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The Best imaginable Scenes from the Winds of Winter

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It is Sunday and I am, as often, going "against customary behaviour" and overworking :fencing:

I know this giantly, shamelessly awesome thread "The Worst imaginable scenes in the Winds of Winter". Let's make an opposite one.

I need a laugh or anything else nice. Let's celebrate that the true Winter is going away, but the real one will soon be on screens and possibly even the book shelves! :D While it is not here yet, I say we share our hopes!

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The Manderlys side with Stannis, and destroy the Freys in the snow.

The Others overrun the Boltons.

Davos returns with Rickon, who rallies the loyal Northern lords around a Stark. Manderly rules as regent in Rickon's stead.

Blackfish reappears in the Vale; Littlefinger reveals Sansa's identity; the Riverlands, supported by the Vale, rebels against the Frey regime.

Dany finally returns to Westeros, allies with Aegon and the Martells (who knows, maybe even the Tyrells) and marches on King's Landing.

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Sansa and Brienne falling in love after Brienne saves her from LF.

Cersei revenging herself on the High Septon.

Tyrion finding out wherever whores go and shutting up.

Arya seeing Jon's "death" in a dream, returning to Wesoros and reuniting with him.

Dany taking over Mago's herd of Dothraki

Stannis destroys Ramsay Bolton.

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Arya meeting any other POV.

UnCat finally dead

Sandor reappearing

Jon alive and very, very, very angry dealing with all people that betrayed him

Mance and wildling taking Winterfell and killing Boltons. They need some good PR to survive winter in the North.

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Jon Snow being resurrected through fire and ice

Stannis winning the battle for ice by luring the Freys and Boltons into a trap

Tyrion becoming Tyrion again and giving Dany a large dose of reality

Dany confronting Illyrio in Pentos, learning about the three lies, and crossing the sea (finally)

FakeAegon doing something bratty and becoming a delicious Drogon snack.

Meeting Howland Reed (finally).

Tom 'O Sevens, Uncat, and the Brotherhood without Banners staging their own version of the Red Wedding. (A sequel that turns out better than the original!)

Manderly discovering more unique cook recipes

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The Peasants of Westeros rising up in rebellion and slaughtering the nobility, then hammering out an early liberal-democracy led by the survivors of the middle classes.

The 'nicer' nobles will be allowed to live, if they surrender their keeps, military assets, and ancestral lands to the republic's military.

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Oh, and I want Aegon to be outed as fake. AFTER he's taken the Iron Throne and married Maid Margaery.

Nah, I think that I finally figured it out, Margery marries only Barratheons or "Barratheons" she was even supposed to marry Robert. So something bad will befall Selyse leaving Stannis free to marry. And then when Stannis dies she will marry legalized Gendry or Edric Storm. Or both.

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The same thing I've wanted since I finished AGOT, Dany coming to Westeros with her dragons and the others to finally assault the wall in full force.

A union of the three headed tragon, Aegon, Dany, and Jon. Aegon mounts Rhaegon and Jon Viscerion and they battle the others.

Tyrion being in control and badass again, something that hasn't happened since ACOK (main reason I enjoyed that book so much)! Mainly, I'm waiting for him to pay his inevitable "debt" to Cersei. : )

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- Jon surviving his wounds, no resurecton thingy, then he takes the Wildlings and goes all ninja on Ramsay in Winterfell

- Arya returning to Westeros

- Howland Reed comes out of hiding

- Sansa offs Littlefinger

- Bran leaves that creepy cave after some time

- Dany ...does something

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Margaery losing her maidenhead.

Jon resurrected.

Lady Stoneheart implementing another bloody wedding at Daven`s marriage in Riverrun.

Stannis winning the battle of ice, but Roose and Ramsay escaping and still being a threat.

Howland Reed coming out of the Neck and saying hello.

Daenerys making it to Westeros and how she would deal with Aegon.

Cersei and Robert Strong kicking ass (against Mace and the Tyrells) before their demise.

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Stannis defeating Bolton.

Jon back as Jon Targaryen, first of his name.

Daenerys burned and eaten by Drogon. (though that will probably only happen in Book 7)

YG gets greyscale.

Brienne and Jaime kiss (the fangirl inside me is happy at the idea)

Podrick kills UnCat using Oathkeeper.

Howland Reed finally appears and proves he's real.

Bran finds out the truth about EVERYTHING.

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