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Your craziest theories you don't believe yourself

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Well, it is all a balance of implausibilities. A satisfactory finish in 3 books is somewhat more implausible than a satisfactory finish in 4 books, but it is not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility. On the other hand, one book every 5 years is less implausible than 1 book every 3 years.

Sadly, I don't really believe either scenario. I'm not as "crazy" as you.

I think 3 books at 15 years is a plausible expectation for the series. But it is also possible for GRRM to take less time. But I am not expecting him to necessarilly bring a new book each three years.

Where I do disagree is that I actually think that he can have a satisfactory finish in three books and I don't find it more implausible than four if those three will just be more alike the first three books than the latest two which is what I am expecting. What I do find implausible is him finishing it in two books but got to agree to disagree about the three books being sufficient.

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I think 3 books at 15 years is a plausible expectation for the series.

I don't believe it at all. But I'd love to be proved wrong, at least, if the ending is one worth waiting for. I can (barely) believe 3 books in 15 years, but I don't expect the series to be complete by then, barring a radical change in GRRM's writing style.

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I'm sensing this thread has gone astray :read: Who will take it back home? :D

Patience little shade, patience. Tis Friday afternoon, and some of us really need to go home so we can begin to think straight. :drunk: A couple of glasses of wine should do wonders.

Edit: Like they did for Bran. :rofl:

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Here is what I wrote in the crackpot thread yesterday

Has anyone contemplated the possibility of Jon being a Targaryen? Obviously not.

However I courageously have found all hard found evidence that prove it.

Jon Snow's father is Eddard Stark but what do we know of his mother?

GRRM reveals possible love affairs for Eddard Stark but they are all false. He subtly hints the real one, and that is beautiful Lyanna. We know Eddard Stark to be a man obsessed with honor, the old way and how does one think the Starks have survivied for so many generations? What are the old gods about? What is more honorable than boning your sister and keeping it to the Stark family?

Ned is the one who says .

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives"

Seems like a pretty clear admission that to survive the winter that is coming the Stark family must keep together and keep it in the family. Other evidence includes Eddard Stark telling to Cersei that he knows about her relationship with Jaime and that her kids are born of incest. Despite that relationship being a treason against his King and friend where does he go first? To Cersei. Why? Because he respects the relationship, he warns her so she can do something about a difficult situation, at his own personal risk. And he doesn't let Cersei realize his motivations. Such a man was Eddard Stark and such was his love for the old way.

However Brandon Stark and Richard were not so keen on the old ways and choose the dishonorable route with their southern ambitions. In fear of their affair being discovered Eddard Stark made up a story of Rhaegar kidnapping Lyanna so that his other annoying family members would get themselves killed and so they could continue their passionate, incestuous love in honor of the old gods.

Lyanna Stark is described as dying in her bed of blood, a description for women dying in child birth. Eddard has to promise something to his sister and lover and that can't be but to protect the Targaryen dynasty that deep in his heart Eddard Stark adored for following the old way with their incest. For that he needs to protect his sisters son, Jon Snow.

So I think that about proves it that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and the prince that was promised.

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Theory 1: Littlefinger will marry Shireen and sit the Iron Throne when Stannis dies.

Theory 2: Ros is Azor Ahai reborn.

Theory 3: The series will end with the burning red comet smashing into the earth and killing everyone.

:lmao: :lmao:

Umm, Patchface will end up king. I dunno man, there's something inherently wrong about that creepy man child, and GRRM said that whoever ends up sitting the Iron Throne will be the person 'least suspected'... :uhoh:

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I havent pieced my entire theory together yet. But Arya Is not trueborn. There has been too many references to her and Jon looking very similar. And the two of them looking entirely different from all the supposedly Trueborn Starks has my brain turning. Mayhaps there was a switched at birth scenerio.

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I have so many theories that my brain has conjured up, regardless of how reasonable or unreasonable they may be. Here are some:

1. There will be a prequel at some point!

2. Westeros will eventually beg Daenerys to bring over her dragons and save them from the Others, who have advanced past the Wall due to the horrible winter/mini ice-age that is descending upon the entire realm. Dany will be able to help eliminate the Others because she has the dragons and they can engulf whole masses of Others in flame immediately. Also all the wildfire stored in King's landing will be smartly put to use once The Others get that far south.

3. That Jon Snow

really does die but is resurrected by Melisandre, who deduces thru all of this that Jon has king's blood b/c it fuled her spell somehow. Thru her Jon learns that he is kingspawn and eventually learns that he is the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar (of course! lol).

4. Jon Snow doesn't

die at all; all the wounds inflicted were purposely light and non-fatal. So many of the Watch have been concerned about the state of events at the Wall that mutiny was inevitable. Some of the more concerned brothers (including those that seemed least likely) decided to take matters into their own hands and fake Jon's death by removing him to a safer locale (via the faking of his death). After that I'm not sure because this theory is confuing in my own head. I'm not sure of the how and whys but I like the general concept so my mind attempts to flesh it out.

5. Patchface will end up being some genius or hidden royalty, etc.

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