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Your craziest theories you don't believe yourself

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My crackpot theory is that Kings and Queens by divine right will cease to exist in Westeros after the smallfolk get sick of being pawns in their games. Dany makes it to Westeros but when she sees the plight of the smallfolk, she realizes that the nobility is the problem and so she creates a republic. her time in slavers bay aids her in this process.

Aye. This one for me. The entire plot is a way to denounce the feudal system and celebrate the laissez faire free market society. After romanticizing the free folk, the shared rule in Volantis, and Dany's discoverings in Slaver's Bay, GRRM, despite his own political leanings, will bring a wave of free market ideals to Westeros to usher them out of the middle ages. An installation of a republic system by Dany and Jon (Jon embracing the free folk ideals and Dany embracing the shared rule ideals) would be the start. The Others choose to leave after figuring out that finally Westeros is in good hands.

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Many and More Reasons Why Stannis Is Rhaegar

A note on a name:

1) 'stannis' begins and ends with s

2) 'rhaegar' begins and ends with r

3) the middle of stannis is tanni, a girl's name

4) the middle of rhaegar is haega, which sounds like a girl's name

5) specifically a targaryen girl's name (they love their conjoined vowels as much as they love their siblings)

Rhaegar (Stannis) simply incremented the initial and final letters in his name and selected a new feminine appellation (which explains why he spent so much time in the red keep's library flipping through books) to insert between them.

This explains why:

6) He lives on dragonstone (the targaryen fasthold)

7) Davos says Edric Storm looks more like Renly and Robert than Stannis (because he is Rhaegar)

8) He did not get along with Robert (because he was Rhaegar)

9) He hid in Storm's End during the rebellion (the last place Robert would think to look)

10) He claims he is the rightful king (by virtue of being Rhaegar)

11) He goes north (because he is the prince that was promised)

12) Mel digs him (see number 11)

13) He wants to set Jon Snow up with some nice digs, namely Winterfell (because he is his father)

Objections Refuted:

Question: But who died on the Trident?

Answer: Not Rhaegar (he was busy being Stannis at the time)

Question: Wouldn't the Baratheons be suspicious of a spurious middle child in their midst?

Answer: Robert was too drunk to remember how many brothers he had; Renly was too chill to mind if the sibling count varied at times; the father had perished years earlier in the sea (an event witnessed personally by Rhaegar (Stannis)).

Closing Argument:

Stannis (Rhaegar) cut off Davos's fingertips

Thus, Davos's gloves do not fit

If the gloves don't fit, you must admit

Stannis is Rhaegar.

I can't stop laughing


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