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The Best imaginable Scenes from the Winds of Winter

a free shadow

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Dany unites the khalasars and burns the slavers to dust, heads east, conquering and freeing other slave cities as she goes, and shows up in Westeros ready to burn all the usurpers and claim her throne.

Arya finishes her training becoming the most badass facelessman ever. She then returns to Westeros (with new faces) and starts working on her list. Hopefully she'll meet up some other PoVs and important characters along the way. Most important is that she reunites with Nymeria.

The Slayer learns all types of magic, forges his chain, and brings an end to those scheming maesters. By the end of the book, hopefully he'll slap Randyll Tarly.

Sansa finishes her training under LF and becomes a powerful player in her own right.

Cersei does something smart. She gains some power back and uses FrankenGregor to kill her enemies (High Septon and his cronies first).

Jaime kills Cersei.

Tyrion gets a dragon.

Jon goes to Winterfell and helps Stannis destroy the Boltons. Then goes south with Stannis and destroys the Freys.

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Drogon dies during the battle of Meereen.

Arya finding her way back to Westeros.

Jon surviving his wounds after a short stint in Ghost.

Jaime kills Uncat, saves Brienne and pod.

Winterfell has a Stark in it again in the form of Rickon.

Dany does whatever she's gonna do but only takes up 3 chapters of the book.

Stannis sacrifices Theon at the tree.

Stannis wins the battle.

Asha kills Ramsay by burning him alive.

BR tells us about Jon's parentage.

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Margaery losing her maidenhead.

Jon resurrected.

Lady Stoneheart implementing another bloody wedding at Daven`s marriage in Riverrun.

Stannis winning the battle of ice, but Roose and Ramsay escaping and still being a threat.

Howland Reed coming out of the Neck and saying hello.

Daenerys making it to Westeros and how she would deal with Aegon.

Cersei and Robert Strong kicking ass (against Mace and the Tyrells) before their demise.

As for Lady Stoneheart's arrival at Daven's wedding in Riverrun, I would like to see Emmon Frey sh!t his pants.

Howland Reed ought to tell Jon about his parentage, or what if it has something to do with his visit with the Green Men at the Isle of Faces who told him his role in the future.

As for Ramsay, he needs a taste of his own medicine, lets see how he likes being skinned.

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Tyrion seducing Dany and being appointed her Hand.

This coud be part of a love triangle involving Jorah. The end of the book will see Jorah recognising Tyrion's innate superiority and true destiny as the saviour of Westeros. He will slip a tear-stained letter of farewell under Dany's pillow and ride off to a fate unknown. Tyrion will find the letter and burn it before Dany can read it.

No, burning the letter would be unnecessarily petty of Tyrion! On the contrary, he'll edit the letter for spelling and add a beautiful farewell poem in Jorah's handwriting that somehow involves a praise of that clever dwarf.

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Arya goes back to Westeros, meets Nymeria and Gendry.

Sansa learns a lot from LF.

Aegon is proved to be fake.

Jon does not die.

Dany goes to Westeros with Tyrion by his side.

Victarion has no more chapters.

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We see Lord Theon Greyjoy in his hall on Pyke entertaining some of his guests. He has nice new false teeth, he has regained his strength and vigor, and perhaps even some prosthetic toes and fingers. He decides to show his guests the "fool" he aquired in the North. You see one of his servants come in, pulling a kind of wheeled cart. In the cart is a man, or what is left of him anyways. The man's arms and legs are missing, as are his teeth, his fat, wormy lips, his nose, his eyelids, and a few other unmentionable bits and pieces. Of course he still has his ears so he can hear the disgust and shock that occurs anytime someone looks at him. And he has his tongue too, so some speech is still capable. He is completely emaciated, with his ribs and spine showing through his skin, and he only has tufts of brittle white hair left, and the only thing that would clue you in to his former identity are his eyes; eyes like dirty ice. Lord Greyjoy introduces his dinner guests to Reek.

This is maybe 10 or 20 years after the end of the series, assuming Westeros isn't destroyed by Dany and her dragons/the Others/some other war.

Yeah, I really don't like Ramsay ._.

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The Sparrows butcher all the Freys at the Twins.

I sense the Sparrows and carrion crows might make a good team.

Would-be-nice thing: Illyrio comes to Westeros and hires Hot Pie for a cook. In mere two weeks Hot Pie saves enough for opening his own bakery and starts making cupcakes with little direwolves on them. It becomes a symbol of guerilla in whole Westeros.

