I'll keep it short, and say: Lord Tywin. He is amazing, really. He knows what the things have come to, and what he has to do to win. You may say that he was a horrible father to Tyrion, but my own father is much like him. If he raised him differently, Tyrion wouldn't be the character that you all love...

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And characters that I like.. I'll keep it short, and say: Lord Tywin. He is amazing, really. He knows what the things have come to, and what he has to do to win. You may say that he was a horrible father to Tyrion, but my own father is much like him. If he raised him differently, Tyrion wouldn't be the character that you all love...

Please, i´d love to see what you think about what you just said when u finish the book. Remember to come back here!

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I have nothing against Catelyn, but her chapters were little boring to me. Although I unterstand why she did everything she did, I just couldn't feel any strong affection for her character.

My favourites are:

- Jon: he seems a bit of a hero type, but his character is getting deeper with every book. I also like the NW in general.

- Arya: real badass with very interesting chapters

- Tyrion: smart, funny and understands how the game is played :)

- The Reeds: I find them very interesting, bringing some kind of mystery with them

- Jamie: a bit surprised from myself that Jamie has entered the list of my favourites, but his character is really fascinating.

I am really trying to like Danny. I'm reading the final chapters of ASOS and I start to like her more in the third book, but for now she does not make it amongst my favourites.

Oh, and I really like Lyanna. But we actually know very little about her, so I hope more about her character will be revealed in the future :)

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I think Handless and Noseless, the Lannister boys, are the best characters.

Tyrion is the wit and Jaime is the troll (seriously, I find it impossible to imagine his exchange with Cat at the end of ACoK without a trollface) I am also beginning to like Lancel for some reason.

After them, it has to be the Stark girls.

Non POV (bold indicates especial love) I like are Edmure Tully, Pod, all the Tyrells, Bronn, Shae, Littlefinger, Varys, Cersei, Pia, Satin, Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar and the Hound.

I would also give honourable mention to the other pair of Lannister boys, Tywin and Kevan, for their tag-team humiliations of Joffrey, like when he cuts himself on the Throne and Tywin just takes over without a word. Also the bit where Joffrey talks back to Tywin and Tywin just gets Kevan to send him to his bed early.

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Fire&Blood, pretty much everything you said.

I'd only add that reading Cat as a mom I couldn't really relate to her treatment of Jon. I couldn't not imagine why she wouldn't accept and come to love a boy brought into your home as a baby, no matter what the circumstance of his birth. Especially watching him grow into the good person and good friend and brother to her children that he was. It reveals her to be petty and very unimaginative, as well as lacking serious insight into her husband. I mean, you'd figure that she'd realize that there's more to the Ned/bastard thing that meets the eye, especially if you know Ned. But she just remains a jealous cow about the whole thing.

Oh and add Varys and Jaime to the "like" list.

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Arya, just cuz she is so awesome, never gives up, and isn't scared of the big boys. Tyrion, he is so smart and witty, burns everyone with words, and Davos, because in the midst of everything he is still true to himself, and true to whats right unlike almost everyone else, and wants to be the best he can be.

the hound, more than meets the eye, he's a good guy deep down, and a bad bad dude when it comes to swords. Jon Snow, just a good person to the core, trying to help others, honourable and awesome.

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I think you can like (or dislike) a character without transposing them in real life. In real life, I'd like a Catelyn (typical mum) and maybe even a Tywin (older man, clever, intelligent, noble). But in GRRM's world:

* Roose Bolton: my favourite: evil but oh so cold and calculating, you know he's never gonna let himself get trapped and he always has plan B and even C up his sleeve. I especially love seeing him going against other hard or evil bastard such as Jaime in aSoS part I

* The Hound: (2nd fave) badass but deep down a good heart, you just want Sansa to escape with him, you know she'd be good for him and him for her.

* Mance Rayder: fulfills anyone's fantasy about finding a lost tribe and leading it. Also clever, deep thinker and skilled in many things including arts

* Arya: the kid we all wished we could have been as kids. Fierce fighter, great destiny (I think - I am only halfway through aSoS). Bran is a bit like that too, who hasn't wished for supernatural power when you were kids?

* Sansa: the girl that reminds me of sweet girls when I was a teen, the kind you want to protect. She is also quite beautiful and innocent, and amongst all this cruelty, madness and violence, it's nice occasionally to get a respite and get a POV from someone who does not relish fighting and killing (I said occasionally, OK!)

* Hodor: I love a bit of Hodor, I just want to see the guy live as long as possible as he is the ultimate good guy. I want to see him kill a really bad guy while protecting Bran. And then everyone give him a bit of credit instead of just assuming he is a massive simpleton.

* Tyrion: for the wit. The most likely to make you laugh out loud. I kind of disagree that he's the most morally complex character: I think he is just a good-hearted dude with a harsh upbringing, which made him hard and obsessed with looking after himself, conflicting with his natural tendency to treat others decently. He is the Hound with more culture and awareness of his own emotions.

All in all, GRRM has created so many different characters that you care about, or have a strong opinion on, an awesome achievement really!!

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I don't dislike Catelyn :) But I have to admit I get bored sometimes reading her chapters.

