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The Best imaginable Scenes from the Winds of Winter

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Daenerys burned and eaten by Drogon. (though that will probably only happen in Book 7)

Dany was burned by Drogon in the fighting pits and all it did was burn her hair off again. And why would Drogon turn on her mother? Also, why is that a good thing? : O

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Dany was burned by Drogon in the fighting pits and all it did was burn her hair off again. And why would Drogon turn on her mother? Also, why is that a good thing? : O

Because no character has gotten as unbearable as Daenerys Targaryen, IMHO. But when I say "burned", I was thinking "barbecue" - let's give Drogon a nice meal. :devil:

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Tyrion seducing Dany and being appointed her Hand.

This coud be part of a love triangle involving Jorah. The end of the book will see Jorah recognising Tyrion's innate superiority and true destiny as the saviour of Westeros. He will slip a tear-stained letter of farewell under Dany's pillow and ride off to a fate unknown. Tyrion will find the letter and burn it before Dany can read it.

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"All hail Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the first of her name, the Unburnt, the Mother of Dragons, Queen of Slaver Freedmen's Bay, Khaleesi of Vaes Dothrak, Empress of Essos, Breaker of Shackles, Mother of Freedmen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Westeros, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm," said Tyrion, the day after King's Landing fell to Daenerys. :)

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Daenerys dies, or idk just becomes the second coming of the Mad King Aerys.

Victarion getting atleast one dragon.

Tyrion getting atleast one dragon.

Jon Snow not dead, not an Other.

Stannis' health improves, and he learns that Davos is not dead.

Theon doesn't die, atleast not until he tells stannis or asha that bran and rickon are alive.

Benjen Stark is revealed to be the hooded man in Winterfell.

Arya comes back to Westeros.

Sandor shows up again.

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Ramsay dying horribly, like being eaten by his girls / Ghost / Nymeria and her pack / Shaggydog / burned by Stannis / gutted by Asha / whatever just make him DEAD.

Stannis pulling an Alexandr Nevsky on the Freys.

Mance escaping from his cage.

Victarion, Barristan and Tyrion making an uneasy alliance after kicking the Yunkai's and the Harpy's arse.

Davos returning with Rickon just in time to ruin Littlefinger's plans (and reuniting with his king).

Sandor defeating UnGregor (not on the trial though, later).

Sansa killing Littlefinger.

Daario killed. Preferably by Victarion.

Hizdahr killed.

Howland Reed getting his arse out of his swamp and telling about the ToJ.

Blackfish, Greatjon Umber, Shagga and Tormund being awesome.

Jaime and Brienne taking out UnCat.

Dany going all Dracarys on her enemies.

The Others coming at last, the Wall falling.

Areo Hotah DOING SOMETHING. Like defending his prince from some evil traitors/assassins/whatever.

Aeron waking Cthulhu.

Bloodraven turns out to be evil and Bran kills him warging into a flock of ravens and becomes the new wargmaster. That kinslaying, sorcerous sonofabitch deserves that much.

Tyrion befriends the dragons.

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-Brienne's plotline is resolved in one chapter.

-The wall falls or the others sweep over and interupt the northerners war.

-Uncat meets LF.

-Ungregor vs. Redeemed Sandor(a guy can dream right?)

-Uncat or Jon find the truth of his lineage.

-Danerys dies or is offscreen until ready to depart for Westeros.

-Same with Tyrion(woefully) until he meets Dany

-In no more than two chapters the Sam plotline is resolved and JH's purpose is at least hinted at.

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Dany: "So, Lannister Imp, why are you here?"

Tyrion: "I wanted to find where whores go. Mission Accomplished." :cool4:

Jaime saves Sansa from Littlefinger.

Cersei teams up with Euron, only to be tricked and made his sex slave. :devil: :pirate:

Stannis mortally wounds Ramsay, who then screams for his mommy. As Roose looks in disgust at his bastard, ready to kill him out of shame, Theon sets the "bitches" on the bastard of Bolton.

Arya leaves Braavos and heads home; the Others invade; Jon spends time in Ghost, links up with Bran, and rises ready to fight at the end of the book.

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I want to see Littlefinger and Varys roasted alive after being outmaneuvered because all their plotting and scheming is no match for three dragons.

I think LF is going to be killed by UnGregor. You just can't outsmart guy without head, no matter what you says he won't listen.

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The Peasants of Westeros rising up in rebellion and slaughtering the nobility, then hammering out an early liberal-democracy led by the survivors of the middle classes.

The 'nicer' nobles will be allowed to live, if they surrender their keeps, military assets, and ancestral lands to the republic's military.

The problem with that is in the real world, it took centuries to get to where we get to the liberal democracy we have today. Plus, revolutions have a tendency to produce greater tyrannies than the ones they overthrew, such as in France and Russia.

Westeros just isn't ready for a democracy, for that you need at least a 50% literacy rate.

Some form of epic payback to the Freys....I'd love to see old Walder die of anything but old age!

Something everyone can get on board with.

Tyrion meeting Dany, and helping leave for Westeros.

The Battle of Meereen with Barristan and Tyrion.

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