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Spoilers: Meera's Story

The Reeds

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Hmm...interesting. Just my opinion, of course, but I still believe the Harrenhal Tourney was all about garnering support to depose Aerys. For now, I still think the things that appear to have happened with Lyanna, KotLT, etc. were more spontaneous.

Lyanna was not the mystery knight. Explain how she all of a sudden she has a bomming voice, yes she was a very good rider but not good enough to defeat three squires. Brandon fits the mystery knight. The reason Rheagar was interested in Lyanna is because he was into prophecies regarding the prince that was promise that he see's Lyanna just as woman from the Stark dynasty as well as the north that he can breed with because his wife can no longer have that third child he wanted.

This has all been hashed out many times before but...it makes absolutely no sense for Brandon to hide his identity if he wanted to compete in the tourney (nor to have to cobble together mismatched armor, etc.) Also, if he were concerned with the treatment of the three squires toward Howland Reed he had the societal position to simply openly challenge their masters. Not so with a woman. She would absolutely have to hide her identity under the circumstances and, of course, wouldn't happen to have a nice set of armor ;)

Oh, and the "booming voice" is plausibly explained by wearing a great helm with the visor closed and actually trying to make one's voice sound "booming".

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How is that?

Lyanna was pregnant with Meera when Rheagar absconded with her "10 leagues from Harrenhal"....

Remember Lyanna accompanied Elia and Ashara back to Kings Landing after the Harrenhal tourney (IIRC)....there was more than enough time for Rhaegar to get with Lyanna prior to the aborted Brandon/Catelyn nuptials (there was supposedly one year between the tourney and the abuction)...It would have been only appropriate for Rhaegar to escort Lyanna to Riverrun however on hearing the good news they thought better of it and hitailed to the Tower of Joy with a Kingsguard escort (Hightower, Whent, Dayne).....

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