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If you don't like Catelyn as a character, what character(s) *do* you like and why?


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Oberyn and Doran. Smart people who had a really long game plan in mind. Tywin for his awesomeness, made even Cersei and Jaime fear him in some way. Apart from that, the obvious choice of Tyrion.

Man, thats waay too many Lannisters to like. I'd add Arya then.

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I would not have thought people would hate Catelyn..although she's not my favorite character, I like her and understand her.

top 3 right now (i'm at half of storm of swords):

Arya Stark: I loved her the moment I read her chapter in GOT, and she became my favorite ever since. She's brave, cool, and awesome. I love how she doesn't care what people say and does her own thing. I heard she becomes blind later on and would love to know what goes around her head in that situation, I'm guessing she doesn't really give a fuck.

Daenarys: She's the mother of dragons for fuck sakes, no way I'm not going to like her. I wish she wins the Game of Thrones, unless there is some other Targaryen out there, then she would have to hand over the throne to him because she is no longer the rightful heir to the throne.

Tyrion: Such an interesting character, and I feel so bad for him. He's a good guy but everyone judges him so negatively by his looks. I haaaaaate Tywin for treating Tyrion like shit.

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