My favs until now(almost done with Storm Of Swords):

Jon - What's not to like about him? I usually like characters like his. He is an underdog character and I just know that he is destined to something grand in the saga. As a POV character he also gets some of the best and most likeable characters in his chapters; Samwell, Jeor Mormont and Ygritte. Easy to relate to him as well.

Bran - Liked his journey all the way from the beginning. He's broken and yet weilds power like no one else. I enjoyed reading about him leading Winterfell, while feeling uneasy due to his injuries. Love the Reeds and Hodor too, so that's a plus. His connection to Summer is also fascinating, he trusts him fully(big contrast to Robb and his Grey Wind).

Tyrion - Has great skills handling people and is freaking hilarious as well. Also underdog and weak in a sense :)

Davos - There's a great difference between him and those he serves and works with, for the good that is. He has a strong sense of loyalty and honesty and I always look forward to reading his chapters.

Jaime - Reading the middle parts in ASOS you get to know that there is more to him than the rumors about him. He's done many bad things, but I can totally see him trying to redeem himself now, part of it thanks to Brienne.

Sandor - He is awesome. He caught my interest the first time the revealed the story about his face to Sansa.

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I like Catelyn. Not love (barring an initial crush) but like her as a character. She has many strong points concerning morality and her coldness towards Jon was her only real downside under her own control.

A lot of the Cat hate, talking about the whole she-is-a-bad-person hate, is extremely unreasonable.

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I hate Cat. She's the second least liked character beside Joffrey.

Anyways, I like Jon Snow because he's honorable and always does his duty. But he also uses his brain which Cat never does.

I like Tyrion because he's so smart and clever while at the same time having a good heart and generally good intentions.

I also like Robb. He's a badass.

Bran. He's a become awesome.

Arya.She's not an idiot like Sansa.

The Hound. He's a badass.

Brienne. She's an honorable badass.

Jaquen H'gar. He's a badass.

Stannis. He clinches his jaw a lot.

Davos. He's Ned Stark of Dragonstone. He is a badass.

Ditto :cheers:

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Jon is my favourite. I'm with the fourth now and the characters have changed a bit, but till the third, I pretty much had the top list remaninig untouchable except for very little cases.

Daenerys is one of them, I used to love her. In the third? Didn't like her a bit. Arya dissapointed me a little as well, but I can't say much here because I speak from an 'I adore the Hound' point of view, and this clashes with her story, but from her point, she's right in everything she's done, sadly.

Sansa and Jaime are the only ones I'm beginning to like (from the ones I previously hated). But yes, all time-immovable favourites are Jon Snow, Samwell, the Hound, Bran, Arya, Stannis, Davos and Renly (sniff).

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I dont realy have much characters which i dont like to be honest.

I can see things one can like in almost every character.

I like

- Tyrion for his general attitude

- Tywin for his professionalism in dealing with events

- Jaime for reconsidering what he is after the events arround harrenhal. Allthough i didnt like him at the beginning

- Sansa for her transformation from a 'somewhat' arrogant highborn to what i suppose she will be sometime

- Arya for generell badassery and all she had seen and endured during her voyage so far

- Jon for beeing a good guy, supportive and leading. And for Ghost!

- Varys for i believe he has some honor in him, although his duties dont allow much of such.

- Littlefinger for his genious

- the Hound for his attitude of bugger all

- Mance (and the free folk) for his/their way of thinking out of the (westeros) box about live

- Tormund for beeing Tormund :)

- Samwell for finding his courage

- Stannis for his honor and just

- Davos for the same and for his courage

- Mellisandre for her faith which seems to have some foundation/justification unlike the other religions in Westeros (so far).

- Daenerys and her lot for doing their thing. I loved the episodes where she 'bought' the unsullied.

characters i dont like at all, where i cant see anything likeable (but still like reading about them):

- Joffrey: Spoiled brat at its best. Or just psychopathic..

- Cersei. Shes just an absolute cunt to me..

- Janos Slynt: Allthough we dont hear much of him he just seems to be a oportunistic arse. Absolutely LOVE the part in COK where Tyrion dumbs him from the goldcloaks

- Alliser Thorne: arrogant douchbag he is!

there are just too much to count them all, i coud go on and on :D

Thats the magic in these books.

Theres scarcely some clear black or white, only shades of grey, some brighter, some darker, but everyone has their flaws and most have something good in them, which makes it so intense and gripping!

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Cat I find annoying, she does stupid things to futher the plot. She is the Kim Boaur of the series.

Lets grab the dwarf and go up the mountians to see my sister without a plan. Lets free the hostage with two knights to protect him and expect that you will get your kids back. I mean, at those moments she makes Sansa look smart.

But I like Sansa - she took in the training of being a lady in court, and she uses all that training in being a young girl with nothing but her mind and defending herself and her virtue. While her tomboy sisters plays a boy in the wartorn areas and makes due.

I am just starting ASOS, but I like Seaworth, Tyron, and Ned's stuff the best, followed by the sisters chapters which provide a nice contrast. And the Bran Chapters are growing on me now that I am getting some idea of what the author is doing. And while Jon is not my fave, I love the Wall/north chapters.

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