In a separate event Darkstar at night attempts to steal in Hot Pie's bakery and steal things, but the little girl Weasel who found her way back to Gendry and Hot Pie (one more yay!) overpowers him. Darkstart is arrested and chooses to take the black (because it suits his eyes). He is on his way to the Wall when Ramsay takes him and attempts to make a new Reek for himself. But Darkstar is only surprised that Ramsay can not memorize his name. He corrects him each time politely but dissaprovingly repeating "Darkstar". Darkstar of the night. Ramsay slowly loses his confidence, pride, mind and health. Darkstar collects his stuff and resumes his journey to The Wall. Of course, he gets a little lost and ends up at Winterfell where Roose is still holding his own against Stannis. Darkstar passionately enlists into Roose's army after Roose tells him how bad it was for all these years to live "in the shadow of Starks". He is entrusted with carrying a flag in the next attack (because he really does not suit for anything else). Darkstar is fond of the colour pink, but not evey day. Some days his face seems too flushed against it. So he goes into the storage and finds himself a nicer flag thinking that everyone will look at him, not at some stupid cloth anyway. It so happens that the flag is the old Stark flag and when he raises it, half of men get scared and desert, another half turn on Roose giving way to their supressed anger. Darkstar is shocked by such brutish behaviour. He politely lays flag on the ground and jogs to The Wall. After reporting for duty he overhears Tormund talking about Night's King and thinks he is one too. And mentions that near Melisandre :devil:

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1. Jon either survives (preferable) or is resurrected and kicks ass and chews bubblegum, but oh dear he's out of bubblegum.

2. Stannis outsmarts Bolton and taking Winterfell.

3. Jaime valonqars Cersei.

4. Someone puts UnCat out of her misery, but only after lots and lots and lots of Freys get made dead.

5. Daven Lannister plays the role of Robb Stark in The Red Wedding 2, at Riverrun. Tom O'Sevens opens the gates and the Brotherhood, northern stragglers, and whoever else shows up annihilates the Lannister/Frey host inside.

6. Sansa gets wise to Littlefinger and starts outplaying him.

7. Someone finds out about Jon's parents (Howland Reed, where are you?).

8. Someone makes off with Rhaegal and/or Viserion.

9. Davos returns with Rickon.

10. Dany does anything of consequence at all.

*emphatic nod*

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1. Howland Reed making a kick ass entrance

2. Ice being reforged and wielded by a Stark (any Stark)

3. The Ironborn wiped out in a hurrican - I really detest these guys

4. The Others setting up house in the Twins

5. All the main characters being in Westeros

6. Arya and Nymeria reunited

7. Sansa quits riding the bench and gets in the game

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Dany finally arriving to Westeros (KL) on the back of Drogon... with a breast hanging out just to make the High Septon and his sparrows blush, squirm then rail at the indecency of someone other than Cersei. Then Dany can kentucky fry their hypocritical hides.

Sansa putting a candle lit dinner together for her and LF where she poison's him before the entrees are done. Whilst LF is going purple she grabs him by his hair draging him to the moon door and says "Life is not a song" she lets go of his hair and kicks him in the littlefinger he falls out the moondoor, this must be followed by maniacal laughter and maybe a snort for punctuation.

Nymeria needs to eat more Bolton's and Frey's.

Sandor Clegane leaves the QI and finds someone with a POV so I can read some more about him and his badassness.

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Jon becomes edgier and darker. Takes Bowen Marsh up to the edge of The Wall and throws him off of it while he screams, sniffles and begs for mercy.

Dany returns to Meereen, says "To hell with you all" and sets the city on fire with her dragons and high tails it out of there.

Cersei catches the High Sparrow in some scandalous and hypocritical act (diddling with a silent sister or young peasant boy from Flea Bottom), makes him drop the charges against her and make him publicly endorse her as Regent. Or I could just settle for her having him assassinated :-)

Aegon is discovered to not be Rhaegar's son, but actually be of Aerion Brightflame's line. Or a Blackfyre pretender.

Arya returns to Westeros on a special mission from the House of Black and White but goes rogue and seeks out her sworn enemies.

The book ends with the Others smashing The Wall with the Horn of Joramun and making their descent into the South.

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I'm really hoping that the ultimate betrayal that Jon faced at the hands of his "brothers" releases him from any sense of duty he felt bound him to them. How could he ever lead or serve with these men again? I think GRRM did that so Jon could finally be free of that place and be able to mix up with other characters.

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Jon Snow surrives

Return of BENJEN STARK with the children of the forest and he somehow proves R + L = J

Arya assassinates Cersei and her incestuous children

Dany finnaly takes the throne

Aegon gets reviled to be a fake

Rickon returns

The Winter consumes the whole of Westeros and most of Essos

The others begin there assult

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