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The Best imaginable Scenes from the Winds of Winter

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bran finding out that the Children of the Forrest have the ability to talk to the dead (mentioned by Lord Commander Mormont near the beginning of book 2). Bran of course wants to talk to his Dad, and this is ow it will play out.

Bran: Hey Dad, it's Bran. I really miss you.

Eddard: Bran! How is this possible!? Are you dead too?

Bran: No. I am with the Children of the Forrest. They can commune with the dead.

Measter Lewyn: Bran, the Children of the Forrest do not exist!

Bran: SHUT UP YOU OLD BAG!!! You have been wrong about everything! The Children exist, the Others exist, and I can warg into animals, people, and trees!

Measter Lewyn: ..........No.

Bran: Ughhhh! Dad, I wanted to talk to you. There is so much I wanted to say, but you died at Kings Landing.

Eddard: First Bran, there is something very important you need to know about Jon. Listen Carefully.

Robb: Yeah, Bran, listen up. this is going to blow your mind.

Bran: ROBB!!! What are you doing there? Are you dead?

Robb: I was betrayed by the Freys. What ever you do Bran, do not go to any weddings.

Eddard: We can chit chat later, but first, Bran, there is something you must know about Jon. Listen carefully....

Jon: What about me?

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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Jon realizing he's Azor Ahai after his rebirth.

Jon confronting his parentage, and seeing how he feels about Ned once he knows.

Stannis dealing with the fact that he isn't Azor Ahai after Jon's rebirth.

Stannis dealing with the Baratheon claim to the Iron Throne being lost when fAegon restores the Targaryen claim.

Stannis having to face killing Renly when he was never Azor Ahai to begin with.

Jon seeing Theon Greyjoy again.

Seeing Rickon and Osha again.

Seeing how Jaime and Brienne get out of the BWB situation. I suspect they'll be enlisted to aid in the RW2.0.

Seeing how Jaime reacts to Brienne taking him to the BWB and Lady Stoneheart when he trusts her.

Fall of the House Bolton.

Red Wedding 2.0

Children of the Forest and how they play into the story.

Bloodraven and Bran.

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